Is All the Corruption and Fraud At The CHJCC Getting To Zaki Isaac B. Tamir Head?


Money and Power Corrupts the Mind

Regarding: Rosenberg: “Braun Not Necessarily A Legitimate Rov” and Let’s Be Clear…(Zaki Blog)

The Purim Shpeil Continues.

A Shpeil that has lasted way over 180 days, thats for-sure.

Zaki Tamir Writes:

The Vaad Hakohol is doing its best to act in a sensible and diplomatic way

First the CHJCC chairman Zaki Tamir says (on his blog) he does not have to listen to the Ikul (Beth Din and Din Torah) because Rabbi Rosernberg said he does not.
But now all of a sudden, it’s because Rabbi Rosenberg didn’t say anything; didn’t give him any intructions (regarding the Ikul) , and therefore  he doesn’t have to listen, and therefore deciding alone as to what course of actions to take, defying the Beth Din.


R. Elazar HaKappar said: Envy, lust and [pursuit of] honor remove a person from this world. (Ethics of the Fathers 4:21)

Zaki Isaac B. Tamir has lost all sense of realty. Must be a result of choosing to be in the company of Mossrim and Ganovim (thieves) all day.

Zaki Tamir is getting himself in to more crap as he keeps on lying and using these foolish tactics. All Zaki Tamir is really doing here is pandering to Mossrim. Mossrim who have been burning Crown Heights down to the ground since days of old. Zaki Tamir and his Mossrim friends think that you and I are stupid, that they can play with us as playthings.

Somehow the Mossrim are trying to make a respectable Beth Din by defying a respectable Beth Din.

Zaki Tamirs and his Mossrim friends, think that with brute force they will get us to submit to their will. Those days are clearly long gone.

It also seems that Yankle Spritzer is his advisor.

All Zaki Tamir has accomplished in his time at the Crown Heights Jewish community Council Inc. is more Mochlokes, more fighting. (Evident to this: Zakis blog….98% dealing with this Machlokes/Stupidity).

What has Zaki Tamir done for the needy of Crown Heights?  What has Zaki done to make sure the millions stolen (by those he favors and hangs out with) go to the needy of Crown Heights? How has Zaki Tamir and his CHJCC made anybody s life any easier since he took office? Whats else has Zaki Tamir been involved in (these past 10 months) other then this Machlokes?


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14 Responses to “Is All the Corruption and Fraud At The CHJCC Getting To Zaki Isaac B. Tamir Head?”

  1. CHJCC Inc. Says:

    I asked Zaki Tamir a few days ago:

    If the CHJCC gets millions of dollars from government grants, then why aren’t they actually helping people with that Money?

    Zaki Replied:

    There are so many other organizations in Crown Heights that help people in need, so the CHJCC does not need to help.

  2. Zakis Stupid Claims Says:

    Zaki Writes:

    “In fact, the ikul itself was not appropriately served to the Vaad Hakohol, but instead a copy was faxed to the Vaad Hakashrus office.”

    This coming from the mouth of an attorney (?).

    1. This is not the secular court of law.

    2. Zaki Tamir (almost immediately) posted the Ikul on his very own web site.

    This would be like someo0ne posting a lawsuit that he “didn’t receive” , on his facebook page and then coming to court and claiming he never received it.

    3. The Ikul was posted on and on

  3. B Says:

    zaki zaki zaki….. the 10 things i dislike about you…

    1)you greedy self-serving pig (ill count that as one)

    2) besides you being a little gay, you a lier (ill count this as one)

    3) conniving thief (again one)
    4)incompetent fool

    5)criminal! , i cant wait till you are mortgaging you house to pay someone to defend you in court for the fraud you have committed like the Israeli who (is he still behind bars for the immigration violation?) whose parents mortgaged their house to pay you for legal services you incompetently rendered….

    6)pussy! is almost fitting for all of the cock you secretly swallow

    7)swindler, one day you license to steal will be revoked

    8)……. i think i reserve the right to reenumerate the first 3 to make this 10….

    i just have one question….

    when you have a shabbos guest, who gets him first you, or your wife?

