by, better known as (big brother to, better known as, posted THIS hypocritical garbage in an attempt to dress themselves as self righteous caring people.

For one thing, WIS already posted (twice) a beautiful piece on the subject of antisemitism Vs. hate from within by Yosef Y. Jacobson titled ‘The Enemy Within’.

1. Jihad. info phony “peace” and “Let’s all get along piece”  reads like a bad six graders essay based on Jacobsons work.

2. Anybody whom ever attempted to have a (civil) conversation with a liberal minded or Meshichist , knows that the conversation will generally start off with the liberal/Meshichist cursing out or putting down everybody and everything you stand for (without holding back any fire power- no mercy). You will also notice that when you do respond to them (if you are lucky enough to have them let you respond) with the actual facts (of the subject matter) and you start making sense, they will all of a sudden go in to this “why can’t we all just get along” mood or they will just say something like “both sides are wrong”. The reason they do this is obviously because they are losing the debate/argument.  As long as they are on top/winning, you won’t hear a peep about Achdus/Peace and as a matter of fact they will pound you without mercy.  Its only when they are losing that they (all of a sudden) become moderates (interested in “peace”).

When the chips are down, the Meshichistim put on a sad poppy face and speak of peace. We are not buying in to this tactic.

3. The very same institution that condemned Six innocent Jews  to jail is all of a sudden is talking about how “we are our worse enemy” and “peace/Achdus”? Why what happened?

Can it be their loss of Six innocent Jews not getting convicted to jail [for 15 years] as a result of Meshichist Mesira?
Can it be the loss of these past elections?
Can it be their losing in the 770 case?
Can it be the Meshichist loss in the Machne Menachem case?
Or is it that they are simply losing in the information war – with all these successful small times blogs blowing them out of the park, preventing them in their tactics of propaganda?

If anybody has any ideas to whats going on, feel free to share with us in the comments bellow.
Whats the agenda/tactic here?



  1. Resident Says:

    Isn’t it sad that Jews not getting convicted and sent to jail is a loss for some?

  2. Bittul Says:

    Thats how it is, when one losses he begs for peace. This concept is explained in Chassidus.

    Also it is known that the only reason the times of Shlomo Hamelech was the must peaceful was only because his father Dovid put the enemy in its place -Dovid fought and defeated the enemy.

    Maybe these mishichistim mossrim are finally getting hit back on offense.

    • Word Says:

      Word from the mossrim is that they are getting hit big time.

      They are very shocked by this because every hit is right on target.

      They can’t take it that the very same tactics they used for 100s of years are now being used back at them. the diff is they can’t withstand the blows.

      Well i say good for them, let them feel the pain of what it is they have been doing to others.
      what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      i hear that they have not seen nothing yet.

      • 1year Says:

        can’t believe its soon going to be one year since the Shomrim Six trial started.

        they thought they can shut shomrim down, boy were they mistaken!

  3. Proud Mishichist Says:

    Funny, I remember being a camper at Camp MM and after that at Camp Ohr Menachem and back then who were the proudest Mishichits, I think it was the Hershkops. Yes, they wore all the gear, Kippas, banners, plastered Yechi on all their ads. Then the tide turns. Speaking of Hypocrisy! Does it have to do with personalities or beliefs? If it has to do with a matter of faith, then I lost any faith I ever had in you bc you change your tenets of belief if someone insults you so all of a sudden anyone aligned with that specific conviction is now a terrorist and mossir. What about yourself? Oh, you now flip flopped, so your of course kosher. That’s strange and hypocritical.

    If you explain to me though that it has nothing to do with the particular principles and ideology of that movement, except that it was individuals of that specif credo that have offended you, then you may have a little claim. But then I’m still left perplexed as to why you condemn anyone who has any commitment to harbor a belief that their rebbe may be moshiach, when you yourself were once the very henchmen of that institution….

    I’m left confused, bewildered, puzzled and perplexed as to what you really believe and why you seem so angered with anyone ho has any emuna in the lubavitcher rebbe, obm.

    Note, I myself am completely apathetic to any of the beliefs and factions in the community, but for one I cannot stand hypocrisy and hence I leave you this note to please explain to me what your real agenda is and why you warp it in this camaflogue of “meshichistim” which I know you at least used to pretend to be and if that’s not the case why not just condemn those who really snubbed you instead of many innocents that have nothing to do with your conflict. Just wondering.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      1. If your question is directed to the Hershkops, then make contact with them directly.
      The question really to you would be…

      Why after all these years of thinking the way you do about the Hershkops have you not approached them to explain these [in your eyes] very good points? Are you really interested in the truth or are you out to make trouble and propaganda?

      There are so many ways one can communicate today, why have you not used these ways to get the truth?

      Till you call Hershkop for the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, WIS can only direct you to what they have written about this issue in a very public letter to the community. From: Parshas Machne Menachem ‘In Conclusion’

      BTW, please get back to WIS as to what their reply to you was [tell WIS who you spoke to]. Use the same computer [same IP] so WIS knows you the same person who wrote comment above.

