First a free advertisement from the Shmira Mesira Zero

After a six week B.S. case all based on lies brought to you by the city of N.Y. against six of our heroes  the Shomrim Six, the NYPD has decided to reopen the case and actually do an investigation this time around. The evidence they found will shock you and disgust you. If you are sensitive and can’t stomach violence and blood this is not for you.

We now have Photo evidence of who or what threw the fire extinguisher and ripped out a tooth of one of the alleged “victims” on the night of December 29, 2007 at 749 Eastern Pkwy.

Warning: viewers discretion advised!

Surveillance snap shots: To your Left you will notice a mysterious SAP Glove gripping a Fire Extinguisher in preparation to crack a skoal open.

On your right you will actually see (cooper) claws extending from the glove, on end of claw you will actually see a tooth.

The SAP Glove will be facing 17 counts of assault and felony. The Fire Extinguisher will be charged as-well with aiding the glove with intent to cause physical injury, by means of a dangerous instrument.

So there you have it, we now know that it was the SAP gloves which throw the fire extinguisher.

The trial date is yet to be set.

WIS will keep you posted.

Meanwhile go get those FREE deals the shmira in giving out. I hear they are also very good at arranging Mesiras.



  1. antimesira Says:

    This is sad and funny at the same time.

    So much time, money and energy was waisted for stupidity.
    We must find out why this happpend and who made this happen.

    7 witnesses got on the stand and lied time and time again and they just get to walk away, go on a road trip?
    A detective makes an arrest with no investigation and takes all information from Huebner no questions asked, whats going on here???

  2. endgame Says:

    the whole case was a joke but the results could have been no laughing matter.

    thanks g-d we can laugh about it now.

    I think its time to turn this “joke” on the mossrim.
    Those who laugh, laugh last!!!

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