Rabbi Nissan Mangel Is Running, So Why The Lies?


UPDATE: Word on the street is that Rabbi Mangel is running for a position as a Rov in the Crown Heights Beis Din.

The word is that Rabbi Mengel has as a matter of fact given Rabbi Rosenberg a letter stating that he will run.

The questions WIS has now….
Why on August 9th the word was that he is NOT running, was it true that he was really not planing to run?
Why if he is indeed running [now] is it being kept a secret [its not on Collive or Jihad.info]?

It has come to WIS attention that this whole charade is part of a plan to keep things quit in-order to keep sites like WIS from  dishing out the dirt on Rabbi Mengel (which there is).

The plan is to wait for the last day or two before the elections  to officially announce Rabbi Mengels candidacy as a Rov. When asked as to why he said earlier that he is NOT running, he would simply reply that it was not him who said this but his family.

If the above is true that they are keeping his decision to run a secret in-order to spear the Rabbi from being exposed, then that my friends is pretty sad and pathetic. That within itself puts a question mark on the Rabbi.

If they are afraid to put the Rabbi out in the open because they are afraid of the truth then might as well keep him hidden forever. What are you saying about your own Rabbi?

What they might be afraid of (amongst other things – to be exposed later on)….

Did Rabbi Mangle takes Bribery? Click Here to Find Out. יראה העם וישפוט

“Bribery blinds the eyes of the wise”!

UPDATE: It’s Official: R’ Mangel not Running


3 Responses to “Rabbi Nissan Mangel Is Running, So Why The Lies?”

  1. Emes Says:

    If they do indeed come out tomorrow that he is running then what WIS writes is right. Surly the Rabbi is not making a last minute decision to run, the option has been on the table for a long time.

  2. Well its official ( thanks to COL ) Says:

    Rabbi Mangel who never agreed to run has now made it official he will not run…

    (what was Herzog, Scheerson and Sandyhouse thinking putting up a name and hoping it would stick without ever asking him ? Is that fair?)

    Question is that when Rabbi’s Zirkind, Segel and Raitport ran and Moshe Rubashkin pushed there election and the Schwei camp asked for 2 weeks to put up candidates that it has been 3 years since then and 6 months since the beginning of this DT so what were they thinking the entire process ?? Does it take 4 years to put up a candidate ?? Should the community wait 4 more years till they convince Rabbi Yerkowitz from Israel ( who was asked 50 times to run by the Schwei camp ) or someone else…

    At this point it is clear that Rabbi Bogo will be the candidate running who has followed the letter

    of the the law and psak in getting himself validated…

    Please Rabbi Rosenberg let the voters choose yes or no for Bogo!!!!!!!! a straight up vote since the Schwei side has nobody and does not deserve more time….

  3. And we beat everyone to this one….. Says:

    היום בבוקר התקיימה וועידה טלפונית של כל חברי הבי”ד [של זבל”א] בנוגע הנושאים שהועלו ע”י הצדדים לאחרונה.

    לאחר שהבי”ד [של זבל”א] נשאו ונתנו בהנ”ל הגיעו לידי החלטה דלהלן:

    א. הבי”ד [של זבל”א] החליט לאפשר זמן נוסף להגיש מועמדות לתפקיד הרב שלישי. הזמן הנוסף הוא עד יום שני הבעל”ט בלילה בשעה 12 לפי שעון נ”י. כמובן שבזמן זה יכולים להגיש מועמדות כל מי שירצה בכפוף לתנאים שבפסק הדין.

    ב. בכל אופן [בין אם יוגשו מועמדים חדשים, בין אם לא יוגשו מועמדים חדשים] הבחירות יתקיימו בעז”ה במועד שנקבע בהפס”ד.

    ג. בנוגע המאבק המשפטי [בערכאות] על הבעלות של 770, שיש שאלה כיצד לנהוג הדורש תשובה מיידית, ואין אחידות דיעה בין שני חברי הבי”ד [של שכונת קראון הייטס] מה לעשות, אין להגבאים להעדיף הוראות של א’ מחברי הבי”ד [של שכונת קראון הייטס] על השני, אלא עליהם למצוא מיד רב שלישי [שיש לו נסיון בדיני תורה] נייטראלי [מחב”ד או מחוץ למסגרת חב”ד] מוסכם על שני הצדדים, ויציגו לפניו השאלה ויעשו כפי הוראתו. כמובן שהוראה זו רק עד הבחירות לרב השלישי, ולאחר מכן יעשו כפי הכרעת רוב הבי”ד [של שכונת קראון הייטס].

    בכבוד רב

    אב”ר [בשם כל הבי”ד של זבל”א].

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