Newsflash: We Must Presume Innocence


The Vaad Hakohol of Crown Heights has broken its silence regarding the arrest of alleged child molester Moshe Keller. In their letter, which bears the names of all three elected Vaad members, they urge people to remember that he is innocent until proven guilty, and that discussion on the Internet adds nothing positive.

Read full letter here.

WIS agrees with [parts of] the message but not with the hypercritical messengers and this is why….

Date: Sunday, June 06, 2010
Location: Outside Lubavitcer Yeshiva Crown (on Albany side)
Event: Meet the Candidates form

Fishel Brownstein confronted by Sholom Wilhem and Aron Hershkop

At the conclusion of the ‘Meet the candidates’ form, Shomrim Coordinators Aron and Gadi Hershkop (including others from the Shomrim Six trial) confronted the then chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. a.k.a Vaad Hakohol  Fishel Brownstein (who is currently treasurer of CHJCC) and asked him how it was that the CHJCC was silent all the while Six innocent Jews sat on trial, facing 15 plus years in prison, if convicted as a result of a vicious Mesira.

To this Fishel Brownstein replied, “But you guys did hit the Bochorim”.

Brownstein statement comes despite the facts that….

1) there was a six week trial regarding this matter,

2) seven complainants/”victims” testified, comprising over 2000 pages of testimonial transcripts,

3) a jury of 12 found the defendants NOT GUILTY!.

Fishel Brownstein was echoing the official opinion of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

Yet Mr. Brownsteins signature is signed on a two page letter which is  asking you and me to  presume the innocent of an [accused] child molester.


 The Crown Heights Shmira which is under the leadership of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., orchestrated together with their attorneys Paul [Levi] Huebner and Elie Poltorak the entire Shomrim Six Mesira, yet the CHJCC took no action (wrote no letters) to stop them. Yet now all of a sudden they find their voice and sign  a two page letter which is  asking you and me to presume the innocent of an [accused] child molester.

Notice how all of a sudden they care for the accused family.


On December 12, 2010 Chairman  of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., Zaki Tamir and Eli Cohen, Executive director of the CHJCC armed only with mere speculation, chatter and rumors, not backed up by any actual evidence, got on the public airways (for 23 minutes) and preceded with a baseless character assassination against our volunteer Shomrim patrol. The Shomrim group was falsely accused by Tamir and Cohen for causing tension with NYPD, running “hate-blogs” and every other problem in the Crown Heights community.

Before spewing their propaganda to the public, Mr. Tamir and Cohen made no efforts to reach out to the Shomrim coordinators  for their side of the story (if at all they had a side).

Yet here Zaki Tamir signs a two page letter which in it states…

“Innocent until proven guilty” is one of the most fundamental tenets of Jewish law (Bava Kama 46b — as well as many places)… But, we are told to suspend judgment until a full investigation and fair process is conducted, because without a fair process we do not know what really happened. Before the conclusion of a fair process, we can be relying on rumors, half-memories, miscommunications, and (sometimes) even intentional deceit.

…a good deal of speculation and chatter has begun to circulate about members of the community that are based on speculation that may not be backed up by actual evidence. We remind everyone that it is against the Torah to malign anyone without evidence…

…We add nothing positive by adding fuel to the fire and scream and shout and post all over the internet about this…Practically speaking, we ask our fellow community members:

1. Please suspend judgment until a verdict has been reached.
2. Please do not further spread rumors and stories about any accusation.
3. Please treat the family with the decency and respect they deserve.


So just when are we supposed to presume innocence and when not?


Now that we established the hypocrisy of the CHJCC letter, we will move on to analyze why they came out with the letter in the first place.

It has already been established that the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., and anybody associated with them are corrupt.

That being said, anything and everything that comes out of this organization has to have a hidden agenda or a back story to it.  So when the CHJCC comes out with a TWO PAGE LETTER* [essentially protecting a child molester by] asking me and you to “suspend judgment” and to “presume innocence” etc… I think to myself…ummm, what is going on here, what do the people at the CHJCC have to do with this issue (what business do they have here?)

*they could have written this letter in one paragraph.

Here are some of my thoughts.

1) The people at  CHJCC/Vaad Hakohol are simply trying to stay relevant. By coming out with a common sense, no brainier letter (like THIS one), they put themselves in a win win position. Which by the way, WIS just took away from them.

Here’s an idea for them to stay relevant. You know the millions they get from tax payers dollars to assist needy people and families, you know the over 10 million they received since 2009? Well, they can start doing just that, us the darn money for its actual purpose (instead of lining their private pockets).

2) To cover their bases. With all that’s being exposed right here on they surly have a lot of bases to cover.

3) Perhaps the accused is connected to the chain of corruption and fraud, otherwise why come out in his defense and doing so with a TWO PAGE LETTER.

3) A WIS Prediction: Reading between the lines WIS thinks that they are preparing for someone far more important to them to be accused, it’s just a matter of time. This letter may be a preemptive strike/defense.

