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Mishichist Pride! One Sin Leads to Another Sin! How it Came Down To This. Chain Reaction!

August 23, 2009

שמצוה גוררת מצוה, ועברה גוררת עברה, ששכר מצוה מצוה, ושכר עברה עברה (פרקי אבות פרק ד משנה ב) י

Yoel Kraus IbizaHow did it get this far?
When did this start?
Who takes responsibility?

How come every time a mishichist does something like this, the mishichist party gets away with it by claiming “Oh, he’s crazy”… Oh, He’s not a real mishichist” etc… This is as real as it gets. This guy is just a result of all the craziness before him.

Yesterday, this guy was their hero, now they will dismiss him like a nothing, now they will pretend to disown him. But we all know the truth, that in the end they all chair on these people, they would rather have crazies like this , then G-d forbid have an “Anti” around.

Heres how it works…Chain reaction.

When the “Crazy Ladies” who hang out in 770 all day, you know, the ones that don’t fast and take off their Shatals etc…
When they go hang up signs outside 770 and are stopped by normal; sane people (Chabadniks), who comes to their rescue; who comes to justify this craziness?

You guessed it, The “Crazy Tzvatim”.

When the “Crazy Tzvatim” get in to trouble (whether they beat somebody up or damaged 770 etc..), Who comes to their rescue? Yes you guessed it, “The Gabboyim”; and all the so called “normal or moderate mishichistim”.

When the “Gabboyim” are in trouble, who sticks up for them; who justifies them?
The so called “Let’s all get along”, “why all the fighting”, “we both believe in the same thing” etc…etc… the so called “Normal Mishichist”.

You see my friends, there is no such thing as a “normal mishichist”, if he was normal, he would not be a misichist.
Like the joke goes… “Is he crazy because he has a Yechi Kipa or is it that because he is crazy thats why he has a Yechi”?
I say its both!. [If someone is truly “normal”, then he will get out of this Mishichist craziness, once he grows up]. If it wasn’t Mishicihskit these same people would be hugging trees.

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