Check this guy out, IP ADDRESS using names like Anonymous, WHY, THE TRUTH and tons more, left today alone over 60 comments attempting to glorify Shmira, NEBACH! GET A JOB!

and your hipocretical comments (such as this one) is kinda funny, ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU WISH DEATH ON OTHER JEWS IN YOUR 15 OTHER COMMENTS

To say the truth I am not helping, but at least I’M not writing Loshon Horah and making Machlokes like the editor of this sick website is doing, and at least I know that I will have a share in Olam Habah unlike the editor of this sick website, the editor should really do Teshuvah fast before it’s to late.

Sick, sad.


3 Responses to “BOARD SOUL!”

  1. what ever name i choose Says:

    yoiu are obviously the nebach over here
    every one can see that just by the fact that you put up yhis website.
    refuah sheleimah!!!

    P.S. I know IP addresses don’t lie. You do.

  2. There you go again.... Says:

    I see you will write anything to criticize others, but you won’t print my comment to you about how stupid you look when you write.

    “hypocritical” is the CORRECT spelling. S i g h …….

  3. john doe Says:

    when yossi sterns wife organizes his dick sucking line every night this guy gets first dibs

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