Meshichistim Release Their Rage On Chabad Bocher


Meshichistim terrorist thugs-

[Crown Heights] After giving into the Meshichist Mossrim terrorist (in fear of violence) by allowing them make their declaration of Jihad in the form of saying ‘Yechi’. The Meshichist terrorist led by Menachem Mendel Hendel could not let a day like this go by with out some type of terror. One would think that they would rejoice in their so called “victory” in having their Jihad declared at the parade, but unfortunately their hate and thirst for blood is much greater. In fact they were disappointed that they did not have reasons to hit and cause provocations.

How did they quince their thirst for blood?

They (the three pictured above) broke into a room of a Chabad Lubavicher Bocher (who is residing at 1414 President Street) and destroyed all his belongings bed, clothes, furniture and so on by pouring gas and paint on everything (see photos bellow).

The reason* they chose to target this Bocher was because he was in charge of organizing all the displays/exhibits  prepared by the Yeshiva students. The Meshichist terrorist were told that they can not distribute* their propaganda (Jihad flags etc…), so they decided to vent their anger on the guy who organized the exhibits.

Shocked friends expressed the hope that the culprits will be caught soon and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Police together with Shomrim arrived at the scene and a police report was filed by the victim.

A Police investigation was launched.

Obviously (from the photos above) it is known who the culprits are.

Let’s see how NYPD handles this one.

* The truth is “the reason” or the “why” doesn’t really matter, it’s irrelevant. There is no excuse or justification for what they did today, yesterday or the day before that. The same Meshichistim who will justify and excuse this are the same Meshichistim who justify and excuse all Meshichist violence and Mesira. They are not to be convinced but only defeated!

** They did so anyways.

1414 President Street. brooklyn.Crown Heights.  (3)

1414 President Street. brooklyn.Crown Heights.  (5)

1414 President Street. brooklyn.Crown Heights.  (7)

1414 President Street: NYPD collecting finger prints.

1414 President Street: NYPD collecting finger prints.

2 Responses to “Meshichistim Release Their Rage On Chabad Bocher”

  1. אנונימי Says:

    שמות הטרוריסטים: יוחאי וואלדמן, ישראל לנצ’נר, לוי הלפרין

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:


    As thousands gathered at the Great Parade in Crown Heights, a group of thugs and terrorists had more important business to attend to – breaking into and vandalizing a dormitory room at 1414, completely destroying one students belongings.

    The incident occurred on Sunday morning at around 11:00am inside 1414 President Street – the primary dormitory which is run and managed by the Hanhalah of the Kvutzeh.

    A group of Bochurim broke into one of the rooms, damaging the door then proceeded to pray paint and cut up all of the Bochurs clothing – including his shoes, shirts, hats and suits. The damage was estimated by the victim to reach well over $2000.

    Sources and witnesses have identified the perpetrators as Yochai Volman, Levi Halperin, Yisrael Lentchner and Gershovitz, all students in the Yeshiva of 770 (Kvutzeh), all of whom have a rich history in vandalism and terrorism. The Hanhala of the Yeshiva has repeatedly failed to take any action against the vandals.

    This latest attack follows a lengthy campaign of intimidation and violence against this student, who drew the ire of the gang after they accused him of bringing to light their previous plots.

    Police were called to the scene and have begun an investigation into the crime. A crime scene crew lifted finger prints in an effort to properly identify the perpetrators and make an arrest. The victim approached the dorm manager Sholom Ber Brod and asked for the surveillance video to help his case, but as of publication time has refused to turn it over.

    One of the vandals, Yochai Volman, is the manager of the Yeshiva’s ‘Kupas Bochurim’, and was recently arrested for a violent attack on a 770 cleaner. Volman has also been identified as the ringleader in last years brutal attack on a helpless beggar in 770, leaving the homeless man hospitalized for weeks. Despite his history of terror, the Yeshiva and its Menahel Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, who is the one who oversees the Kupas Bochurim fund, have failed to take any disciplinary steps against Volman.

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