More to come in the comments bellow.


5 Responses to “Newsflash: We Must Presume Innocence”

  1. Insideman Says:

    The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council gets plenty of government funding to help broken families.

  2. Zalman L. Says:

    Did Fishel Brownstein go to the Shomrim six trial?

    We does he get off saying such a baseless statement?

  3. chjcc molester coverup Says:

    maybe its because keller lives in 935 eastern parkway which is a chjcc building!!!!

  4. Letter: "It's Disheartening that the Vaad Is Scaring [Victims] into Silence Says:

    CrownHeightsWatch, a website whose stated mandate is to expose predators in living in Crown Heights, and who first exposed the actions of accused child molester Moshe Keller, released a letter condemning the Vaad Hakohol for ignoring the Beis Dins letter encouraging victims to go to the authorities.

    Dear Crown Heights Jewish Community Council (CHJCC), Vaad HaKohol and Residents:

    Recently the Crown Heights Beis Din issued a Psak Din requiring people to report to the police credible claims of child sexual abuse in the Jewish community. In light of Keller’s recent arrest it is reassuring to see that the community is taking the Beis Din’s mandate seriously. It’s disheartening on the other hand to see the Vaad completely ignore the Beis Din’s mandate by scaring survivors into silence which will assuredly continue to endanger our community.

    The presumption of innocence is certainly a sacred cornerstone of our modern democracy, Jewish law and Chazals teaching of dan l’kaf zechus. The presumption of innocence however does not conflict with the right to free speech and obligation to protect the innocent.

    Furthermore, when we know information that could save people from being hurt, all rules of lashon harah and rechilus are out the window and to NOT speak is a grave sin of do not stand idly by your brother’s blood. Leviticus 19:16. It is about public safety. Having compassion for molesters by concealing their identities is an act of cruelty that endangers innocent lives. If a doctor purposely failed to isolate a patient with a deadly contagious disease because it was embarrassing to the patient and his family, it would constitute professional negligence, not an act of compassion! Child molestation is a deadly disease and parents need to know whom to keep their children away from.

    If a local retailer were caught selling traif, would there be the same reaction to keep quiet and let the courts sort it out? is simply following the obligations of not standing idly by your neighbors blood.

    Clinical psychologist Dr. Asher Lipner said it best in an article in the Jewish Press published this year:

    The mitzvah to confront child molesters is incumbent upon each of us. As Rabbi Shea Hecht charged at a recent gathering for the National Jewish Week for the Prevention of Child Abuse, when Shimon and Levi held the entire city of Shechem accountable for the rape of Dina by only one of its citizens, it taught us for all time that someone who abuses even one Jewish girl or boy must be confronted by every member of society.

    Excuses for not doing so include bogus halachic claims of mesira, lashon hara and chillul Hashem; concern over the “unfair” suffering of the abuser’s innocent family (who are often victims themselves in need of help); and fear of lawsuits against yeshivas that have knowingly harbored molesters. Not one of these makes sense when the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of children is at stake. Psychological studies repeatedly find that molested children are significantly more likely to suffer later in life from depression, anxiety, substance abuse and addictions, posttraumatic stress disorder, sexual and interpersonal problems, and suicide.

    If the leaders of our community believe that false rumors are being spread then they should condemn that speech by intelligently responding to those false allegations not trying to quell peoples right to free speech. Do leaders of the community think that their constituents aren’t smart enough to make up their own minds about abuse allegations? Is the answer to force people into silence?

    Every single predator listed in the CrownHeightsWatch registry is a serial offender whose crimes have been independently corroborated by many victims or/and whose crimes are a matter of public record. There isn’t a threat of a personal vendetta leading to a false accusation. These individuals are known pedophiles. No one disputes that. In fact, although Moshe Keller is presumed innocent in a court of law, the DA obviously had probable cause to charge him. If someone is a known molester you don’t need to wait for a conviction to inform and protect the community. No one is suggesting that pedophiles get locked up without their crimes being proven beyond a reasonable doubt but when it comes to protecting our children in public we don’t take chances, especially when someone is a known molester.

    Those claiming that child sexual abuse awareness generates mass hysteria should look closely at the widely accepted figures that “1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will have experienced an episode of sexual abuse while younger than 18 years.” (See National Center for Victims of Crime). The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry has also concluded that much abuse goes unreported because children are afraid to disclose what happened, and the legal procedure for validating abuse is difficult. Do you really think that the issue is “rumors, halfmemories… [and]… miscommunications” or perhaps a lack of discussion and awareness within the community? Why is the Vaad fostering a climate where victims will be afraid to come forward?

    Lastly, a suspect’s family is as innocent as the victim. It is wrong to malign a suspect’s family. Guilt by association is wrong BUT is it right to silence survivors and advocates for fear that a suspect’s family member will feel stigmatized? Shouldn’t we view a suspects family as innocent as anyone else while at the same time encourage survivors to speak out without fear of reprisal?

