When a Victim Of Bullying Fights Back


When you watch this video (probably multiple times), you might celebrate that a little street justice was served.

There’s a video whizzing around the internet that purportedly shows a bully in Australia getting a piece of his own medicine. In it, a tiny tormentor is seen picking on a much larger, yet calmer boy in an outdoor hallway. After repeatedly being taunted and even hit, the “calm” victim finally snaps, picks up the skinny bully, and body slams him on the pavement:

[Content Warning: may contain graphic language]


9 Responses to “When a Victim Of Bullying Fights Back”

  1. antibully Says:

    the mishichist mossrim bullies did acts of violence once, twice…many times and we just stood there taking it.

    the mishichist mossrim bullies did messira one time after the next, again and again, spilling innocent Jewish blood and we just stood there, all calm, doing nothing (besides bleeding our hearts out), until last year (shomrim six mesira), that was the end of the line for the mossrim.

    yes, we have snaped and we are coming after all mossrim . The mission is clear, destroy mosrim, destroy mesira once and for all!!!!

    Are you a mosser, have you taken part in mesira to lock up yidden ?

    Be afraid, be very afraid !!!

  2. bullies suck Says:

    notice how when the bully was getting his butt kicked in, none of his “friends”, who were cheering him on came to help him.

    I enjoyed every minute of this video and yes, i watched it like 10 times so far.

  3. antimesira Says:

    If your going to hit another be prepared to get hit back. Don’t go crying like a baby when you do get hit back.

  4. Reagan Says:

    “We maintain the peace through our strength. Weakness only invites aggression.”

    Something tells me that the victim will be no more victim.
    Ain’t no one picking on him from this day forward.

    Good for him, sometimes thats the only way the aggressor learns to back off. Like 98% of the time, the other is when they die on their own ;)

  5. William K. Taggart Says:

    Casey should have done that far sooner. The sooner you let a bully know you won’t passively take it, the sooner he’ll leave you alone. Bullies are cowards and only pick on people they know won’t fight back. The proper way to deal with a bully – particularly one who is standing there, punching you in the face with impunity, is to smack him right down, hard. He never will touch you again.

  6. TAKE POLL: Says:

    What do you think — Were Casey’s actions justified? What do you think he should have done?

  7. The Bully Victim Who Fought Back Casey Heynes Exclusive ACA Interview Says:

    Speaking of the bully, Heynes said, “He just came up out of nowhere and grabbed me by the shirt, and then he punched me in the face. Then he goes for a second hit…then a third hit…fourth and fifth, trying to hit me. And then, I actually snapped and grabbed him, picked him up off the ground, and threw him to the ground in self-defense.” After years of bullying, he had had enough.


  9. no_treble Says:

    Had the same experience in middle school. I was tiny, and two huge goons ruled the 7th grade. After being picked up and thrown on the ground and/or pushed down countless times during recess (and somehow the teachers never saw this), I finally decided that if I was going to be humiliated, I was going down swinging. If they beat me to death, at least they wouldn’t get it for free.

    On the next occasion when one of them grabbed me to throw me to the ground for the umpteenth time, I grabbed his throat with one hand and started wailing at his face with my other fist, fully expecting him to fight back and/or his partner to yank me off any second. To my surprise, his partner just stood there and watched, and the guy I was going wildcat on fell down on his back and just tried to block my punches. THIS time, however, a gym coach just happened to see the whole thing (where were you all those other times?) and ran over to yank me off. We both got suspended.

    The end of the story? From the time we both arrived back at school forward, he and his pal inexplicably said “hey” to me in the hall when we passed, and never even said another threatening word, much less laid another hand on me. I didn’t understand it then, but now I do. The psychology of a bully is to pick “easy targets”. If you become a “difficult target”, they aren’t interested.

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