Efraim Setton Sentenced For Assault


About one year ago on June 29, 2011 both Efraim Setton and Levi Paul Huebner were arrested as a result of beating up another Jew and attempted to flee from police. Between the two of them they were charged with Assault, Resisting Arrest and Evading, as well as Obstruction of Governmental Administration among other charges.

Today, June 13, 2011 Efraim Setton took a plea deal and was sentenced to:

1) Six months probation.

2) Anger management.

3) 3 hours of community service.

To be sarcastic and  serious: All Setton has to do for community service is leave the community, the longer he leave the bigger service he does for the community.

Thank you B.L. (victim of the assault) for following through with the police by filing charges and latter with the Distract Attorneys office. We need more victims of Mishechist assaults to follow your example.

It’s a miracle that both the NYPD and the  Distract Attorneys office didn’t somehow lose the police reports or mysteriously have the case dropped, as has happened in the past as a result of the CHJCC/Chanina Sperlin cabal pulling strings (which can only be done when it’s a Meshichist thug or fellow Mosser whose been arrested and charged).

Shomrim Six: No Plea Deal!


7 Responses to “Efraim Setton Sentenced For Assault”

  1. why Says:

    So why were Prager and Poltorak at the meeting this past Sunday?

    They want and need Shuchat to believe that they care, that the “community” cares about him and that they are doing absolutely everything they can for him. They need him believing this to keep him from speaking. Right now Shuchats under the illusion that the world is being turned upside down for him, he feel secure and confident. But once he gets to the USA he will learn the hard truth

  2. Anonymous Says:

    now he can be deported

  3. Yossi T. Says:

    Not good enough!!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is to easy a sentence, this animal should do time.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words

  6. Anonymous Says:

    pleas pleas pleas get a picture when he has to clean the toilets…
    now we can bother the ganev, hes on probation :-)

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