shmira, the new cappos of crown heights

shmira, the new cappos of crown heights

HOW IRONIC, first they said shomrim suck up to the cops and masser on other jews, but what is this? what I see is a bunch of cappos.

Just like in the holocaust the nazis took jews and gave them sticks to beat their jewish brethren, the nypd did the same. crown heights now has it’s very own gang of henchmen.

one of the leaders of this new group of cappos is MOSHE SUFRIN, an unlicensed contactor that does shitty construction work for people in crown heights with outwork permits. I wonder who’s side he’s on with his brother now fighting against the shmira and the community council.

moshe sufrin one of the cops lead cappo.

moshe sufrin one of the cops lead cappo.

posing in the picture left to right is CHEZKEL EZAGUI who seems to have enough time on his hands to not be with his kallah, do i smell a second broken shidduch?, LIEB SKOBLO the convicted racist, MOSHE SUFRIN the unlicensed contractor and swindler, police commisioner RAY KELLY fraternizing with criminals, does this reflect on his character? and how can we forget, YANKY PRAGER the moslem rat, master forger, auto theif, safe theif, irs scammer.



  1. WhoIsShmira FaN! Says:

    oy vay! maybe kelly and the c.o. are ok with this. but i have spoken to many officers of the 71 pct and including higher ranking officers. . and they are more then unhappy that the c.o. is doing this.

    i spoke to 1 cop and he said he does not care if they are c.o.p if i see them braking the law in the street . . i will pull them over and treat them the same.
    there is no power. i ones asked a high ranking officer . . which is better for me to join.. shmira or shromrim. the high ranking officer said shomrim. i asked why not shmira? he told me shmira is the mafia with radios . ENOUGH SAID!

  2. ex chsp Says:

    prager should be wearing white and black stripes. what happened to shuchat? prager why did you testify againts him at the grand jury?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    who da n…… in the picture. they cant find any more low life jews so they are now excepting n…….?

  4. john doe Says:

    Unbelievable! out of the so called 100 shmira members only the notorious mossrem and criminals managed to get in?????
    Also counting the jewish majority in the pictures, What happened to all those african americans who over the years were crying out for a joint patrol? I guess shmira didn’t aswer the phones all the times the african americans called to join (as that was the # advertised to call to apply)

    • ex chsp Says:

      that because the rest of us know the truth about what happened to shuchat and how prager and stern abanded him. we also know the truth about 749 and how shmira set shomrim up. prager is a fat rat. prager is a jelous hate munger who will manipulate everyone around him. notice all the kids who hang out with him? well, i am not a kid any more. the truth will come out soon.

  5. nypd fan Says:

    how low did the commisioner go? soon he will be like elliot spitzer who also stoped to pose for a picture with the criminals. kelly, your days as commisioner are allmost over. anyone who can give criminals nypd id’s has no respect for himself. you should be tried like former commisioner bernard kerik.

  6. nypd cop Says:

    As a police officer in the 71st Pct. who knows first hand what is going on between the patrols I, can only watch in disgust how the commisioner and inspector were parading around the police station with known criminals who were locked up in the same police station. Shame on them. I hope someone has the balls to go to IAB and the media to report the corruption that is going on here. I, as an officer of the law am ashamed of the department. I will be requesting a tranfer asap for I dont’t want to come to work with criminals. CPR no more!!!

  7. john doe Says:

    About 1 year ago several members of shomrim decided to join the nypd auxiallary police in the 77th PRICINT (which has almost nothing to do with the crown heights jewish community as the crown heights jewish community is “served” by the 71st PRICINT) Their wanting to join the auxiallary police had nothing to do with shomrim, it was something that each individual decided to do, low and behold something to do with laib the mosser convicted racist meat head skoblo who is auxiallary in the 77th pricint, these individuals were flat out denied entry into the auxiallary in the 77th pricint without a serious and valid reason, yet in crown heights the nypd accepts known criminals, gangsters, and informers into their ranks as c.o.p. no questions asked.
    I don’t need to get into the history of every person posing with kelly as their history is written all over this site.
    and I can guarentee that kelly wont be commissioner for long, anyone and everyone that associated themselves with these chazer mossrim gangsters have gone lower then DOWN.

