Paul Hubner the Moser with Hikind


It all comes to an end after years of shmira member’s harassing, threatening, robbing, rating and stealing from the Crown Heights community. It’s a shame it took so long, It’s a shame it took a incident like Charles’s assault. Why didn’t community leaders who were aware of there criminal activities for years put their foot down and shut them down?

What people don’t seem to get is that for years now they have been masering on other Yidden. This is not something that started 3 weeks ago. They go around trying to gain support from community members by telling them Shomrim masered them. All that is propaganda.

Proof is what I have yet to see. Several copies of recent police reports showing shmira members masering on Shomrim member were emailed to me. I have yet to see one report showing the opposite. When in fact before the Charles story broke news it was Stern, Prager, Skoblo and the shmira gang that went to 749 after it was all over and demanded from the bochurim to go to the hospital and follow thru with mesira that lead to the arrest of 7 Shomrim members.

Do you think that Shomrim were not able to make reports against the bochurim, they thought it was all going to be ok until 3 weeks later when detectives from the 77 pct called them in to be arrested. Not just arrested but the mesira was made by Hubner the mamzer ben nidah with a goy for a father, with such rishus that they made the Shomrim members look like career criminals.

The detective said to them you all going thru the system and that is coming from the chief. Only after intense negotiation with the detective did he agree to give them a Desk appearance ticket.

Once again “when the ship sinks the rat’s come out”. Hubner was hard at work. For three weeks he set the Shomrim members up. Shuttled the 749 bochurim in and out of the precinct acting as a friend, lawyer and a translator for the police.

Hubner ben nideh you have the din of a moser and a rodef. YOU SHOULD BE DROWND IN THE MIKVA!

When one asks the shmira why did you maser shomrim at 749 they say that they had permission from a rov. Since when does stern ask a rov permission. He is seen in public by several who gave testimony that he eats chaser and milk together all the while making a brocha with hashems name.

Stern you ben nidah. what people don’t realize is that he doesn’t need a reason to screw you, all he has to be is jealous of you and your done, and that is why the community leader are afraid of them.

And to Dov Hikind, we don’t need you to come to Crown Heights to parade around with mosrim like Chanina, Hubner and the shmira gang. I didn’t see your name on the ballet in our community elections. We have our leaders. Go back to your business and don’t try to legitimize mesira. Practice what you preach!!

The problem with Crown Heights is EMES if there was EMES there would be peace. But a person like Chanina who himself had the Hershkop’s locked up for the box should crawl into his rat cage and not parade in the streets.


25 Responses to “SHMIRA MESIRA!”

  1. Mendy W. Says:

    hey dov hiking suck my mother fucking dick you useless pandering dare you pose for a photo op with the hubner ben niddah the son of goyim.
    chanina sperlin you lisping pile of puke.dont even show your face on kingston avenue any more because when you least expect it someone will wipe that smile off your face and all your familys money will not put humpty dumpty back together again.
    the sperlins make money off other peoples suffering. suffering to pay high outrageous rents.why the fuck should anyone pay $1900 per month to live in a cockroach infested cesspool in a neighborhood full of vermin like stern prager and chanina sperlin yemach shemoh .

    sperlin dont ever talk to the media again because you sound like a dumb asshole and you make the rest of us look bad.I hope you drop the soap in the mikveh you faggot asshole piece of shit cocksucking motherfucking chronic ugly rat asshole motherfucker. with leaders like you who needs enemies?

    chanina sperlin yemach shemoh has the din of a rodef. he deserves skilah for high crimes and treason. and it is a known fact that chaninah sperlin does not wear underwear.what kind of a perverted nitwit did we pick to represent us?chanina you have your nose so far up the mayors ass you can tell 3 days before he why cant you ever do shit right chaninah you impotent little parah adumah.fuck you and fuck your red pubic hair.

    fuck you chanina the moser and fuck the dirty skank pussy that you came out of.your mother is a whore and your father is a pimp.

    if you want to help the community then cut everyones rent in half…. but no you woldnt do that because that would eat into your profits and you wouldnt be able to live in luxury while half the neighborhood cant even afford to buy shoes for their kids.

    you are a disgrace to the yarmulka. your tefilin are posul. your mezuzahs are worthless just like your false are the kind of pervert who would force his wife to have sex during her period and then brag about it to your buddies.

