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Albany, NY – Gov. Start Scrutinizing Salaries from Nonprofits

August 26, 2011

Albany, NY – New York state on Thursday began seeking data on salaries at nonprofit social service agencies that receive state funding and tax breaks while some of them are paying six-figure salaries.

The task force of Cuomo administration personnel and legislators wants to evaluate how appropriate the salaries are compared to the agencies’ missions and if taxpayers are getting an adequate return.

The task force began sending letters seeking specific data from thousands of nonprofits.


Quote Of The Day:

August 17, 2011

“What do you think? That we can just give out the millions to poor people?”

(Eli Cohen Executive Director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.,)

CHJCC Last Five Years Contract With NYS

August 15, 2011

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. –
Last Five Years Contract With New York Stat

Weatherization Pogrom (WAP)

2006:                   $836,276
2007:                   $616,450
2008:                   $675,450
2009:                   $1,126,139
2009: (Arra)        $4,968,935
2010:                   $804,243

TOTAL:      $9,027,493


CHJCC Misrepresents the Community To Have Jews Locked Up

August 14, 2011

…”arrests are to be made in this case due to the possibility of community unrest”…

The documents below speak for themselves, theres not much to explain.


Council Members Defend Shomrim

August 11, 2011

 The Jewish Week

A Crown Heights Shomrim volunteer giving a stalled NYPD Vehicle a boost.

Several City Council members who bankroll volunteer patrol groups in Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhoods with their discretionary funds say they will continue to do so amid some recent criticism of how such groups operate.

Following the shocking murder of a lost chasidic boy in Borough Park last month, police sources familiar with the Shomrim groups told The Jewish Week they were concerned about the extent of their accountability and whether they used discretion in reporting some crimes, particularly allegations of sexual abuse, to the police.

The groups are loosely affiliated, but they each operate and are funded separately.


Illegal and Wrong: The Beth Din Of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

August 10, 2011

With all that has been exposed, WIS has decided to end this stupid game once and for all!

Government grant money has been illegally stolen by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., to pay it’s Rabbis salaries and rent for office space.  The Rabbis are not aware that their salaries were coming from illegal activity by the CHJCC.

The CHJCC claims in Government contracts that their services are not sectarian by nature and that their staff are not sectarian (clergy).  See for yourself…


CHJCC Fights Over What The Hechsher For Their Genavus [Thievery] Should Be

August 10, 2011

In recent months the drama over the election of Rabbi Yosef Braun along with the deceptions therein has been little discussed in the public. Despite the silence, however, the matter is far from resolved. In a collection of fiery letters obtained by between the parties involved, serious disrespect and contention highlight a division more serious then ever before.


Whats This All About?…Coming Up…

August 4, 2011

Newsflash: We Must Presume Innocence

August 3, 2011

The Vaad Hakohol of Crown Heights has broken its silence regarding the arrest of alleged child molester Moshe Keller. In their letter, which bears the names of all three elected Vaad members, they urge people to remember that he is innocent until proven guilty, and that discussion on the Internet adds nothing positive.

Read full letter here.

WIS agrees with [parts of] the message but not with the hypercritical messengers and this is why….


NY Gov. Orders Investigation Of Wages at Not-For-Profits

August 3, 2011

New York – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that he has created a new task force to investigate the executive and administrator compensation levels at not-for-profits that receive taxpayer support from the state. The task force will be led by the New York State Inspector General Ellen Biben, Secretary of State Cesar A. Perales, the Medicaid Inspector General Jim Cox, and the Superintendent of the Department of Financial Services Benjamin Lawsky.


When The Protecters [Shomrim] Need Protection

August 1, 2011

A Crown Heights Shomrim volunteer giving a stalled NYPD Vehicle a boost.

Regarding the Seething Hatred and Vitriol against Shomrim by NY Post Columnist

[CHI] Michael Lesher, a Jewish attorney from Passaic New Jersey, took to the pages of the New York Post to publish a column of unabashed hate and seething venom against Brooklyn’s Shomrim patrols. In his column he refers many times to Shomrim as “unskilled and ill-equipped” and “vigilantes”, asking if ‘anyone’ thinks the Shomrim’s “do the city a better service?”

This piece of garbage written by Michael Lesher is not an investigative report, all it is is an op-ed/rant/Opinion. This op-ed/rant/Opinion lacks many true facts or rather twisted facts making a not so tasteful Cholent, mixing various issues one with the other.

Issues WIS will address:
1) Blaming Shomrim
2) Government/Tax payers funds
3) Shomrim, Commmutiy, Police (A message to Shomrim)


CHJCC Rakes In Most Of City ‘Pork’

August 1, 2011

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Raked in over Ten Million Dollars between 2009 and current. What does the CHJCC have to show for that? Where has this money been spent?

City budget data shows that Jewish affiliated nonprofits have far outpaced their religious counterparts in bringing home taxpayer dough.

Jewish groups secured $4.26 million from City Council members in the 2012 budget, far more than Catholic groups, which will take home $517,250, and Islamic/Muslim groups, which secured $19,000.