EXCLUSIVE : Prager Ranting and Crying


Sunday June 13, 2010 (1st Tammuz 5770) Election day In Crown Heights.

In fear and desperation that the Mosrim are going to loss the election. Shmira Mesira mad man Yanki Prager confronts the Shomrim/Hershkop Volunteer corps. who were standing outside 770 Eastern Parkway chatting amongst themselves.

The angry and frustrated hate monger Yanki Prager tries to initiate a confrontation with Shomrim/Hershkop, which he does not get. As this was going on for about 6 minutes, his young son, also full of hate, gets involved as well.

The video Speaks for itself….

A Challenge: In the video above, we all see the mad man Yanki Prager recording as well. The challenge to Prager and his Mosrim supporters (writing comments bellow), is to post his video on line, so we can see the truth.

Instead of writing comments like this…

Why don’t you leave on the volume something to hide??? maybe he was saying something else?? you take a video and decide to put a baby crying instead??!! it showes you guys are a bunch of liers.

Show the people  what you got.
(send WIS the video and WIS will have it uploaded and posted right here. whoisshmira@gmail.com or you can always post it on Jihad.info. Just one thing, make sure it does not look like the edited video from 749, WIS will only except the full uncut version).


14 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE : Prager Ranting and Crying”

  1. Mr.Crazy Says:

    the guy standing on the far left of the picture is thinking “whats that meshugana [crazy] rating about?”

    When crazy thinks your crazy your probably crazy.

  2. john doe Says:

    Is that a human in the picture? looks like a canine! and is the to the back left of the picture his brother?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    it is 10:04

  4. really does speak Says:

    WOW! this was out of this world, even without words you see how much “senas chenum” this guy has and for what???

  5. Pathetic Says:

    Why don’t you leave on the volume something to hide??? maybe he was saying something else?? you take a video and decide to put a baby crying instead??!! it showes you guys are a bunch of liers

    PS: I happend to be there when it happend and your a straight out lier!!!!!!!!!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      What is WIS lying about?

      Explain to the people what happend?
      Who was standing where?
      Who was doing what?
      Who started ranting?
      Who said what?
      Tell us in details, after all “you were there”.
      When the video goes up, you will tell us where your standing, your so brave.

      Cry babies, you lost. The people votes mosrim out, which in essence voted the shmira out!
      We all know who ran the Mosrim out of town, your own Jihad.info admits and you can’t stand that, the people chose to oust mosrim out.
      Stop wasting time writing comments and go help hijack the elections. Go threaten somebody, make a 311 mesira on somebody, you know better then anybody else how to do mesira.

    • logic Says:

      if WIS was afraid why would he open this “can of worms”, its not like WIS is responding to anyone and feels he must be in defense.

  6. fellow Says:

    yanki, i am so proud of you for standing up to these animals. you have guts. the pictures of the heshkops putting moiser stickers up the the night before the election only shows their fears and how they are crying. keep up the good work

  7. bulls eye Says:

    u r a dip **** why didn’t u record him so we can actully hear what he is saing obviesly u dont want any one to know i think that i am going to start saying yechi and i am going to join shmira cause of this web site

    • CHER Says:

      I to was in fear that the mosrim would get it.
      Thanks g-d at least some went out and tried to do everything they can to make sure mosrim dont get back in.

      Oblivious they efforts were not in vain.

      Give me you name and address and I will moser on you, then you will also fear mesira.

      Hells ye, having mosrim run this community is a scary thing.
      Crown heights voted them out!

      Thanks to the Shomrim/Hershkop/Anti-Mesira volunteer corps.

      Good bey mosrim!

  8. Concerned Says:

    they have to throw that kid out of school.
    he is full of hate and teaches his “friends” hate.

    I’m not even going to ask what camp hes going to -for free,
    its obvious from his behavior where hes going.

  9. antimesira Says:

    If you ask me, i think he was sent there by Hendel Mendle to start a confrontation. In the confusion, had this trick worked, Hendel would go down stairs where people had the opportunity to cast their votes and as planed steal a few boxes of ballots.

    And of course they would blame the Hershkop/Shomrim for ruining the election.

    Sorry losers, after 320 andd even before these stupid little things -articles/propaganda and crazy people ranting in the street does not tickle a pickle.

    Prager and his mosrim friends lost, they are sore losers, they are doing all they can to push their people in, even though we voted them out!

  10. Shomrim Six Says:

    I sat six weeks in court!
    I fear Mesira and will do anything to stop it!

  11. Prager Attempts To Get Even With WIS Does Mesira On Wrong Jew « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] Mesira On Wrong Jew By WhoIsShmira? (From an e-mail Alert) In an act of revenge for posting THIS VIDEO on June 17, 2010, Yanky Prager takes it on himself to make yet another Mesira against the wrong Jew. […]

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