    you deserve missah you meeskite

  2. tru emes Says:

    people in the community all screaming merge the 2 groups and there will be peace!. why woild anyone want to bring bad upon such a good organasion. the fact is, wether you like it or not shmira incorparates a bunch of low lifes, theves and mosrim. so why would you want that? whats the diffrence between terance nelson and dovid rogatsky? maybe shomrim take nelson to be a coordinator? point being don’t take away right from wrong. look at the facts. don’t be fooled by the propaganda they are puting out there. shomrim is not focusing on shmira, they are focusing on making this place a better one for you and for me. they are moving forward not back. they are never off duty!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this is what we should all do Says:

    April 5, 2006
    A routine traffic stop of a 75-year-old Hasidic driver in Brooklyn escalated into a protest last night by hundreds of Orthodox Jews, who surrounded a police station house, chanted “No justice no peace,” lighted bonfires and set a police car afire. The driver and two other men were arrested, but no serious injuries were reported.
    The police said the situation began around 6:30 p.m. when officers pulled over the man, identified by neighbors as Arthur Schick, for talking on his cellphone while driving on 16th Avenue at 47th Street in Borough Park.
    The driver became uncooperative and was arrested, the police said. As he was being put into a police van, two other men tried to intervene and were also arrested.
    Residents of the neighborhood said Mr. Schick is known to be deaf in one ear. Many said they suspected that he did not hear the police officers’ requests for his license and registration when they first stopped his car.
    Witnesses said the police were unnecessarily rough with an elderly man. “Arthur had stepped out of his car, and was pushed by police officers against the car and put in a hand-lock behind his back,” said Sariel Widawsky, 49, a co-owner of Schick’s bakery, formerly owned by Mr. Schick’s family, who said he saw the arrest. “People saw what the police were doing to a 70-to-80-year-old man and starting screaming at police to leave him alone.”
    “They literally threw him down into the van,” Mr. Widawsky said. “He fell on the first step. They picked him up and manhandled him into the van.”
    “Another witness said the police had overreacted. “For nothing — he didn’t do anything — they cuffed him and took him like an animal,” said Jacob Jacobvitz, 21.
    The police did not comment on the accusations of use of excessive force.
    As word of the arrests spread, hundreds of residents from the tight-knit Hasidic Jewish community protested in the streets.
    Riot police officers were dispatched to quell the crowds, which were largely calm by 9:30 p.m. The protesters created two big bonfires by tossing cardboard into the street and setting it ablaze, and later set a police car on fire. It was removed, still smoldering, around 11 p.m.
    The Hasidic population of Borough Park has sometimes had tense relations with the police. In 1999, several hundred angry residents poured onto the streets to protest the fatal police shooting of a mentally disturbed Orthodox Jewish man, Gidone Busch. Mr. Busch was fired upon at least 12 times when he threatened neighbors with a hammer. Residents said the police had used excessive force.
    The driver was charged with obstructing governmental administration. He was given a desk appearance ticket and released later that night, the police said. A second man was charged with disorderly conduct, and a third with assault.

  4. john doe Says:

    if it looks like a rat, acts like a rat, and walks with rats, then its a fucking rat, throw hikind into the cesspool of rats, stern=rat skoblo=rat prager=rat huebener=rat and now hikind=rat

  5. Dov Says:

    “Lawyer and a translator”

    Is he able to do that is that legal??

    Is it true that he also came as a witness?
    On the reports that I’ve seen his name is also shown as a mossier.

  6. Dov Says:

    Take one:

    “For my people has committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the Source of living waters, to dig for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold the water.” (Yeremiah 2:13)

    I.e. Israel’s actions involve a double indignity: the abandonment of Hashem Per se, and the choice of such an inferior substitute.

    What does the above have to do with what we are discussing?
    Many have asked:
    “Who in heavens name is backing these mishugoyim????”
    “Who bails them out???”

    Its one thing that we have community “leaders” that are not helping our community in any way. It’s another thing- “a double indignity”- which makes the first matter even worse. That is, that they go and spend there time and money to bail (and fund) these terrorist and any thing to cause more machlokes.

    One such person in Chanina Sperling.
    He not only does nothing for the benefit of our community, he finds all different ways to continue the Machlokes. He will go to all extremes to push his agenda.
    When an innocent person in our community runs in to trouble with the police, he is nowhere no be found, but every time there was an incident involving these guilty terrorist shmira/mishichist Thugs, he was right there with all his time and money to bail them out.
    He is one of the problems; we must get rid of him (together with his terrorist goons the mishira patrol).
    Why he keeps getting elected, I don’t know.
    Why Aguch/Merkoz let him Daven in the Rebbes room, (especially when he is the cause to many of there problem, especially when it come to the issue on hand). I don’t know.

