When The Protecters [Shomrim] Need Protection


A Crown Heights Shomrim volunteer giving a stalled NYPD Vehicle a boost.

Regarding the Seething Hatred and Vitriol against Shomrim by NY Post Columnist

[CHI] Michael Lesher, a Jewish attorney from Passaic New Jersey, took to the pages of the New York Post to publish a column of unabashed hate and seething venom against Brooklyn’s Shomrim patrols. In his column he refers many times to Shomrim as “unskilled and ill-equipped” and “vigilantes”, asking if ‘anyone’ thinks the Shomrim’s “do the city a better service?”

This piece of garbage written by Michael Lesher is not an investigative report, all it is is an op-ed/rant/Opinion. This op-ed/rant/Opinion lacks many true facts or rather twisted facts making a not so tasteful Cholent, mixing various issues one with the other.

Issues WIS will address:
1) Blaming Shomrim
2) Government/Tax payers funds
3) Shomrim, Commmutiy, Police (A message to Shomrim)

1) To suggest that somehow (and thats what Mr. Lesher is doing), Shomrim was G-d forbid responsible for what happened to Leiby, by their action or inaction is stupid and irresponsible.

Shomrim did all they can (above and beyond).  As police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly stated  “had police been called earlier it would not have changed anything”.

Imagine there was no Shomrim. There would not have been such a massive  search. The video evidence would have (maybe) been gathered by detectives  24 hours after the child went missing. The murderer may or may not have been found and even had he been found at a later date, the body would have been long gone, his home cleaned up, making a case against the suspect much harder.

I feel stupid even defending this, let’s move on.

2) Had Mr. Lesher written a general op-ed/opinion about government waste, WIS, being a tea party conservative, would  agree with him 100%.

Had Mr. Lesher suggested that the U.S. government should stop pumping billions of dollars to foreign countries (including Israel), I would agree with him. After all why are we borrowing  trillions of dollars to help other countries when our very own country is struggling.

Had Mr. Lesher suggested that we cut wasteful spending across the board/across the country, wherever it may be (like in CHJCC), I would agree with him.

There are billions of dollars of tax payers dollars disappearing without any accounting daily as a result of corruption and fraud. There are billions of tax payers dollars being wasted on the stupidest things which if cut would not be missed.

Had Mr. Lesher suggested that the money allocated to Shomrim was not being used to help people in need and instead was being used to line private pockets, I would agree with him 100%.  But we all know thats not the case, Shomrim does an extraordinary job when it comes to assisting the residents of their communities.

After reading Mr. Leshers opinion piece it’s obvious that his hate and resentment for Shomrim comes first and the excuses after.

3) A message for Shomrim (of B.P., Williamsburg and Flatbush  – Not including Crown Heights Shomrim*).

* Crown Heights Shomrim does not receive any government funds and therefore does not need to answer to anyone. Crown Heights Shomrim is self funded.

Stand strong. Don’t apologize. Don’t Compromise and stop trying to Appease.

As to why Shomrim only has volunteers from the Jewish Community. The answer is simple. When I or my Jewish neighbor call Shomrim, we expect a member from our community to show up. Had we wanted to call the police (or anybody else) for assistance, we could easily do so. Shomrim does not need to be politically correct when asked this question.

Shomrim is a volunteer organization which can not force it’s volunteers to do anything.

Does Shomrim assist other (non-Jewish) communities?

WIS can only say this as a witness. WIS has seen in the streets of Crown Heights, Borough-Park and Williamsburg how volunteers in Shomrim (and Hatzalah) assisting non-Jews.

As to why it’s not officially for everyone?

The answer also simple. Shomrim does not have the resources to assist every community. After all Shomrim is a grassroots organization, contrived  of volunteers, who are fathers, husbands and working people.

Having money defiantly helps, but it’s the willingness of the volunteers that make the organization tick.

If other communities need assistance they may (just like the Jewish community) open their own patrols/organization and when needed coordinate with the Shomrim patrols.

