when the ship sinks the rats come out

hubner shpriter and satan conspiring a messira behind the stage

Huebner, Spritzer and Satton conspiring a messira behind the stage

After a brief altercation over control of the stage the notorious MOSER Yankel (Yaakov) Spritzer came to aid the MOSER Paul Huebner and his son in law Efraim Setton.

Yankel Spritzer a long time MOSER of our community who stole millions from charitable organization like ‘Me Who Yehudi’, Machane Menachem , Tzach, Machne Yisroel and Kaporos. One who thinks he is above and beyond the law by bribing police and government officials with money and paper goods.

They say that most crime occurs in the vicinity of a police station. well just look at his warehouse on Empire Blvd. All the neighbors complain that his trucks block the sidewalk and street, but nothing is done about it. Every commercial establishment needs to have a garbage container, but he used the 71pct garbage container, part of his bribe scheme going on there. when his neighbor opened his garden to a driveway, it was the MOSER Yankel Spritzer who called the building department to issue a summons and close it up.

Enough is enough!! We the community are sick and tired of criminals who think they can run us aground, who use the police to masser and intimidate us. lets take a stand together call 311 and ask them to stop spritzer in his tracks, stop the double and triple parked trucks, stop him from blocking the sidewalks, stop him from using the garbage can and sidewalk of our police station.


23 Responses to “when the ship sinks the rats come out”

  1. Me Says:

    Huebener son- inlaws name is satan! As we say ” k’ shmo kain hu”! And that explains how he and heubner came together, like we say ” matza min es mino”, one mosser attracts another mosser!

  2. Follow the money Says:

    this guy the ganov and mosser shpritzer is behind almost every machlokes and mesira that goes on in Crown Heights.
    He won’t give a penny to Tztaka but will give all he’s got to fund Mochlokes.

    If you follow the money you will end up by him.
    Like I wrote before all these people are all connected (work together) with one goal, to destroy anything good.

    shpritzer is no squirrel hes straight up a RAT!

  3. Gangsters Says:

    Gangsters That what they all are!
    and company…
    30 years of the same garbage doing the same thing over and over.
    We must kill the snake by taking off it’s head.

    all those small times (the suckers) that do all the dirty work are not even worth the fight. they come and go. they get used and screwed from the people that send them.

  4. john doe Says:

    the mossrim in our midst disgust me, who are these people? it’s absolutely sickening that there is no leadership in crown heights to control this, call one of these moissrem to a din torah and they refuse to come saying that they do not follow the particular rabbi???? how? how do the police follow these pied pipers? a man named cohen owed someone money and when the man continued trying to collect the money after years passed this sick man cohen went to the police and massered that he was being harrased because he doesn’t want to pay, it’s time for the rabbonim in crown heights to put these thugs in chairem (after an investigation and review of each case of course) this cannot continue, shmira wants to make a c.o.p. go make it why do they blow it up like it’s the second coming? oh shomrim needs to join, oh were calling it chsp cop, who gives a shit? whats with the issues of needing so much attention about it? , ya i know the shmira are all edp’s most probably seriously neglected and abused by they’re parents or the missianist guest over the holidays watever but shit we don’t care. filing a false police report is a crime we need the police to actually investigate allegations not come up with some bullshit like political arrest??? wat are we in soviet russia>? no you say? well it sure as hell feels like it.

  5. john doe Says:

    also notice how the beards of these moissrem are all white, may g-d assist all these moissrem hooligans into old age quicker that they can be put in the ground all that faster.

  6. Arnevet Says:

    shpritzer is the ultimate con-artist faker in the world!. He is one of the driving forces behind alot of the messiras that happen in our neighberhood. Let us also not forget the time that he kicked sholom Horowitz in the balls in 770 on simchat Torah. Sholom Horowitz had to go to the hospital, which I think he didn’t want to go on yomtov, even though hatzolah insisted that he go. He got called to the rabonim to which he “always adheres to” and he was assest a knas ( fine) that was to reimburse to sholom Horowitz, do u think he payed? Well u guessed it, no he didn’t! Shpritzer only takes money from other people, but he won’t pay up when he’s guilty. Shpritzer ofcourse said that he was drunk when he kicked horowiz in the balls, well the din is that ” Adam muad leolam” which means a person is always responsible for his actions! Yes, even when drunk! The gemara goes as far to say that even if u injure someone while u r sleeping, u are still liable, because u r always responsible for you’re actions! Shprizer u faker! U encloth yourself in the clothes of the righteous, but all u are is a mosser, scam artist , and u are on pills!

