Illegal and Wrong: The Beth Din Of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.


With all that has been exposed, WIS has decided to end this stupid game once and for all!

Government grant money has been illegally stolen by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., to pay it’s Rabbis salaries and rent for office space.  The Rabbis are not aware that their salaries were coming from illegal activity by the CHJCC.

The CHJCC claims in Government contracts that their services are not sectarian by nature and that their staff are not sectarian (clergy).  See for yourself…

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So why are they fighting for control, while they claim not to have such a branch in it’s services?

Hechsher is Sectarian in-nature, No?

The Bais Din is Sectarian in-nature, No?

At the time WIS posted this article it reached out to Chairman of the CHJCC Zaki Tamir and Executive Director  Eli Cohen for comment, as of yet we have not recieved any response.


5 Responses to “Illegal and Wrong: The Beth Din Of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Good morning!!! Finally!!!

    This Beth Din has been corrupt from its conception.

    The Beth Din, including Marlow, has always been getting paid by the CHJCC.

    Yet they held Din Torahs, although the CHJCC was a party.

    If the CHJCC wanted to take someone out, all they had to do was summon their Rabbis and Boom!!!

    If you refused to go to a Din Torah by their Rabbis, well because the Beth Din is “THEIR” Rabbis and instead asked for a Zablo, these thugs at the CHJCC would then start a propaganda campaign against you. Like they did to Fischer, Merkoz (Kirinsky), Hershkop and many others.

    All and any “Psak Din” that has ever come out of this so called “Beth Din”, is null and void.

    The Rabbis of this “beth din” have never been in control, it has always been the cabal who controls everything.

    As you see, anybody who turns on them and refuses to do their wish, will be terminated, this includes the Rabbis themselves, as evident to what they are doing to Rabbi Osdoba.

    Had Marlow been alive today and decided to turn away from his evil ways by abandoning the cabal, he to would be thrown under the bus.

    Bottom line: There has never been a proper Beth Din in Crown Heights.

    • antimesira Says:

      A friend pointed this out to me. This strengthens my point above.

      15 Year Old Fight put to Rest with New Letter

      In the storm of emotions following the Rebbes Passing on the 3rd of Tammuz in 5754, a group of over 30 individuals in Crown Heights, took it upon themselves to summons the administration of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, and Agudas Chasidei Chabad to a Din Torah before the Crown Heights Beis Din, over what they alleged was matters pertaining to a will supposedly left behind by the Rebbe.

      In a letter dated Pesach, 5770 Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba writes that he was approached by many member of Anash and Askonim regarding the letter dated the 20th of Tamuz 5755, declaring “refusal to adhere to din” against Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Krinsky and Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchok Shemtov, seeking that the letter be rescinded and retracted.

      Rabbi Osdoba, who is signed on the letter with with Rabbi Kalman Marlow OBM, goes on to clarify that “for obvious reasons the Badat”z much, according to Din, pull its hands from dealing with this matter,” the letter goes on to say that with the din torah [currently] going on in the matter of the Vaad Hakohol and Beis Din, that it became clear that a large number of the plaintiffs are plaintiffs in this case as well, or are open supporters of those who are against [me], among those are Rabbi Yaakov Aharon Schwei who himself is a part of the Beis Din.

      The letter concludes saying that based on all this the “refusal to adhere to din” letter is hereby nullified and completely canceled, “especially after the defendants expressed many times that they are willing to appear before Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch.”

      Sources familiar with the particulars maintained that Rabbis Krinsky and Shemtov never should have been called before the Crown Heights Beis Din because they have no jurisdiction over these moisdos, and they lay solely on Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch, an opinion which Rabbi Osdoba declared to be correct in his letter.

      This appears to be yet another step towards peace an harmony that has eluded our community for so many years.

      Yet there are those who seek to derail this effort.

      On a news website, blatantly aligned with those against Aguch, Merkos and Rabbi Osdoba, they posted a part of the Psak Din implying that this move goes against it.

      The psak says “16) from when there were two Rabbonim serving as member of the Beis Din, any of their decisions made without the agreement of both Rabonim it does not take effect” there is also a footnote which clarifies, “the intention is only pertaining to public matters such as those of rabbinical and communal matters which stem from their power as a Beis Din of the community. Though Piskai Din pertain to private Din Torahs its it obvious that they hold effect.”

      “Whenever something good comes together there are always those that will seek to destroy it” said a involved source, who added “now that its been removed they are welcome to go and put it back themselves, if a machloikes is all they want. Additionally the letter has been released before the psak din”
      Rabbi Osdoba Letter

      • Fischerist Says:

        It only took Rabbi Osdoba 30 years to finally realize he was surrounded by thugs, lowlifes, thieves and Mossrim.

        Better late then ever.

        Welcome to the light/Emes!

  2. Joker Says:

    “At the time WIS posted this article it reached out to Chairman of the CHJCC Zaki Tamir and Executive Director Eli Cohen for comment, as of yet we have not received any response.”

    You need to give them 24 hours to respond, they need to get a permission slip from Sam Chanin first.

  3. Mechoel Says:

    The CHJCC/Vaad Hakhoul is pretending not to have money and those raising money to pay the Rabonim, just so they can give the illusion that there is no money.

    They money that the Rabbis got paid with is still there, only it’s from the grants. So now they are asking for money as if the money always came from somewhere else.

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