No citizen has the right to tell another citizen that he can’t go help others in need.

Shomrim and NYPD:

Both Shomrim and NYPD must obey the laws of the land. As long as they are doing just that there should not be any issues between them.

Shomrim (from all communities old and new) is a grassroots organization. Routing from a lack of police protection and a need to assist those in need.

Shomrim was not created to replace the police but to assist the police (assisting the police to assist us).

Bottom line, volunteers is Shomrim (and Hatzalah) are regular members of the community  trying to make a positive difference and the police must assist them as they would anybody else.

Also note, that at the end of the day when a police officer or police commander finishes his job , he packs his belongings and goes home (usually not in the neighborhood he patrols or commands). Contrary to the Shomrim volunteers who live and raise their families in the community they serve.

P.S. Get yourselves a spokesman to deal with the media.

Closing statement:
On a more positive note, Shomrim said, “We were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow for anyone who calls on us for assistance.”


7 Responses to “When The Protecters [Shomrim] Need Protection”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thank you SHOMRIM CH, you defiantly make our commnity safer.
    I can testify how they helped me

  2. shomrim gever Says:

    Something tells me that Shomrim ain’t gonna get less calls because of this garbage. After all, Shomrim is by the people for the people.

  3. NY Post: Shomrim shanda Says:

    Obstructing the police is bad enough. But it’s completely unacceptable if that obstruction is being funded by the taxpayer.

    Yet that’s exactly what’s happening with the Shomrim, the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood patrol groups in Brooklyn.

    Shomrim — which received $130,000 in City Council member items in the current budget — can be a useful asset to communities, discouraging graffiti and vandalism and keeping an eye out for criminals on the prowl.

    But as Michael Lesher wrote in last Sunday’s Post, the Shomrim — with the blessing of community leaders — often act as if they are the actual police and give only minimal cooperation, if any, to the NYPD.

    Last month, the Borough Park Shomrim were notified an hour after 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky went missing. But police weren’t alerted until two hours after that — a full three hours after Levi Aron snatched him — and then only by the missing boy’s father.

    The Shomrim is not a monolithic group; each chapter has its own policy when it comes to working with the NYPD.

    Nevertheless, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has said that the Shomrim’s failure to immediately notify police when members get reports has been a “longstanding” issue.

    The NYPD officially says that the Shomrim’s involvement only marginally affected its investigation — this time. However, the private citizen who identified Leiby from local videotapes pointed out that the Shomrim had the same footage eight hours earlier — and weren’t able to do anything with it.

    Which isn’t surprising — because, whether one calls them volunteers or vigilantes, the fact remains that they aren’t professionals: They don’t have the same skills as the NYPD; in serious incidents, they can be as much a hindrance as a helping hand.

    Regardless, they don’t need taxpayer funds. The only reason they receive them is — what else? — political influence.

    As with other “nonprofit” charities, elected officials steer money to the Shomrim with an eye out for community leaders remembering them come campaign season.

    It’s unseemly in the best of circumstances, but downright offensive when it ends up subsidizing obstruction of legitimate police efforts.

    Time to defund the Shomrim.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/shomrim_shanda_c5vfO7y2A8wwnCCxgB2eLP#ixzz1UNY0Qz3p

  4. Curious Says:

    Why are you of the opinion that the US defund Israel?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Short answer: I think Israel can strive on it’s own, without outside help. Of-course doing so would be hard at first (all beginnings are hard), but once Israel gains it’s balance and gets back on it’s feet they will be stronger then ever.

      As of now, Israel has to answer to the U.S., not allowing them to properly secure themselves and limiting them in many ways.

      In the long run it would be much better for Israel to be independent.

      This does not means that the U.S and Israel can’t be allies and assist each other when it comes to military actions.

      Everything I just wrote about Israel applies to Shomrim. shomrim can strive without government funding (an example of that would be Crown Heights Shomrim). As of now they are shackled by this money.

  5. s ploznky Says:

    according to the constitution the gov’t isnt legally req. to have a police force and protect its citizens, google it.

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