Where’s The Ten Million Green Dollars?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am proud to report that thanks to the hard work of Shmuel Chanin, and others that have contributed their time and resources on behalf of the Vaad Hakohol, we have been able to emerge from a very difficult financial period and move on to the development and establishment of the Vaad as a financially independent corporation that is run in a professional and efficient manner.

Shmuel deserves the credit for demanding a responsible infrastructure, and the for effective fundraising that has taken place in recent weeks.

For the first time (since my involvement, at least) the Vaad Hakohol is starting to have a positive cash flow. Shmuel has given us the structure and resources that we need to handle our fiscal obligations with a much greater degree of confidence, and thanks to Hashem, of course, we are now in a position to start paying Rabbonim salaries and handle our financial obligations.

Thanks Mula!

Based on the above, WIS and the rest of Crown Heights have a few logical questions for the Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) and the Vaad Hakohol, Zaki Tamir:

1. Between 2009* and current the CHJCC has received over 10 Million Dollars in government grants (thats a lot of “Green”), where has all that money gone, how was it spent?

* A few short months after the Chanina Sperlin, Elie Poltorak, Zev Cadaner and Fishel Brownstein hijacked the CHJCC.

2. With so much money in the CHJCC bank accounts, why was there “a very  difficult financial period”, to begin with?

3. What was the reason and/or cause the CHJCC and/or Vaad could not operate “in a professional and efficient manner”, until this glorious day? (Did you fire all the thieves, fraudsters (which is basically everybody) from the CHJCC and started over? Did you root out the corruption taking place from top to bottom?)

4. Most importantly, how did you and Shmuel manage (after all these years, I count about 30), to finally create a “responsible infrastructure” with “a positive cash flow”, please share with the people of Crown Heights the great secret of success?

Please stop treating the people of Crown Heights like stupid little children, stop speaking down to the people of Crown Heights, speak to us like grown ups and with respect!

Zaki Tamir, your post above and your blog in general is one big joke and an insult to the intelligence of the Crown Heights people. Either you assume that the people of Crown Heights are idiots or your the idiot.

Your an attorney no? When speaking to us, speak as if you  were speaking in front of a judge or jury at closing arguments (doing your out-most to make your case).

P.S. Three days after Purim you are able to announce that the CHJCC is in financially order. How come you could not  arrange a Seuda for those in need. What do you need the money for if not to help the residents of Crown Heights?

Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!


10 Responses to “Where’s The Ten Million Green Dollars?”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Need Your Help Exposing Corruption in our Community

    WIS strives to help you the public, by exposing corruption in all it’s forms. Knowledge is power, and knowledge can protect you from the corruption that runs rampant in many sections of our society. Corrupt and unethical organizations, institutions, and individuals thrive in the darkness of public ignorance and apathy.

    Help WIS take back the power, educate yourself with information on how corruption can be exposed, and excised.If you have a story of corruption that you would like to share with the community, please do so by sending your story to:


    You will remain anonymous at all times.

    Those who have worked with WIS know that I don’t even inquire as to who they are, to WIS that’s irrelevant. What is relevant is what they are saying and what they are sending (true or not true?).

    Together we can take back our community.

    *WIS is interested in corruptions of all kinds.

  2. toshav Says:

    indeed it is very demeaning the way mr. tamir addresses the people.

  3. me Says:

    I would really like to know how the Vaad was mismanaged until now and how they going to fix the problem.

  4. antimesira Says:

    Money by the hundreds of thousands was always raised for the sole purpose of funding Machlokes, like the many Mishichist/770/Schwie court cases.

    Most if not all of these court cases and machlokes had the CHJCC or the Vaad Hakohol involved.

    Where did all that money come from all these years? Who paid for all that? Did it come from the grants? Did it come from private individuals?
    Who would go around raising this money?

    Did You Know… that posters, fliers that were hung in the street and sent to your home over these years with propaganda and hate, also cost a lot of money, who paid for all that?

    Why is there all of a sudden all this money for stupidity but no money to help the needy of Crown Heights?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      I was told that the meeting where they want us to believe that the Semicha Braun never had was ripped up, was a “fund raiser” as well.

      Yankle the Ganef Spritzer who was one of those present, pledged $30,000 for the Braun fund, but being that the theme of that night was to rip up things, Spritzer tore the check to shreds. Spritzer is known as a very generous pledger, not so much a giver.

      This whole “we raised money” thing is a scam and a bluff. The money will continue to come from the grants meant for the needy of Crown Heights.

  5. Mendle Says:

    Zaki Tamir, your post above and your blog in general is one big joke and an insult to the intelligence of the Crown Heights people. Either you assume that the people of Crown Heights are idiots or your the idiot.

    Zaki Tamir is an idiot who thinks everybody else are idiots and let’s not forget that the people he surrounds himself with are also idiots.

    All this stupidity is reflected in the way he addresses the people (it’s called ‘projection’).

    Hes not fooling any normal hard working person who gets up to work every morning to make an honest living to support a loving family.

  6. P.I. Says:

    “Between 2009* and current the CHJCC has received over 10 Million Dollars in government grants (thats a lot of “Green”)”

    It just hit me, could this -the ten millions- be the reason they fought so hard to hijack the council, did they see that this money was coming and did everything and anything to get it – even brake in to the council in the dark of night?

  7. Excited CH Resident Says:

    Now that the Vaad Hakohol is in order is there is so much money available does this mean that this year the CHJCC will actually be helping families in need for Pasach?

    Will they be giving out some food, matzoz, wine, fruits and vegetables amongst many things?

    I sure hope so, it’s about time that the millions they get for helping the needy actually went towards…well…helping the needy.

  8. Tell the Truth!!! Says:

    Simply put, bottom line:
    Zaki Isaac B. Tamir Attorney Lawyer Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) is a Lier and can not be trusted!!!

  9. BT COMMENTS Says:

    I read these comments on Zakis blog and all i can imagine are a bunch of mishichist ghucks (Baal Thesuvas) feeling all smart writing stupid irrelevant comments, feeling all good with themselves that their part of a irrelevant discussion.

    “my name of Toshav and I’m part of the Shechona”

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