    Foe example: In many cases with the CHVP Shomrim of our community (which give there blood-time and money- for our community, going out of there way to protect or help a Jew no matter what) were there was misunderstanding with the police, not only did he not help them; he did all he can to get them locket up.
    In many other cases he has Masered on people in our community.
    He has been making trouble since 27 Adar, he’s been trucking since then, and he must be stopped.

  7. You need an English teacher... Says:

    You “didn’t see your name on the ballet?” He’s going to the “ballet?” He enjoys dance?

    Oooh, of course you mean “ballot!”

    It’s not too late to correct this. If you want to get your point across, you really have to present yourself with some intelligence. You keep calling people stupid, and other names, meanwhile you are displaying all of this, yourself, with your horrendous writing skills.

  8. moshe Says:

    if u have documnets proving mesira then post them. show us the proof

  9. Mendy W. Says:

    chanina sperlin is one of the dumbest assholes i have ever seen. what a piece of shit. he would be nothing without his daddys money.

    chanina please go away. we dont want you in crown heights.

  10. Dov Says:

    Take two:

    “For my people has committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the Source of living waters, to dig for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold the water.” (Yeremiah 2:13)

    I.e. Israel’s actions involve a double indignity: the abandonment of Hashem Per se, and the choice of such an inferior substitute.

    I ask…

    Why would anybody try to excuse/help/bail/synthesize/ and align them self with this group of thugs/terrorist/hoodlums and bullies (shmira and the Tzvatim) etc…?
    What is the Agenda?
    Why are we letting them take Our Rebbe, OUR Community, OUR Home and OUR Children Hostage?
    Why is it that every time someone does finally take action (whether it be Aguch or Shomrim or Just any body) agents these thugs/Terrorist/Hoodlums/Bullies it ends up that they are the ones defending themselves?

    [Side note: if anybody out there thinks that what goes on in 770 with the Tzvatim or with shmira (and there misira) has nothing to do with them is making a big mistake, there goal is to get in to your living room and control your life (let’s not forget to take your money.]
    [is it not so nice that shmira some how is getting along with the tzvatim- it’s a siddich made in hell.]

  11. Yitzchok Says:

    Take this stupid page of the net. I’ts a chilulu Hashem and Chilul Chabad. You will not gain from such things. You will only lose. Remove the M.Weiss comments ASAP, shame on you for publishing this.

  12. CH resident shocked Says:

    This has crosed all red lines. Remove this site and all comments for the sake of your children and family. Remember, that when you judge others G-D takes his microscope and zoom’s on YOU. And then this site won’t help you much!!!!!!!!

  13. shrink Says:

    hey check out this idea, i like your line “shmira, your days are numbered” so i think you should get a countdown clock, it would make you site look hot, google around i am sure you can find some widgets

  14. Mendy W. Says:

    go eat some shit you dumbass motherfucker. you kowtowing cunt. fuck you and your mothers dirty skanky pussy

  15. Mendy W. Says:

    stern i want to beat your face in with a shovel you backstabbing cunt fuck you and your family- you deserve to be buried with shaimos and burnt with chomets you dumb ass crackerhead. fuck you. i am not scared of you, i am just scared of the things i am going to do to you.

    hubner i want to break your face you pandering cocksucking cunt

    rogatsky have you beat any women yet today? have you stolen any safes yet today?
    why dont you just jump in front of a 3 train you shmuck ass wife beater

    prager remember when we met in the pizza store 4 months ago and i told you i was going to split you apart like a fish. well now the time has come you ugly dwarf. you nasty fuckface you will scream like a are a rivka kleim fucker, you have aids and herpes prager.

  16. chamima Says:

    sperlin created the shmira and hes very happy with them.

    dov hikind just looking for attention.

