Jihad.info Plays ‘CAN YOU SPOT A MOSSER?’


Without trying to imply anything and just stating the fact: Oddly enough, the same web site that promotes Mosrim and justifies Mesira also promotes Bruan as new Rov...Ummmmm, just saying.

Chabad.info promotes Mesira and the Mosrim who carry them out.

See if you can spot a Mosser…

Chabad.Info – Weekly photos (pics of mosrim)

Chabad.Info – Chodorom in 770 (pics of mosrim)

Need a hint? Click Here Mosrim.com

Joseph Spielman -featured on Chabad.info offical Mishichist website.

Mosser Shuki Gur featured on Chabad.info offical Mishichist website

Mosser Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel another Mosser featured on Chabad.info offical Mishichist website.

Guess who else is a big hit these days on Chabad.info, the offical Mishichist Mosrim website. A website which has justfied a vicious Mesiea/Blood libel that could have landed 6 inoccent Jews in jail for 15 plus years if G-d forbid the jury (of Goyim) would believe their lies. If you guessed Yossef Yeshaya Braun, you are a winner.

Rabbi Braun another Chabad.info favored.....Is it save to say...."A vote for Braun is a vote for more Machlokes and Mesira?"

More on Braun coming up very very soon…many (including WIS) have some very good concerns about Braun…some of these concern in next post.


3 Responses to “Jihad.info Plays ‘CAN YOU SPOT A MOSSER?’”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Oh, and then THIS Mishichist commentator wonders….and I quote…

    If you explain to me though that it has nothing to do with the particular principles and ideology of that movement, except that it was individuals of that specif credo that have offended you, then you may have a little claim. But then I’m still left perplexed as to why you condemn anyone who has any commitment to harbor a belief that their rebbe may be moshiach,

    Find me one Mishichist or Mishichist media outlet which has condemned all the recent mesiras that have taken place over the last few 15 years. Find me one Mishichist or Mishichist media outlet which has condemned acts of violence by its henchmen.
    Find me one Mishichist who has not justified and excused every Mesira or act of violence in any small way.
    Find me one Mishichist who would have been disappointment had the Shomrim Six or any other victim of Mishichist Mesira been convicted. WIS will bring you every Mishichist who was disappointed becuase there was NOT a conviction and that would be every single Mishichist.

    Even the so called Mishicihst prime Rabbi, Rabbi Schwei, did not have the balls and courage to stand up against Mesira. Do we really need another weak, controlled/puppet Mishichist and on top of that a Mishichist Rov in Crown Heights?

    Let’s be fair: Not all Mishichistim are Mossrim, but all Mossrim just happen to be Mishichistim.

  2. SHAYA Braun Says:

    seem to me that the one to be most afraid f the broin campaign is non other than Rabbi Schwai.
    the hendel mendel found a new and better version and you rabbi schwai ?
    your time is over this babyface broin will finish with you faster than you think. shame that you dont see it but the danger that you submit Crown heights to will come back to hunt YOU.
    and to this babyface.
    mr broin you are not an honest person . this is a fact .
    you knew for a long time that hendel mendel promised you a big salary before evrything. and in fact the only condidate to run for a rabbi with a salary guarantee from external sources (not vaad hakohol) is non other than the babyface (layer hungeryan) broin.
    go vote for Hendel Mendel (broin for now ) .
    vote for broin is vote for MOSSRIM vote for hate for taliban for evil.
    send hit to timbaktu not crown heights.

  3. Jihad.info Plays ‘CAN YOU SPOT A MOSSER? « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] Plays ‘CAN YOU SPOT A MOSSER? By WhoIsShmira? It was so successful the first time that Jihad.info decided to play the game […]

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