Efraim Okonov

Efraim Okonov

Efraim Okonov

The notorious radio jammer!





23 Responses to “Efraim Okonov”

  1. CH Says:

    CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Late Wednesday night Efraim Okonov (20), a member of the now infamous Shmira, was caught red handed by professional radio technicians as he was driving around in a blue ’96 Crown Victoria and ‘jamming’ Crown Heights Shomrim’s radio frequencies.

    Jamming is a term used for when someone transmits an unauthorized transmission over a radio, such as those used by Police, Fire Department and Shomrim, with the intent of interfering with the legitimate transmissions. Radios have the ability to carry just one transmission at a time, thereby locking out any other attempts to broadcast messages.

    When a call comes into the Shomrim hotline the dispatcher is dependent on his ability to be able to broadcast the call to the tens of volunteers that are ready to respond. But the dependency on radios does not end there, when executing the call member rely on their ability to intercommunicate amongst themselves, any interference can put an emergency responders life at risk, also endangering those that call for the help.

    The persistent jamming began Thursday, April 24th and continued right up to a minute after Shabbos started, and after resting over Shabbos the jamming restarted with even more vigor the moment Shabbos was over.

    What was being transmitted varied, it started with telephone tones that went on for hours at a time then switched to scratching sounds, but that wasn’t enough and Okonov switched to broadcasting the radio from stations like z100 and the likes.

    The worst was when he played explicit sounds laced with broadcast from a local Christian radio station.

    After failing to located and identify the ‘jammer’ on their own, Shomrim enlisted the help of professional radio technicians to scour the area at night, and on the second night they struck gold and got a lock on Okonovs vehicle at Grand Army Plaza.

    Once the radio techs identified the source of the last six days torment they woke up a number of the Shomrim coordinators and filled them in with their findings, and asked them how to proceed which they responded with letting him know that he was busted.

    After letting Okonov know the jamming came to an immediate halt, and ceased thereafter.

    In the haze of sleep Aron Hershkop, one of the coordinators in Shomrim told CrownHeights.info “in all my 15 years as a volunteer in Shomrim, we have been jammed before, but this guy was good” he said “using different tactics, by driving around and using different types of radios and transmitting in different locations in Brooklyn… he tormented us for the past 5 days”.

  2. john doe Says:

    late thursday evening, the reject loser ephraim okonov crawled out hiding (he’s bunkmates with nasrallah) and went to the 71 pricint with lies that certain honorable and charitable members of the community were out to kill him (no sunlight for awhile and you will become paranoid) after being threatened by his family that they will disown him if does not drop the false charges and disassociate himself from the criminal mossrim ganiv patrol formely known as shmira he dropped the false charges. why was he not arrested for filing false charges? well the mossrim nachmanshon and garfunkel should probably keep his jail cell warm, for tomorrow is another day.

  3. Malky.L Says:

    who spoke to okonov?
    i like his pic of him he’s cute, on crownheights.info
    he should stay away from all this bad and my we see the truth soon….

  4. Dov Says:

    Have you Massered on a fellow Jew Yet???
    If not, then go try it, it’s easy, just rip out your heart and get ride of your jewish soul and your good to go.

    It’s sad, truly sad.

    I don’t understand why people are getting all excited about what Mr. Charles Hynes is doing when on a daily basis we have our own “fellow Jews” (who Davven with us, who use our Mikvas, some even scream different slogans etc… some hide behind a mask of “protecting” the community) Massering on us (making false allegations on there “fellow Jews”).

    What is done to them?
    Why is there not an out cry to stop them?
    Why are these Mossrim (takka) praying with us, using our mikvas and excepted in our community?

    Mosher,Mosher, Mosher…

  5. Efraim you rock! Says:

    Efraim Okonov is the best, he goes on almost every Shmira call, I saw him a few times on calls, Efraim Okonov cares for our community unlike shomrim who is here to make trouble, may the truth come out and may Shomrim be exposed to all the horrible stuff they did to our community.

  6. Jewish code snarls probe into C.H. attack Says:


  7. malky. Says:

    i just saw him help someone
    he’s a nice guy
    keep it up efraim

    let people say what they want
    we all got to move on and stop all this

  8. g4 Says:

    Efi we all love you! Keep up your good work. We all know what is going on…. We all feel for you,sorry that you had to be the one that they picked on. We all are standing behind you and we will always stand behind you.

  9. Danny Says:


  10. mike Says:

    fuck shomrim

  11. mike Says:

    shomrim suck balls you guys call cops that dont help and you do nothing with your life and that dood lifzitz i hope a black beets the fuck out of you and maybe they youll stop calling the cops and then youll say shmira rock screw shomrim

  12. Shame Shame Shame Says:

    fuck this kid fuck mike fuck all you shmira missira dick waddlidosh bags

  13. Dave Tolashki Says:

    Efraim Okonov walked in to the 71 and gave a false report go there and find out for your self his signature is on the documents.

    is that a face tooo?

  14. Dave Tolashki Says:


  15. bill Says:

    id like a burger and a duoble fries with a large coke to go

  16. bill Says:

    to jeff: both and i’ll be paying cash

  17. haha Says:

    its amazing how a little nothing could get under your skin so badly it looks like you want to pop

  18. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    this guys a fag. i se him all over the place..just go away!!

  19. Levi Says:

    Another friend of Lesh Kleim. The Okonov family. Leah the hacker Okonov the jammer. What a co-incidence.

  20. anti meshechist Says:

    I’m sorry to say, but I persenally saw shomrim hit a bochur which was standing on the side doing NOTHING – with a radio, and send the bochur to hatzolo – ROTZCHIM!!!

  21. Oh... Pllllleeeeease Says:

    This is so corrupt. He’s a really nice guy and all of this is such lies. This is really so stupid. Just because you don’t like somebody it doesn’t mean you can go around and spread rumors and this garbage around. not only is this affecting his life but it is also affecting the life of his family members and friends. Please guys just grow up and face it- kindergarten is over…stop it with the rumors and get it together… =)

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      The facts don’t lie!!!

      Okonov put lives in danger with his irresponsible actions (by jamming Crown Heights Shomrim radios).

      Okonov is a Mosser by making false police reports against members of the Crown Heights Shomrim

    • Tzadik Says:

      If Okonov is a “nice guy”, then you must have really low standards.

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