  4. CH RESIDENT Says:

    Where did Zaki Tamir go wrong, where do you think the Mossrim got to him?

  5. Shomrim Six Says:

    “The Vaad Hakohol is doing its best to act in a sensible and diplomatic way”

    How hypercritical coming from the same mouth who without speaking to any parties (possibly involved), went ahead and posted a 20 plus minute video rambling away and accusing a group of volunteers who had only months before been saved from a vicious blood libel/Messira, of all sorts of stuff.

    How diplomatic is that?

  6. the icecream man Says:

    I was just reading the crap plasterd on zakis wall. Wow either non of those people know zaki, or it is another one of his frauds,

    Let’s see, ill use a fake email and see if I can post here..

  7. zaki "gloryhole" tamir Says:

    It allways becomes evident when someone is committing fraud, usually pwoplw find out too late and feel that there is nothing that can be done. But mr “gloryhole” doesn’t realize is that while he is hidding out below the waist band people are talking, evidence is being gathered and your enemies are uniting. Sooon everyone will see that the reason you spew crap is because you are constantly talking out of your ass and the trueth of your deeds will shock people, sooon very soon you will.move to florida like you previous collegues when the too were cought with their hand in the cookiejar.

  8. zaki didnt write that Says:

    From what I understand is that zaki can’t read, he can write but not so well he is dislexic which is no excuse for his fraudulent schemes, like his loan mod ponzi scheme. His fraudulent legal practice. And his drug abuse, and maybe you should ask zaki about what he did in montrial 6 years ago, how he drugged a “friend” and then had him commited to a mental hospital, because you were jellious. You are a very sick person tamir, the witnesses will soon break their silance.

  9. I think its time i blow the lid of this mother like a shfartzah Says:

    I wonder who that “inside man” is, seems to me like he knows what he is talking about. I think when Zacki saw all that money he said “the end to all my problems, i can finally fill the hole created by my ponzi scheme.”

    but i have somehing not as hoorible to talk about, but 10 times more juciy!

    Ask Tamir to take a hair follicle drug test………………..

    you see the week of his winning the election, i was asked to procure drugs, by an inside man whom i know (possibly the “inside man” who posted on the other page.

    is zaki still smoking, if so i want to know what it is, because with that kid of money its gatta be some good sh!t!

  10. representitive no Says:

    isn’t rosh hakol (kol h’shtoyote) being sued for his “loan modification” ponzi scheme, maybe thats where all the money went (or is going). i say we have an inquest to see where all funds have gone.

    i think that the by laws need amended to create a Representative body to approve of all financial issues, comprising no less than 30 people to be elected by each shul, one per shul in CH. and a quorem would be no less than 25 for an action to commence.

  11. Toshav Says:

    When Zaki was running he was advices that if he wanted to succeed in Crown Heights there were two things he needed to stay out of.

    1. The Beth Din

    2. Shomrim

    Zaki like the potz he is, got himself involved in both these things, just look where that got him, where that got the community.

    We voted Zaki Tamir for change and we are now worse off then before.

    Zaki kept the old guard of Mossrim and thieves around.
    Zaki kept the flame of machlokes alive.

    We voted Zaki to help needy families and stop the corruption and fraud taking place in the Crown heights Community Council inc.


  12. i LOVE MYSELF Says:

    Notice how Zaki created a blog where he can write comments tapping himself on the back?

    Maybe he has Mica Soffer writing those comments, looking like the comments we see on

    I call those comments ‘WOW’ comments.

    Wow, I’m so great!
    wow, im the best!
    wow, keep it up!
    wow, be strong!
    wow, we are with you!
    wow, i think im in love with you!

  13. not my beef Says:

    it happens to be that those two things i could care less about

    a) shomrim /shmira issues

    b) the bet din

    the only thing i care about is:



  14. What it takes to be chairman of CHJCC Says:

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