Confidential Informant Yaakov Prager


What is a confidential informant (CI)?
A confidential witness is someone who has seen a crime committed and due to security reasons comes forward in secret to report that crime.

They are sometimes asked to report the names of people they know who are engaged in criminal activities.

Confidential informants work for the government, often secretly, to gather and provide information or to testify in exchange for cash or leniency in punishment for their own crimes. Unlike witnesses, informants are motivated by self-advancement. An informant can be a useful law enforcement tool – a necessary evil – if used properly.

A Confidential Informants will receive a C.I. identification number. If and when arrested for a crime committed all the C.I. has to do is give the arresting officer his C.I. number and his hand cuffs are removed, making him a free man.

A peek into Yaakov (a.k.a Yankee/Jacob) Prager:

Prager has a History of Criminal Activity.

Prager in known in the community as a career criminal a master forger, auto thief, safe thief and IRS scammer. Prager hasn’t worked an honest day’s work in his entire life

Prager was arrested numerous times [in Canada] under various false aliases and was able to escape justice as a result.

Shmira leader Yaakov Prager pleaded guilty to harassment in 2000. Sources said he was charged with threatening to burn down the home, and sexually molest the wife of a man who complained about Shmira’s tactics.

In 2003 Yaakov Prager sued NYPD.

Shmira and COP leader Yaakov Prager has always been known as a huge cop hater, as one can see from THIS recording. Prager never missed an opportunity to bash, discredit  and cause trouble for NYPD.

Yaakov Prager collaborated the attack on Andrew Charles with Yitzchok Shuchat. 

All this and much more has been posted and documented in the past on WIS (search Prager).

Does that make sense, how is it that a known criminal, police hater and rebel rouser is now working with the NYPD? How is the 71st precinct is working with in general the Shmira gang and more specialty Yaakov Prager, who are known criminals?

The only answer is Confidential Informant. Prager is a protected witness of NYPD. Prager gave up Shuchat to save his own skin, there is no other answer as to why NYPD would take these criminals under their wings and protect them every step of the way.

The good news is that the only people these C.I’s can inform on are their own, which would also be sad because in essence “their own” is our own (as it relates to being Jewish).

It is WIS belief that Lieb Skoblo (a convicted racist) and Moshe Sufrin are C.I. as-well.

Exit Question: Yankee Prager, what is your C.I. identification number?

Prager sues NYPD

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