    Bottom Line:

    (1) Victims should be encouraged to come forward, without being discredited, disbelieved and hushed by the Vaad.
    (2) Protecting the community by exposing the identities of known molesters is saving lives.
    (3) We need to act in accordance with the Beis Din’s recent psak to report abuse to the government authorities.
    (4) Expose the known offender. When we don’t speak out and expose the offenders we are violating Halacha by standing idly by our neighbors’ blood and putting a stumbling block in front of the blind.

    Crown Heights Watch

  5. Is this the reason for the CHJCC two page letter? Says:


    Hi my name is Schneur and I am a proud survivor of sexual abuse.

    I grew up and came from a very religious Chabad home. I had a very tough childhood and left my home when I was 13. I befriended Rabbi Yaakov Bryski from Chanoch Le’naar, who at the time was kind enough to take me into his home, help get me a part time job, give me money for cigarettes and get me into a school. All this while I was running away from home and thought I hated my parents. Little did I know at that time that Rabbi Yaakov Bryski was about to take advantage of me, a young boy and vulnerable, who did not know his place in life- all to satisfy a sickness and crime we all now know as, child molestation.

    Rabbi Yaakov Bryski put me up in his house and a short time after I moved in, Rabbi Yaakov Bryski started coming down at nights to the basement, where I slept, and Rabbi Yaakov Bryski would wake me up with his pajamas on and his hands down my pants. It was the most painful thing I have ever had to deal with – ever. It still haunts me till this day. Rabbi Yaakov Bryski carried this out for nearly 8 months and it got worse and worse. I will always remember how it came to a point where I couldn’t fall asleep at night because I was scared and hoped Rabbi Yaakov Bryski just wouldn’t come. I felt so helpless and who could I turn to? I was just a frozen child, wounded and scarred. I recall Rabbi Yaakov Bryski at a later time, one time, crying if he should stop. I was screaming inside “please!” but just was too hurt and frozen to speak. No one in this world will ever understand that feeling unless they are a victim, themselves.

    I have felt ashamed and embarrassed my whole life, thinking all these crazy thoughts and feeling so embarrassed that I allowed another man to touch me and violate me. I now know it isn’t my fault. There are so many out there doing this to young innocent kids and getting away with it and destroying people lives. I believe myself to be a miracle where I have had the courage and self will to come forward and deal with this as much and as best as I can.

Thank G-d, an opportunity came up where I was able to get out of Rabbi Yaakov Bryski’s house and did so and never looked back.

    I always thought I would just never tell anyone. I used to walk around in shame for so many years. I can’t even recall how many countless times I would see Rabbi Yaakov Bryski walking in the streets and I would turn red and get so uncomfortable and walk away, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I remember once when I was at a BBQ and Rabbi Yaakov Bryski passed by and was talking to some people there. I pretended to be on my phone just so I could avoid him.What was done to me is so horrible and no child should ever have this done to them. Thank G-d, one day I couldn’t take it anymore and decided I had to get it out. I told my parents who couldn’t believe it and who couldn’t even believe it for months. Fortunately I now have their full support.

    I started seeking therapy for quite some time, at which I decided to report the incidents to the Brooklyn District Attorney,I met a number of times with the DA’s office, and took the courage to come forward, But since I was over the statute of limitations they did not proceed to prosecute. It made me so angry, but it fit in to how society does not do enough to prosecute these criminal molesters who destroy innocent peoples lives. Had I had the courage that I have now, I would have gone to the ends of the world to push the DA on behalf all the other innocent people out there and protect them from beasts like Rabbi Yaakov Bryski. I continued on living my life and doing what I felt at the time was the best way to answer this terrible trauma: living life the best way possible.

    Now, you might ask why I have decided to come forward now after all this time. Quite honestly, it was Leiby Kletzky’s brutal murder. I wasn’t able to sleep for nights after what happened, knowing “silence” may be the sole reason that young boy is not among the living. He was abducted to be molested, and all of us know it. Yet it was kept silent and I ask myself how could we, how could I? I stand before the world and say to you all now that both I am alive and not ashamed of what happened. I am finally starting to enjoy life, feeling a sense of freedom I never felt then, but most importantly I’m sharing this with you all because I want to give HOPE to all you victims out there.

    Don’t be silent and don’t protect the people that have tried to destroy you.

    We are stronger, we will outlive them. I know very well the feeling of being ashamed and uncomfortable, especially coming from a religious Chabad home. It sickens me to my core how, even leaders of my community as well as local state and federal entities, attempt to cover all this up, mostly because of money. Do we protect murderers and rapists? Why are we protecting molesters, who hurt young children? In my mind, this is even worse than murder.

    I hope I can give courage and inspiration to even one, if not millions of children out there, even those who are now adults, to come forward and take the fight to punish the perpetrators and those people that cover up their horrible crimes. Edmund Burke, the Irish Statesman once said “All that is necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. I urge you to act and break the silence.

    Maybe my words and my coming forward will make a difference, From the bottom of my heart.

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