  8. CHER Says:

    This is the beginning of the end!

    It’s just to bad that the commise got involved in this,
    I really liked the guy, but unfortunately or better yet the reality is
    IF YOU STEP IN SHIT, YOU STEPPED IN SHIT (it makes no difference who you are, your going to have shit on your shoes).


    Mr. Koch had this idea first with j.b. Spielman
    and that started the riots and as a sign from god
    yankel rosenbaum hy”d fell close to j.b. spielmans house.


    Published: Saturday, May 23, 1987

    Ending years of disagreement over an all-white neighborhood security patrol run by a Hasidic sect, members of the black and Jewish communities in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn have agreed to start a new integrated patrol, they announced yesterday.

    The decision by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council to end its all-white patrol came after many meetings between community groups and city and police officials, and six weeks after a march through the neighborhood by about 400 blacks protesting the patrol.

    ”For the betterment of all inhabitants of the community, cooperation between both groups is the most desired thing,” said Rabbi J. B. Spielman, chairman of the council, after a 50-minute meeting with Mayor Koch and Police Commissioner Benjamin Ward at City Hall yesterday.

    ”As the saying goes, from the bitter comes sometimes the sweet,” Rabbi Spielman said. ”I would hope that even though there might be a couple of negative events in the next couple of months, that from this would come open and complete cooperation.” Segregated Patrol Stops Blacks

    Many black people in the neighborhood have complained that the segregated patrols stopped blacks walking on the street and asked them for identification. Mayor Koch warned the Hasidim several weeks ago that such tactics were illegal and would not be tolerated, and Commissioner Ward said yesterday that the patrol had not been operating ”for the past couple of weeks.”

    The new patrol, which is to operate under the auspices of the 71st Precinct and is to include a telephone hotline at the stationhouse on Empire Boulevard to report incidents, will begin as soon as details have been worked out, the leaders said.

    A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday with representatives of the two groups and top police officials to discuss recruitment and training for the patrols.

    The Rev. Heron Sam, rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, who represented the black community at yesterday’s meeting, said: ”I hope the joint patrol will be successful. We’d like to work for the success of it.” Koch Links Assaults to Blacks

    But, Mr. Sam said: ”There’s got to be an end to any kind of partisan patrols that exist in that community if there’s going to be a joint patrol. That is part of the agreement. If that is held, I think we have a chance of success.”

    Mr. Koch drew loud protests in a visit to St. Mark’s two weeks ago, when he told a mostly black crowd that most crime in the neighborhood was committed by blacks. ”If you’re a Lubavitcher sect member, Jewish, it’s hardly likely that you’re going to be assaulted by a white in this community,” he said. ”If you’re black, and you’re living in this community, it’s hardly likely that you’re going to be assaulted by a white Lubavitcher.”

    But Rabbi Spielman credited the Mayor yesterday with helping to resolve differences between the groups. Commissioner Ward said the two sides were between ”80 percent and 90 percent” in agreement before yesterday’s meeting, and that ”it took the Mayor and an hour to bring everybody together.”

    Mr. Koch, speaking to reporters in his office, said, ”It was a very frank meeting,” adding, ”I don’t want to tell you it was kissy-huggy, but there was no animosity.” More Foot Patrol by Officers

    City officials said the Lubavitch group had agreed about 10 days ago to join an integrated patrol, but until the meeting yesterday had not said explicitly that it would abandon its all-white patrol. The officials said Mr. Sam had made it clear that ending the all-white patrol would have to be part of any agreement.

    Mr. Ward said it was hoped that the new patrol would include members of an integrated neighborhood watch program that has already been operating under the supervision of the 71st Precinct’s community relations officer. He said that group has about 50 active members and would be subsumed in the new patrol.

    In addition, Mr. Ward said he had decided to introduce a Community Patrol Officer Program, which would put officers back on foot patrol in the neighborhood, in the precinct as soon as possible. The three-year-old program is operating in 44 of the city’s 75 precincts and is to be expanded citywide within the next 18 months.

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