Facts And Rumors: Yitzchok Shuchat


Originally Posted: June 15, 2010

Yitzchok (aka Yitzi) Shuchat: Facts and Rumors

WIS has gotten some Intel from a reliable source  (thank you Jerry S.) that an extradition order of some kind would likely be coming through by the summer for Mr. Shuchat.

To borrow a few comments from Chabad.info a.k.a. Jihad.info on the Shomrim Six Trial,  1 . 2 . 3 . WIS encourages you to read those post and comment  justifying and excusing Mesira. Remember whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Totally agree, let the jury decide.

Why is shmira preventing justice from prevailing? Bring Shuchat back to face justice!

WIS will be there to see this "justice", can't wait!

Guilty or not guilty? hopefully we will find out soon and we will have peace.

We are already on the subject of Shuchat, so WIS will share a few thoughts.

It has come to my attention that by the time Mr. Shuchats name was released by NYPD (April 16), Mr. Shuchat was already in Canada. The attack had accrued two days earlier on April 14th.  Which means somebody for reasons unknown to us had already sent Mr. Shuchat out of the country before even being identified as a suspect. The question is why, why did they (the shmira, Stern, Prager and Skoblo) tell Shuchat to run, when he wasn’t even a suspect yet?

As a matter of fact, it has also come to WIS attention that late at night (about 1am – hours after the attack, which accrued at about 6pm)  Shomrim Coordinates were woken up from in middle of  sleep as a result of a  phone call from the 71st precinct and in that phone conversation they were (oddly enough)  being asked to turn themselves in for the alleged attack. UMMMM, UMMMM.

It seems the shmira were trying hard to pin this on Shomrim. Shomrim coordinators made their way to the precinct and explained that Shomrim volunteers had nothing to do with the incident and that shomrim should not be bothered.

A Few Question:
Who told Shuchat to run and why?
Who paid and arranged his trip to Canada and following to Israel?
How is he surviving in Israel?

The first two questions above will remain a mystery, maybe at trial we will get some answers.

As to the third question, who has been supporting Mr. Shuchat in Israel….WIS has gotten some Intel from (quit a few) Crown Heights residents who have visited Israel and happened to bump in to Mr. Shuchat (where, I won’t say, I’m not the shmira, I’m not going to Mosser one of my own). In conversation with Shuchat he related to them on how he thinks that Shomrim Mossered him etc… all the propaganda they could sell a lost and desperate man. When asked how he survives, Shuchat replied that at first Chanina Sperlin, Yanky Prager and Leib Skoblo sent him a few dollars but that stopped after a very short time and now he is left to fend for himself. Well, soon he will have three hot meals a day, either in prison or at home (hopefully the latter).

After the Shuchat Mesira, the police department  mysteriously took in the shmira under their wings with the COP program, provided them with city owned vehicles (which they get to use and abuse as they see fit), “special” jackets and city issued IDs.

However, Shomrim was maliciously prosecuted by the DA’s office for no reason. Sat six weeks in court, facing 15+ years prison with over a hundred counts against them. Let’s not forget how the local precinct made it it’s business to harass Shomrim at every opportunity possible.

Who Mosered Shuchat?

Only a full fledged trial in a court of law will reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

After all it was the Muslim rat Yanky Prager who testified to the grand jury. What did Prager tell the grand jury?



The Enemies Constatnt War Of Misinformation

EZAGUI Gets $95 G’s Of Blood Money, Yitzy Shuchat Still In Hiding In Israel

Shimra members accused of attacks involved with NYPD-backed Crown Heights neighborhood patrol

NYPD betrayes one of their own

What ever happened to him? nypd coverup? Sallmonetti do your job!!!



Who is Yitzchak Shuchat? shmira: Yitzhack who??? used, forced to run and now left to dry!

Yitzhak Shuchat really got screwed…


First they needed to distance themselves from him, so what did Yossi ‘chazzer belly’ Stern do? He went and used his press contacts to slip into this April 18th Daily News Article:

“Community sources said the driver of the SUV was a volunteer with the Crown Heights Shmira, a Hasidic anti-crime neighborhood patrol, but was not on duty at the time of the attack.”

Shmira Memeber sought for questioning in alleged bias attack

11 Responses to “Facts And Rumors: Yitzchok Shuchat”

  1. Friend Says:

    I feel really bad for Shuchat, Stern and Prager really took advantage of the guy. He had no father and was a little off, so these animals jumped in and took control.
    My opinion is that Stern and Prager wanted to set Shomrim up and their plan B was if that doesn’t work they would, as usual play their part as the “victim” by claiming that shomrim mossered on Shuchat.

    The gig is up. After 320 Jay street, you cant pull anymore crap.
    You say something, you have to prove it and it has to make sense.
    the time line and chain of events doesn’t not make sense for the shmira propaganda. Remember 1+1 is 2.

  2. CH Resident Says:

    I fail to understand why the Shmira did not provide Mr. Shuchat with a lawyer and fight this thing.

  3. Kozo shmuck lovsky Says:

    the kozo schmokolovsky said

    that preger told him to give shuchat to the police

    its in the report

  4. john doe Says:

    Reading some on of comments on ‘COL Live’s’ interveiw with newly elected Zaki Tamir, belittling Zaki about his beard, which somehow turned into a Shomrim vs shmira issue, you’d think that some people in Crown Heights have been living on another planet for the last year.

  5. C.H. Says:

    Yitzchok Shuchat is a Mosser!!!!

    I don’t feel an once of pain for him!

  6. Logic Says:

    Logic dictates that the shmira set shuchat up, after all one just has to follow the chain of events that followed the attack.

    The city, including the police department and the DAs office tried to prosecute Shomrim and NOT shmira.

    The Police Department took the shmira gang under it’s wings NOT shomrim.

    What did the shmira mesira give over to the police that lead to them becoming part of the police?

    They gave one of their own.
    Being part of the police their job is to seek out their own to give over to the police.

    The shmira mesira kapo gang triad you for a piece of plastic so they may get away with a parking ticked of $60.

  7. john doe Says:

    Bring shuchat the mosser back to face justice, We’ll get him the best lawyers in town huebner and poltorac to represent him, im sure they’ll do a fine job of bargaining a great deal for shuchat 7-25 years for nearly killing a black man, gang assault, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, evading police, and being a fugitive to justice. Welcome home jackass.

  8. Plea Deal Says:

    Why can’t the shmira promise him a good deal if he returns?

    I hear they are offering him only three years in prison, anger management and only five years probation. Thats a great deal, he should take it.

  9. Yaakov K. Says:

    Shuchat got divorced because he is gay, he beat his first wife out of frustration, now he beats his second wife and only married her becuase she has a young boy (4-5 years) with whom Yitzchak Shuchat can now sexually molest.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    hashem yiracheim.

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