26 Nissan, 5768/2008: Efraim Okunov The Radio Jammer


With total disregard to your safety

Now hes all dressed up with hat and jacket, looking for a Sidduch. Who are you trying to fool, we know who you are?

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Late Wednesday night Efraim Okonov (20), a member of the now infamous Shmira, was caught red handed by professional radio technicians as he was driving around in a blue ’96 Crown Victoria and ‘jamming’ Crown Heights Shomrim’s radio frequencies.

Jamming is a term used for when someone transmits an unauthorized transmission over a radio, such as those used by Police, Fire Department and Shomrim, with the intent of interfering with the legitimate transmissions. Radios have the ability to carry just one transmission at a time, thereby locking out any other attempts to broadcast messages.

When a call comes into the Shomrim hotline the dispatcher is dependent on his ability to be able to broadcast the call to the tens of volunteers that are ready to respond. But the dependency on radios does not end there, when executing the call member rely on their ability to intercommunicate amongst themselves, any interference can put an emergency responders life at risk, also endangering those that call for the help.

The persistent jamming began Thursday, April 24th and continued right up to a minute after Shabbos started, and after resting over Shabbos the jamming restarted with even more vigor the moment Shabbos was over.

What was being transmitted varied, it started with telephone tones that went on for hours at a time then switched to scratching sounds, but that wasn’t enough and Okonov switched to broadcasting the radio from stations like z100 and the likes.

The worst was when he played explicit sounds laced with broadcast from a local Christian radio station.

After failing to located and identify the ‘jammer’ on their own, Shomrim enlisted the help of professional radio technicians to scour the area at night, and on the second night they struck gold and got a lock on Okunovs vehicle at Grand Army Plaza.

Once the radio techs identified the source of the last six days torment they woke up a number of the Shomrim coordinators and filled them in with their findings, and asked them how to proceed which they responded with letting him know that he was busted.

After letting Okonov know the jamming came to an immediate halt, and ceased thereafter.

In the haze of sleep Aron Hershkop, one of the coordinators in Shomrim told CrownHeights.info “in all my 15 years as a volunteer in Shomrim, we have been jammed before, but this guy was good” he said “using different tactics, by driving around and using different types of radios and transmitting in different locations in Brooklyn… he tormented us for the past 5 days”


17 Responses to “26 Nissan, 5768/2008: Efraim Okunov The Radio Jammer”

  1. When I grow Up... Says:

    Does this kid even have two heirs down under?

  2. Dots Says:

    is it me or is collive always connected to these people one way or the other.

  3. Facebook Says:

    Funniest thing
    on Okonov facebook under ‘Position:’ he has himself as ‘rabbi’

    what a joke.

  4. children Says:

    Radio Jamming, prank calls…
    Children will be children.

    When all else fails…we return to childish tactics….I guess it beats sitting six week in court facing 15 years prison.

  5. menachem Says:

    post this comment:
    after so long of this okonov kid not jamming you, why you still picking on him ,if he did it i think he was trying to prove a point ,maybe he did or maybe he didn’t, but the fact is its not happening now. ,i think that you made your point (WIS)
    i know him he is a good kid in heart , BUT everyone makes mistakes in life and it says in the holy book give some one another chance and SHOMRIM and WIS didn’t give him one .
    in this case everyone was tormented but we all need to heal .
    SO what do you have to say .

  6. menachem Says:

    i mean do you think this okonov kid is not sorry for starting up with you guys ? i think he had enough problem from all this, why don’t you give him a chance to change,
    and if he always has this (WIS) coming after him how can he change,
    i think if all of okonov’s things went down from this site he would stop being an activist for shmira ,
    but you have to give him a chance to change ,

    i can bet if WIS took all okonov’s things down he will come and say thank you (which mean he know he’s wrong ) but it was never done ,then people can see the you have a heart to, and your just a victim of shmira .

    what do you have to say:

  7. the chance for KOKONOV Says:

    all the shmira kids lets just call them KIDS
    the only chance they get is to grow up and be as smart ad zev kakadaner
    or maybe as smart as kakanina spirlin .
    this kids have to get away from crown heights.
    kokonov, did he ever ask mechila ?

    • chvp Says:

      “kokonov, did he ever ask mechila ?”

      No he did not.

      He must first ask mechila from the people of Crown Heights.
      Then he must ask mechila from Shomrim as an organzation.
      Then he must ask Mechila from each Shomrim Member indvidualy.

      Let’s not forget when a week after the jamming he tried to get Aron Hershkop locked up by making another blodd libel/mesira.

      Evidence of Messira! Efraim Ukonov Massers Shomrim!

  8. menachem Says:

    so i explained my self now can you , why to you still torment him after all this time???

