Before sub prime mortgages there was Dovid Rogatsky and Samuel Cohen. Samuel Cohen?


According to the City of New York Register, a one David Rogatsky residing at 710 Crown Street sold a property to a Samuel Cohen residing at 858 Eastern Parkway. Who is this Samuel Cohen? According to New York City Department of health a Samuel Cohen was not born yet. So, one might ask himself then how would he own a home? Well, if you look at the address 858 Eastern Parkway you will find a Yaakov Prager resides there. Yes my dear friends everything in life comes full circle.

In 2001 David Rogatsky sold his Condo at 762 Empire Blvd. to Samuel Cohen for $251,100. Samuel Cohen AKA Yanky Prager then collected rent for the apartment all the while not paying a mortgage or maintenance. Over the years Prager re mortgaged the property milking every penny. City record show that on 4/14/2008 there was foreclosure on the Condo in the sum of $414,055.00. Yes Prager, after milking the Condo dry for so many years the system finally caught up with you. How many more crimes do they have to commit before the community stands up and says enough is enough.


4 Responses to “Before sub prime mortgages there was Dovid Rogatsky and Samuel Cohen. Samuel Cohen?”

  1. john doe Says:

    yanky prager is a criminal? what? how can that be? yanky prager was seen by people helping people with their car, he was shmira mesira loser pussy patrol all these years, i thought he was supposed to be for “all that is good” and the community supports people like this? and thay want people like this helping them with their cars? unbielevable

  2. Help Says:

    The story dont make any sense, firstly there is a thousand shmule Cohens, so what do you mean that he hasent been born yet, and which bank would give a mortgage to a person that dosent exsist, they ask for ID at the closing, why would it take 8 year to fourclose?
    and why would he use his real address if he used a bogous name?

  3. paul Says:

    was huebner the lawyer on this deal ?

    or he was the advisor on how to forge .

    huebner is a moiser and a natzi get out of ch and get his kids away from jewish children .

  4. Jack Says:

    Ha ha, saw this and laughed my butt off, must be shmira.

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