  7. Resident Says:

    what about shpritzers fight with his sister? And all the heart ache he put his sister through? All because he’s a greedy son of a —-. Can anyone elaborate? And fill us in, I would appreciate it.

  8. preger muslim rat Says:

    long time ago mr shpritzer wanted to get off from one of his swindles.

    so he gave to goverment a jew name bernstein and that guy sat in jail for

    4 years.

    the hubner is not a jew his mother was a street whore and his father is


  9. CHER Says:

    It is said that mr.shpritzer had his father killed and collected the insurance money.
    this man lives on blood money and anybody who takes any money from this man should know that it’s blood money!

    He even had his own sister put in to hand cuffs!

  10. RICO Says:

    This ganav and mosser took 5-6 families of Anash to Federal court on RICO charges. This was of course a ploy to distract the court about the real issues of the machne menachem case.

    This man like all his mosserim friends are relentless and blood thirsty and MUST BE STOPED.

    He is behind every mochlokes in CH!


    hubener the friend of chanina the stupid edp

    hubner you are a goy and everyone know that your mother was a whore working the streets of las vegas and she didnt even know who the father is.

    the SATAN is SATAN as stupid as he is but he is good for a stupid bitch who sleeps with every mashichist who come along.

    mrs SATAN how much you charge a machichist ?

    and how much you charge a schvartzer ?

    a normal wite person would never come close to a stupid ugly bitch

    hubner nazi

  12. din vecheshbon Says:

    why won’t he show up to a din Torah, according to his mosser supporters the camp is rightfully his, if that is so he should be more then happy to come proof himself. after all what does he have to hide?

  13. preger muslim rat Says:

    please expose somehow chanina’s medical records.

    try draging him as a witness in the case of shomrim so his medical records be expose.

    this is so important if chnina play with shomrim he should go down with them

    what about elections when it will take place.

  14. court officer Says:

    mr huebner is never won a single case in court

    from all of 7 cases he ever had since 2002 all he lost but its interesting to read part of a court desicision on the big lawyer huebner ym”s.

    this Court received by hand
    delivery from p l a i n t i f f s ‘ counsel’s office (i) a letter dated March
    18, 2008 from Hillel Isseroff, M.D., a copy of which was sent to
    defendants’ counsel, representing that p l a i n t i f f s ’ counsel – Levi
    Huebner – was under his “care for an acute medical illness since
    Friday March 14, 2008 and will continue to be until its
    resolution”, and (ii) another letter dated March 18, 2008, on the
    same letterhead, this time from Eli Rosen, M.D., a copy of which
    was apparently not forwarded to defendai1t.s‘ counsel, representing
    that Mr. Huebner is on medication for uritcaria, that “the
    medication is a sedative and impairs his function” and “[als such
    he needs to be cautious and not make court appearances whilst on
    same .
    Neither plaintiffs’ attorney of record nor any other attorney

    now this layer and the rosen md didnt know that all is on record with dates

    when this nazi huebner was with the mosrim of shmira and gurfunkel.

    the judge gut the info and mr huebner will never be a lawyer again.

  15. dr ruth Says:

    did you read what medication this edp is taking ?

    he is a junky like his sons.

    maybe give some to you soninlaw the satan?

    at last is good that the satans wife was sent away from br school.

    you mosser looser .

    and to mr nachoom sosonkin get yourself a real lawyer before you lose your case as well.

    and jusyt than you get from tha huebner ym”s a bill

  16. dr eli rosen Says:

    did you read the sikness dr rosen said about the mosser ?


    this is tzoraas in hebrew

    the baal loshon hora got tzoraas wow

    “lashon hara” . She was stricken with “Tzaraas

  17. court officer Says:

    here is another case the looser lost against his neighbor for not providing documents on discovery.

    what a looser

    An Order pursuant to CPLR 331 26 dismissing the plaintiffs’ Complaint in its
    entirety for failure to comply with this Court’s ordprs to provide items of discovery, or in the
    alternative, pursuant to Section 22 N.Y.C.R.R. Section 202.21 (e), vacating the Note of
    Issue and striking the case from the trial calendrlr together with an Order pursuant to N.Y.
    C.P.L.R. 31 26(2) precluding the plaintiff from oifering evidence at trial and pursuant
    to s3124 compelling them to provide the items ut discovery as mentioned herein and an
    Order restoring our prior discovery motion to thc calendar.