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      E-mail me at whoisshmira@gmail and I will reply, otherwise its a waste of time.
      The e-mail you put down is fake.
      Yes, I already answered you.

      from: WhoIsShmira.com
      to: big770@juno.com
      date: Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 1:42 PM
      subject: pretending to care
      mailed-by: gmail.com

      1:42 PM (4 hours ago)

      you make my heart swell with emotion.

      you seem like such a caring guy.

      When six of your fellow Jews were facing trial and a possible 15 year prison sting, did you go to court to support, for a week; a day; an hour or even an half hour?

      Your “righteousness” is self serving, keep it.

      “Right or wrong, you’re passionate. You care.” If that doesn’t sum up current liberal attitudes in the face of facts, I don’t know what does. Caring means more to them than actually knowing the difference between something that’s false and something that’s true”.

      “Liberals allow personality and emotions and feelings to take precedence.” (over right and wrong).

      But obviously it didn’t work. Your not really interested in conversation, you just want what you want.

      You’re [attempt to] “logic”, that WIS take down first and then he leaves shmira, defies common sense in anyway.
      Explain why I or anybody have to apologize for someone else screw up?

  9. menachem Says:

    i email you .

  10. menachem Says:

    so you want okonov kid to come to all you guys and says sorry ,how if he would come over to hershkop’s they would call the police on him and tell them that he is bothering them , there has to be another way ,how about he send a letter to shomrim saying he’s sorry and then you but in on (CHI) and the whole community can see it ,
    let me ask you when was the last time okonov did anything to you i think he’s in the dark now ,don’t you think, now did he ever to anything to you since then(NO),
    and from what i heard he drop all charges and he realized he made a mistake ,if he thought he was rite why would he drop it ,
    come on (WIS) be a person and understand what I’m saying .
    your going to tell me no one in shomrim made a mistake in there life they did but people change and must of the time for the good so give him one which you never did . but who am i kidding you don’t care about a lost soul , did shomrim ever want michila from okonov they said he’s a dead boy .

  11. Moshe Rubishkin Says:

    5.A Medrash quoted by Rashi on the incident of the Meraglim in Parshas Shelach states on the pasuk ויבכו העם בלילה ההוא that it was the night of Tisha B’av and Hashem said that you cried for no reason, I will give you a reason to cry in the future.

    A short time before Tisha B’Av, 5768 a rabbi acting on behalf of Young Israel came crying to to silence publicizing the aveiros of Young Israel of Las Vegas. He claimed that he was trying to keep me out of jail, that Young Israel was going to put me in jail, etc. There were two major problems with his plaint:

    1- The lawsuit filed against me by Young Israel is a civil defamation case. There was no way for NCYI to get me jailed unless they falsely accused me of a crime (as they also tried to do to the widow they charged with trespassing when she tried to daven and actually did several years earlier to another outspoken critic of YILV). This rabbi’s crying was sheker. The widow still cries real tears over what Young Israel did to her!

    2- The ones actively trying to put us in jail were and still are rabbis and lay leaders of Young Israel, Jews trying to put another Jew in jail instead of seeking truth and justice in a Halachik way. If I had truly harmed them as they claimed, then why did they never seek to bring me to Din Torah? The rabbi who cried should have been stopping them from committing more mesirah instead of trying to silence me and intimidate my parents, who incidentally were not fooled by his lament.

    Getting back to Shalom Rubashkin, he was arrested and put in jail a few months after this rabbi cried when he should have instead been teaching Young Israel mussar. Lo and behold! This rabbi is there in the background when Rabbi Zwiebel went to plead for Shalom Rubashkin in Washington.

    We learn maisa avos siman labonim, the incidents of our forebears are lessons for their descendants.
    Is it possible that since Young Israel tried to put people in jail and cried false tears about it Hashem gave them what they wanted, a Jew in jail (just not the one they were trying for), and a real reason to cry?

    While Young Israel was not successful in actually putting the widow or most the others in jail, they still caused enormous harm and damage to us and many others. Perhaps if they implement the judgment specified in the seruv on the Las Vegas YI leader instead of continuing to hide it, maybe Shalom Rubashkin will benefit from Hashem’s mercy and have a true judgment?

    this was posted on a jewish site about the rubashkins

    now it is very interesting to note that moshe rubashkin was rosh hakohol when all this mesiros happend . na dthe raid at Agreeprocessors was les than 10 hours after the MOSER PAUL HUEBNER whent with the mosser gurfinkel ym”s to 71 pct to mosser the second messirah.
    not one elected official from the old or new “vaad’ did anything to stop the mesiross.

  12. Evidence of Messira! Efraim Okunov Massers Shomrim! « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] This Messira took place mare days after  Efraim Okonov was busted jamming Shomrim radios. You can click on each image to make it bigger Or click this> PDF of Efraim Okunov Massers […]

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