    paul huebner wife beater child abuser is being disbared as we speak.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    all i have to say is who gives a shit shmira??? shomrim ???? they are all a bunch of ego’s … i’m a mother and all i care about is that if chas vesholom if my kid or any kid would be in danger and need help , i dont care who comes , if i have a number i dial it … you think i care if it’s shmira or shomrim ? if he has words on his yalmuka or not if he has past gosts in his closet ?? do you think i care …. hell no all i care is when i dial someone comes … he can be dressed in a blue cape as long as he’s there fast and gives me the help i need who gives a crap who it is ????? Your all loosing the point of all of this .. its to HELP OTHERS !!!! not have your own little agendas .. we get it you dont like each other … but dont let it ever affect your performence !!!! You must all be good ppl you woudn’t help like you do if you weren’t nice people but please for the sake of our children stop the hate!!!! do you know how stronger youd be if you united?? everyone has the right to beleive in what they want …. i say tomatoes you say toMA TOES ! funny thing is i remember a time .. i was 12.. 15 years ago i think in my house in montreal … included , yanky prager, dovid rogatsky , yaky hershkop , sholom chasanow , and many more … their were a time when these guys were unseperable !!! they were the protectors of crown heights they were all young and all they cared about was that they knew crown heights needed protection and they steped up and did it and crown heights was a safer place for that!!!
    Again i don’t care who comes when if i i ever have to make that phone call , all i care is that they show up no matter who ? we dont want to get to point of the dialing of 911 !!!!!

  18. john doe Says:

    the shmira losers, they fell into a deep pit and are trying to claw their way out, they brought chanina, they brought hikind, stern the moisser tried it all, but finally they went to plan a and just gave up shuchat, why should poor stern go through the headaches for what his “off duty” members have done, why should prager suffer, and fatass pig skoblo why should he suffer just let shuchat go to jail, after all the shmira messira leades have families and the “off duty” shmira messira members are still single, so they’ll take it up the ass for a little while so theyr’e used to getting it from stern skoblo and prager.

  19. rav?? Says:

    they got pemission from a rav? ha! which rav? was it chazzer eating pig rabbi yossi stern? which rabbi would give a heter to masser? not only that which rabbi would give a heter to masser without obtaining the other sides story and calling a din torah? and if there was such a rabbi his picture should be up right along with all the other rats on this site.

  20. john doe Says:

    from a 71’s pricint detective: shmira members will be prosecuted for violating a persons human rights, shomrim members are being prosecuted for protecting a fellow human beings rights!
    when i hear the judge dismiss the cases againts the shomrim members i will rejoice!
    when i hear the judge sentence and put away the shmira members i will rejoice.
    midah kineged midah!

  21. owner of this site is a loser Says:

    i got one thing to tell the owner of this site, which is that you are a REAL CROWN HEIGHTS LOSER, A LOW LIFE, A CLASS A LOSER.

    and why do you spend time trying to find out stuff about other people JUST KEEP YOUR NOSE IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS DON’T BE A LOSER TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO HATE OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST: YOUR A GUY WITH NO BRAINS OR BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. john doe Says:

    hey im feeling tired my time is gone today you flirt with suicide sometimes thats ok hear what others say im here standing hollow shmira is falling away from me falling away from me
    day is here fading thats when i would say i flirt with suicide sometimes kill the pain i can always say its gonna be better tommorow shimira is falling away from me
    shomrim is beating me down beating me beating me down down into the ground screaming some sound shomrim is beating down down into the ground
    falling away from me shmira is spinning round and round falling away from me shmira is lost and cant be found shmira is falling away from me so down
    shomrim is beating down beating me down down into the ground
    pressing me shomrim wont go away so i pray go away shmira is falling away from me
    shomrim is beating me down down into the ground.
    the shmira messira patrol coordinators
    hachazzer yossi stern, the drooling retard leib skoblo, the slimy troll
    yanky prager, and the booze & drug addict paul ha’goy huebener

  23. take back crown heights now Says:

    take back crown heights from the isreali mishichist terrorist (oh just dont walk the shvil and they wont beat you up) take back crown heights from the shmira messira (just call our number and give money and we wont masser you) no more shall we stand in fear, crown heights is being surrounded abd attacked on one side by the goyim the other by the mishichist christain moisrem and lastly the shmira messira, take back the streets, there is no reason to to have to explain to your children that you were beat up by mishichist, rotem shatz garfunkel and brownstien. why detectives come to your home and take you away because you were massered on by shmira messira stern prager skoblo and huebener enough is enough , take back the streetsm, throw out the trash mishichist christains moisrem from crown heights throw out the criminals theives and moisrem the shmira patrol, take it all back, and the sun will once again shine on crown heights.

  24. pix for ya Says:

    in this picture you can clearly see HUBNER sucking SPERLING dick

  25. Mendy W. Says:

    vomit face stern vomit face hubner vomit face skoblo and vomit elf prager will all get their asses kicked. the community is sick and tired of them. they have no respect and they will be taught a lesson.
    fuck all of them in hell

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