fighting evil with good, darkness with light!


Good and Evil

It’s in times of tragedy like the senseless murder of more then six Jews by indescribable evil Muslim terrorist ym’s in Mumbai, India, them, their families and co-terrorist should rot in hell to the end of time, that we feel the physical hurt and cry the real tears and feel the deep connection that have kept Jews alive and together for countless centuries even surpassing those nations that were supposedly “great” supposedly “indestructible” and “invincible” it’s time’s like these where as I see that WhoIsShmira has gone silent and as I have felt the need to be silent and in mourning, it’s a time when you tell yourself that as Jews we must stick together, enough of this fighting, enough of the bickering, enough of the hate, enough of the stupid complaints one person has for the other and would do anything to “get” that guy just short of killing him.


Yet we see throughout these tragic times and throughout these tragic events there is a hate website (the mishichist site) where there are people actually bickering over the fact that Aguch (Krinsky etc.) have taken control of the funerals and proceedings of our holy martyrs and complaining as to why wasn’t it “their” leaders (the die hard mishichist rabbi’s who brought up and brainwashed their students (followers) that handled the funerals, and when around the world tragedy strikes and people die or are killed flags are lowered to half mast out of respect and mourning for the dead, we see in pictures that are broadcast around the world two giant “messiah” flags proudly held high and waving in the wind, what are these people thinking?  Perhaps Simchas Bais Hashoava, Lag B’Omer, oh and a funeral, all happy occasions why not raise the flag? Why not us this opportunity to show “look WE still exist”. (Thousands of people there of all walk of life and two who knows who have to make a statement. Just comes to show were their head is at, what we can expect, on 3 Tammuz 5754-1994 we had these same people dancing in the streets etc…). 


So do we forgive and forget in the Z’chus of our martyrs? Do we forget the wrongs that one has committed against his “acquaintance”? Is it ‘poof’ and everything is alright? And mainly will it be reciprocated? Will those who’ve done the wrongs right the wrongs? Or do we start over and fresh for now? How do we know that those that we thought evil will have suddenly turned righteous? Should we just let our guard down? Have faith in g-d that everything will just be alright? How are we guaranteed that the loaded guns will be turned away and lowered from our heads? Should we get it in writing? (I paul huebener vow to cease and desist from actively pursuing and seeking to incriminate and have arrested said members of Shomrim and Anash and as such regret my past activities and am sorry for my past actions and will from now on seek only peace with my sworn enemies, signed paul huebener) are they on the same page an having the same thoughts?


I know that on January 20th Shomrim members have to show up to court again where a trial date will be set. The question is will they have to still show up in court or will the viscous mesira finally be drooped for the sake of “peace” and case closed? My answer is yes they will have to show up in court.


When these tragedies happen the good people get better and the evil people stay the same (or try to take advantage of the situation etc…) all terrorist are the same, some have guns and some use other methods, it’s all about catching your victims of guard, not giving them a slight chance to defend themselves.


“Terrorism may not succeed in destroying our civilization – but politically correct euphemisms and apologetics are already crippling our ability to defend it.” *


* The evil people know how the masses are feeling, they also know that (like the quote above) the “politically correct” etc… are not going to ask or tell them off,  to perhaps drop and decease all Machlokes (which includes stopping all the Mesira etc..), they know that your target will be the victims of terror (mesira) and perhaps this very web site for exposing the truth.


My dear brothers and sister, Tzdaka/charity starts at home.


Have you offended or hurt your [actual] Father, Mother, Brother, sister, wife, and husband and apologized and made a commitment to be a better person? Have you made “peace” with your enemy’s [standing in you OWN four cubits]? Remember, you want to fight the evil around the world; a good start is to fight the evil standing right next to you! Before trying to throw a hug around the world, first try hugging your own Family/community.

 john doe


7 Responses to “fighting evil with good, darkness with light!”

  1. CHER Says:

    The only answer to ALL evil is doing more good.
    The more the evil pushes the stronger we must get and the more we have to push back.
    It’s very easy to get discouraged from negativity, we must always stay positive and remember that we can be better (we can DO better).

    What is true is true (whether we like to hear it or not),
    It’s only because of those that seek excuses etc.. For bad people that they have a fighting change.

    Look how the (liberal) media is trying to avoid calling the terrorist what they are “TERROIST”. They are looking for every other angle other then the truth.

    Sad, sad indeed!

  2. you!!! Says:

    its because of yyou that the attack happend you shmuk

  3. very sad Says:

    it is very sad that our terorists are the same like the pakistani

    terorists no diffrent between daud ibrahim and paul ym”s huebner.

    we will bring more light to this world and the paul huebners of the world

    will try to darkend the world.

    and one day pual ym”s huebner will be defited and all evil dissapear

    and moshiach is comming

    remember what AMOLAIK DID we remember what paul ym”s huebner did

    to the jewish nation .

    please god get rid of paul ym”s huebner fast .

    when moshiach comes it says “vies haruach
    tumah ma’aveer min haaretz”

  4. antimesira Says:

    Whats new?
    Gimmul Tammuz they were dancing in the streets drinking Mashka like it was the happiest day ever.

    They are fighting a Jihad (which means-holy war) except its as holy as the others that fight “holy war”.

    They are HEARTLESS, cold and and don’t care for anybody feelings, The AGENDA comes first.
    Kind of reminds you of shmira, maybe thats why they get along so good.

    What really sad it that their (shmira and mishichistim) whole existents is Machlokis (if they were not fighting somebody they would just disappear to nothing).

    Just like they were looking forward to Gimmul Tammuz, so they can pick their ugly heads up and start taking control (forcefully may I add), they are also trying to take advantage of what happened in India to make a name and money for themselves.


  5. Seriously Says:

    I didn’t read the post by J.D. but I’m sure it made perfect sense…….
    TO YOU!!!

    People shouldn’t wish for others to die, unless of course they like messing with Hashem. It’s not our job to judge others, one day we’ll ALL have to answer to our actions….

    Watch out… Obama is coming for you!

  6. fight! Says:

    if shomrim was to CV”S shout down tomorrow then shmira would follow
    they don’t care for the community, their whole goal is fighting/machlokis, without the fight they have no purpose.
    The mishichistim are the same (must of the time anyways) if you don’t give them a fight they fade in the dust. The problem is that they know this, so they always try to make themselves relevant by causing more Machlokis.
    if you won’t give them a fight they will take it.

  7. us Says:

    listen ed stop this hate do teshuvah

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