  18. court officer Says:

    this huebner family are suing from birth here is a suite the nazi huebner lost against hig neighbor after 8 years in court.

    this is about a cacameny suite to extort money from neighbors

    Let the Plaintiff, YAKOV YEHUDA HUEBNER, an infant by SURIA HUEBNER,
    his Mother and Natural Guardian, and SURIA HUEBNER, Individually, by his attorneys
    BORIS KOGAN & ASSOCIATES, show cause before this court, at the Supreme Court
    of the State of New York, for the County of Kings, held tiI-n 360
    Adams Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201, on the 2gth day of January 2008 at 9:30 in

    this huebner is a rat and will go down when you ask in court for his record of pills poping by his own admission he is mentaly impierd .

    so mr huebner is mentle case so is chanina sperlin.

  19. Quote Of the day: Says:

    There is no victory as sweet as that achieved against an enemy who was certain he would win.
    – Manly Rash

  20. PEACE Brothers Says:

    lets put it this way all this people there is a btter way

    lets live and let live you can be a meshichism or not i wont tell you what to do and you dont tell me .

    so if you need to use two lanes sometimes thats ok with me and sometimes you have to let me use 2 lanes.

    but if you want to have it all to yourself than you are a diffrent chazer

    like a chazzer belly or a nazi huebner.

    drive this hate mungers out of crown heights and all is well.

    i even think chzzer belly stern can make peace with old friend hershkop.

    but huebner is not a person just a nazi

  21. r u evil? Says:

    Are You Evil? Profiling That Which Is Truly Wicked (Link)

    “To be truly evil, someone must have sought to do harm by planning to commit some morally wrong action with no prompting from others (whether this person successfully executes his or her plan is beside the point). The evil person must have tried to carry out this plan with the hope of “causing considerable harm to others,” Bringsjord says. Finally, “and most importantly,” he adds, if this evil person were willing to analyze his or her reasons for wanting to commit this morally wrong action, these reasons would either prove to be incoherent, or they would reveal that the evil person knew he or she was doing something wrong and regarded the harm caused as a good thing.”

  22. Person Says:

    this guy heubner makes me sick! He goes out of his way to masser on other yidden! On him the Rambam says, that if you see him drowning, not only are you NOT allowed to save him, you are obligated to push him in further so he drowns! huebner u are a rat! And eventually it will all catch up with u. In the Talmud tractate of shabbat it brings a story of a goy that came to hillel and shmai to convert. First he went to shmai and was rejected, and when he came to hillel he was accepted, when he asked hillel teach me the Torah on one foot, hillel replied:” whatever u don’t want someone to do to you, don’t do it to someone else”. The commentators explain that hillel was actually teaching him what it says in the Torah ” to love your fellow as yourself”, and they offer explains as to why hillel didn’t say straight up love your fellow etc. And why he did say it in a negative way ” whatever you don’t want etc. The lesson is as follows we see that even a goy was able to understand to a degree, the idea of loving your fellow, and this heubner mosser can’t! Ahavas yisroel is not in his bible! The commandment that hillel said is ” the foundation of the whole Torah” well heubner doesn’t believe in it. The Gemara says in tractate yevamot, that there three signs that the Jewish nation posses: 1. They are kind 2. Mercifull 3. And they are shy, and this heubner doesn’t posses any of these qualities! He is a cruel sick messira machine! He isn’t shy at all, he blatantly walks in to police stations and conspire messira! And now I ask this question this man doesn’t posses ANY Jewish qualities, not even one! So is he a yid?

  23. Everyone knows Yankle the Ganev! « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] Yankle the Ganev was also the first,  shall we say “the god father”  to make a viscous Meisra against fellow Jews, just so he can swindle property and money from them. […]

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