shmira mesira


late last night shomrim recieved a call on the hot line. the caller stated that he witnessed two shmira Ezagui boys giving a nypd officer a command to write a summons to a shomrim scooter. shomrim investigated and found that the scooter did recieve a ticket for parking at an angle.


14 Responses to “shmira mesira”

  1. O.T.B. Says:

    I know the guy that witness, he said he saw this happen on Union between N.Y. and Brooklyn.

    Then the shmira mesira have the Chutzpa to claim that it his they who are the victims.

  2. ex chsp Says:

    does wis know anything about this video of a traffic agent testifying that Schmukentti and the guys from eastern pkwy sent them to target shomrim scooters.

    why isn’t the video being publicized? i would really like to see that.

  3. WhoIsShmira FaN! Says:

    i saw that video.. it does not half to be published for any body too see unless it’s being used in court .. so I saw that video and that fat head simonetti or how ever u spell his Ginny fucking name ! targets shomrim or any one that has beef with shmira. they “shmira” half to buy respect from the NYPD…but every body who knows the truth about shmira wont step up.. there should be a CROWN HEIGHTS MEETING WITH ONLY MEN WOMAN & CHILDREN THAT LIVE IN CROWN HEIGHTS AND SAY WHO WE WANT PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITY.. like a VOTE …. but knowing fat head hill probably take em & throw them in that green dumpster in back of the 71 PCT.

  4. antimesira Says:

    they train them young!

    They will make the big time of mesira one day, their parents must be proud!

    True Crown Heights Nachas!

  5. Camper Says:

    Let me guess,
    They will be going to Chayolei Hamelech this summer.

  6. Levi Says:

    I want to thank the publisher of who is shmira for this wonderful and truthful blog.

    yossi stern and his criminal gang must be exposed and stopped if we want to have a chance of moshiach coming in our generation.

  7. 770 Says:


    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Very important to say the above before each Mesira!

      Any time one is to do an act of “Love only yourselves” (whether it be stealing or beating somebody etc…), it’s a must to say the above.

      If you don’t say it, you are being an anti who doesn’t believe in moshiach.

  8. 770 dont belive your site Says:

    why dont you show proof of messira like police reports or something that people mossered on you you guys are liars no police reports than we cant trust you police reports says it all

  9. Yitz Says:

    I am sick and tired of all the dissent in our community.

    fixed elections, a shmira organization full of criminals etc….

    if yossi stern and his shmira mafia are not stopped before this coming shabbos, I will convert to christianity.

    I am sick and tired of this crap.

    Hashem: D

  10. Yitz Says:

    my previous comment was accidentally cut short.

    what i meant to write was

    Hashem: please save our community from the scumbag shmira thugs who are driving us into the sea.


  11. Yitz Says:

    I want to ask the community to please get together Friday morning for a huge tehillim rally.

    we will pray that hashem punishes all those in the community that do us harm for their own personal benefit.

    thank you hashem in advance for your help

  12. Camper Says:

    being that camp is starting next week,
    shmira will be cutting down to size.
    a third of the shmira members will be leaving to camp.

    camp Chayolei Hamelech will be having a special division called

  13. to 770 dont belive your site Says:

    their are plenty of reports on this site, search it before you post your comment

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