David Huebner Arrested for Drug Violations


David Huebner

This is the son of the glorious and fierce lawyer, Paul ‘Levi’ Huebner that counsels Shmira and vigorously defends them while massering on other yidden. This is his legacy, beardless children that give drugs to minors.

Cops: Five busted at “party house”

July 31, 2007

Police arrested five men over the weekend after getting complaints about a house in South Fallsburg where kids were being served alcohol and people were smoking marijuana.

Fallsburg police got the calls Saturday night, and between 9 and 10 p.m. they went to the address on Laurel Avenue in South Fallsburg.

Police say they broke up a large party at the house, and arrested five men. Police said they were among the oldest people at the party, and some of them had supplied the alcohol to the younger partiers. Police said the party-goers were summer residents.

David Huebner, 18, and Chesky Schwartz, 18, both of Brooklyn, and Chaim Saxton, 21, of Monsey were charged with misdemeanors of endangering the welfare of a minor, unlawfully dealing with a child and possession of stolen property.

Klevan Mayer, 18, of Brooklyn was charged with misdemeanor obstruction of governmental administration. A 17-year-old Brooklyn boy was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation. All five are free pending appearances in Fallsburg Town Court.



18 Responses to “David Huebner Arrested for Drug Violations”

  1. CH Says:

    Like father like Son!

    Scum, Scum, Scum!!!
    Offspring from a MOSER!

  2. the heretical jew Says:


  3. me Says:

    what loshen hara this site is.
    the reasont he bais hamikdosh was destroyed, do any of u care?
    such hatred bet yidden its disgusting.

  4. to me Says:

    if you care do something

  5. CH Says:

    If the story above story had no name and just stated that a group of punks from Crown Heights, Brooklyn were giving out alcohol and were smoking marijuana etc… Would you not ask for there names, so the rest of the community should know about these Punks, so they or there kids will know to stay away from them?

    I’d like to know how’s giving out drugs in my community.
    I’d like to know if there was a child molester in my community.
    I’d like to know if there’s a group of people trying to scam my community. ETC…

  6. bullshit Says:


  7. lelly hershcup Says:

    full of shit its not true! i am in shomrim ITS NOT TRUE!!!

  8. fan Says:

    David great photo I love it you look like tony mantana haha your a drug dealer haha that is the funny’s shit I ever heard

    I think you should email them another one with a ak47 and a ciger haha

  9. john doe Says:

    too bad the fake lawyers kids have to suffer for their loser father

  10. Anonymous Says:

    This story is so old, it’s so stupid to post stuff so old.

  11. meny Says:

    why publish it help your fellow jew i thought that thats what shomrim is all about

  12. The Truth Says:

    To Meny you are so wrong Shomrim is all about beating up innocent Bocherim, shomrim does not give a shit about the safety of the Jews, Shmira cares for us, Shmira helps us, Shmira actually catches criminals, unlike shomrim who never catch shvartzes the only people who get arrested because of shomrim are Jews.

  13. husky Says:

    hahahahah hahahhaha hubessss whats cracken i loooove the pick looken pimpen……and by the way all you stupid fucks lowlife good for nothing bored souls who are stupid enough to believe whatever you read can go look in the mirror and tell yourself what a good an amazing person you are….your pathetically naive that you read and beleive…..go fuck an old goat while your best freinds cock is shoved in your mouth you loser……and all you out there keep yah head up

  14. dovi bedziner Says:

    Listen every one I know david and I know his family this shmira bullshit is fuked up david does not do drugs nor sell so all I shmira fake fuks go fukurselff I hope he fuks u up this is all bullshit none of it occured please do not believe any of it fuk u shmira

  15. dovi Says:

    Anybody who believes this bs really needs help btw papu nice pic lol and if i find out ho the fuk puth this shit up i will fuk u up so badly u wont see tommorw fuk u shmira

  16. Tom Says:

    Searching for a picture of David to compare myself to as he is such and outstanding guy and someone many should look up. I was surprised to see this here and quite disgusted.

    David is an outstanding personand the people who run this site have demons of their own they need to exercise. Sad that someone with such a narrow mind and lack of education can just slander someone they do not know like this.

    I’m happy to know David holds himself to a much higher standard and would never treat another person so.

    Have fun sheltering yourself from reality while the rest of us live ours happily and to the fullest.

  17. Tom Says:

    So much for you trash site. You deleted my comments cause you can’t handle the truth. Get a life and this is what’s wrong with the world. A bunch fools who have no lives and don’t post the truth. Man up and post my comments

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