      2. WIS will deal with many of the issues you mention above, as they are general issues and anybody can reply.
      Meanwhile Read….Mishichistim and Mossrim, One Of The Same

      Mishichistim and Mesira

      Also check out what the meaning of the word HYPOCRISY means before throwing it around. WIS will be challenging every time you used that word, just a heads up.

    • antimesira Says:

      You kidding me, is this your defense of the mishichistim, you knocking others to justify your own hypocrisy, how does that made your case any stronger or WIS case and point any weaker?

      The ‘I Know you are but what am I tactic’ might work on 3 year olds but not here.

    • M.H. Says:

      Could this comment have been written by none other then the gangster and moser Elie Poltorak?

    • john doe Says:

      Wow poor guy, he writes as if he worshipped the Hershkops, he probably had a shrine in his bedroom dedicated to the hershkops with candles and pictures and all, mabey he even had wet dreams about the Hershkops, and now the poor guy has lost all his faith in them, he must be so miserable that the Hershkops didn’t live up to his unique standards, alas he will remain “confused, bewildered, puzzled and perplexed” if he was only confused then he would surely have hope, as usually confusion is momentary and quickly passing, however this man diagnosed himself as being “confused, bewildered, puzzled and perplexed” I fear that he has no hope of ever recovering his faith in the Hershkops, why G-d why!

  4. explain Says:

    Proud Mishichist wrote:
    “Oh, you now flip flopped, so your of course kosher. That’s strange and hypocritical.”

    Are you suggesting that anybody whom changes his mind or his way of life after realizing he/she may have been wrong and admitting to being wrong is hypocritical?
    please explain this one to me and all of us this should be good.

    Acc. to your logic a Baal Teshuva as i described above is hypocritical. After all yesterday he/she was eating pig or perhaps even selling it and today this very same person rejects it and perhaps even talk against it.
    again, please for g-ds sake explain this.

  5. CHER Says:

    I always said that the reason they hate the hershkops so much is b/c they had the guts to admit that they made a mistake and even apologized.

    they cant forgive them till today.

    when the mishichist attack dogs attack, you are supposed to shut up and hide. when you dont do this , they get really mad.

  6. Facts Says:

    I second antimesira.

    Dont let them distract you and veer you off subject.
    Before replying to this mishichist you must demand that he first explain the ‘THE MISHICHIST HYPOCRISY’, once he does that, then he can ask further questions. Otherwise he is just doing the ‘i know you are but what am i’ shtick.

    WIS you have to remember that you addressed this issue of hypocrisy first as it relates to mishichistim, dont fall for the trap!

  7. Friend Says:

    I heard that Poltorak was years ago a ‘Ben Bayis’ (son of the house) by the Hershkops, he would walk in whenever he wanted and took what he wants as if it his own home.
    Now he wages a Jihad against the same people who took him in and feed him, now thats HYPOCRISY!

    Biting the hand the feeds you is not nice and in fact very disgusting.
    Just because someone doesn’t agree with your stupidity [anymore] does not give you a licence to try locking them up in jail.

    Shame on Elie Poltorak for the way he behaves!

  8. Confused need help Says:

    i to lost my faith in the hershkops/shomrim, no longer will i call them to come help me when i get stuck with a problem, like a bust or lock out or g-d forbid a crime.

    Can you ‘proud mishichistim’ give us your number so we may call you when we need a helping hand?

    also, this past elections i did not vote for hershkop b/c of the propaganda the mishichistim put on and now i wont vote for hershkop to be Rov b/c of what ‘proud mishichist’ wrote above.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    why is W.I.S against collive?

  10. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    After reading and re-reading ‘proud mishichist’ comment above, i must agree with him that he is one hell of a confused man.

    proud mishichist comment (largely) comes in defense of mishichistim. He tries at the end to dissociate himself with mishichistim, but thats bull, you don’t write such a comment if you ain’t a mishichist yourself.

    What ‘proud mishichist’ comment does do is make WIS point even stronger.
    The post above was a bashing of, the official Mishichist media outlet, the post was about HYPOCRISY (also all Mishicishtim hypocrisy…maily jihad.infos).

    Then comes a ‘proud mishicihst’ and states…
    “But then I’m still left perplexed as to why you condemn anyone who has any commitment to harbor a belief that their rebbe may be moshiach,”

    Basically, don’t blame the whole movement on a few individuals or in this case

    Correct me please if i’m wrong. Is ‘proud mishichist’ saying that Moshiach (official mishichist magazine)/ Mendy Hendel, does not represent the mishichist movement?

    Then who does? Whos left? What is left? who takes responsibility?

    And those comes the following question.
    Q. How many types of mishichistim are there (how many paths are there in the mishichist movment)?

    A. Well, that that would depend on how many mishichistim there are. If there are 10 mishichistim then there are 10 individuals each with his very own principles and ideology. If there are 100 mishicihstim then there are a 100….etc…etc…

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