EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi Schwei To Vote For Rabbi Bogomilsky


Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky and Rabbi Schwei

A Crown Heights Resident went to speak to Rabbi Schwei regarding the elections and Rabbi Bogomilsky, Rabbi  Schwei told him that he personally likes Rabbi Bogomilsky but his people told him he has to say he wants Braun. The resident then asked Rabbi Schwei what kind of Rov are you? which the Rabbi replied  “that’s the way it is.”

With all do respect, what Rabbi Schwei doesn’t understand is that before him the Gang “liked” Rabbi Osdoba and they only got to Rabbi Osdobo after throwing Rabbi Marlow under the bus, tomorrow  the gang will replace Rabbi Schwei as well.

Side Note: When Rabbi Schwei was approached by Shomrim coordinators about the Mesira/blood libel against it’s volunteers way before the trial. After listening to what they had to say,  Rabbi Schwei stated to them “There is nothing I can do, I can’t fight these people”.

These are “his people” and he can’t control them? What type of Rov is this and mostly what type of people does he have?



One Response to “EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi Schwei To Vote For Rabbi Bogomilsky”

  1. Rabbi Mattis Kantor, Eastern Parkway, NY Says:

    It is offensive that this important and critical position is being touted for 2 underage candidates as “career advancement.” Succinctly said: “Feh.”
    But forget about my self-proclaimed chassidisheh sensitivities. It is the opposite of Shulchan Aruch (ChoshMishp 8:1(end)) – which states that a dayan who does so for personal gain, it is ASSUR to respect him.

    Furthermore, once we take out the Sulchan Aruch, the whole psak-din about the CHT’s Beis Din composition leaves a major question. It is clearly stated that 2 tamlmidiei chachamim who hate each other are forbidden to sit on the same court. (ChoshMishp 7:8) and the Bach goes as far as to pasken that anything they decide is not valid. How could the psak-din then maintain both previous dayanim? Shouldn’t there be elections for 3 positions, as currently there is no Kosher Beis Din. (Letzonim and chutzpenyakess will no doubt say: Perhaps the 5 dayanim decided that the current rabbonim are not in the category of talmidei chachamim, so it’s OK.)

    The Shulchan Aruch casts another shadow on this whole process playing out (yes playing) before us. “It was/is the way of chachamim to decline sitting on a bais din, unless it was clear that without them there would be someone who could cause halacha damage. Even then, the halacha says, they would decline until they community implored them to accept. (ChoshMishp 8:3).So now underage candidates flying in to find good fortune is going to raise the quality of the Crown Heights beis din?

    The real challenge to toshavey hashechuna comes in the following statement in Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat (8:1): Anyone who appoints an unqualified dayan is transgressing a mitzva Lo Sa’asseh. So the community needs to know more before voting.

    There is yet another halacha (ChoshMishp 7:10) that a qualified dayan who knows of another that he is a rasha, then he should not join him in a din torah. Surely two enemies with sinah in the heart are not yet beynonim. (There is a very obscure ”release” from this halacha, with a historical precedent, and I would be delighted to hear that someone else found or sees it also.)

    I wonder if the “40 Kollel Yungeleit” stopped to consider the Halacha aspects above. Or whether they really know what a Kehillah Rav should be (as opposed to someone who delivers a “nice” vareme farbrengen, and an insightful halacha shiur.)

    I also wonder why the endorsement of 3 chassidim (takkeh chassidim, yeh, but) who are not known for their vision, wisdom nor pikchus (didn’t chassidus remove der na’ar fun di velt – why has he crept back in?), but only prominent because they are “keepers of the true faith” in the Rebbe – why this should be a plus for the shchunah? Haven’t they (and fellow travelers) had sixteen years to lead? Hello! The young are not being led.

    Most important: As someone who has invested much into Sydney Anash (those who know, know) I feel compelled to inform, that a vote to remove a positive force in Sydney at this particular moment, is a potential liability of one or two young people completely leaving Torah umitzvois. The achrayus is now in the hands of the voters. Please, please, do not remove kedushah (yes, maskim, kedushah) from its place. The new place is a highly doubtful arena for success. Abandoning a small ship, to take the helm of a bigger (biggest) one, does not provide an appropriate segulah for success when the storm hits.

    In conclusion: It was Reb Shmuel Ber Borisover (so I think, perhaps quoting the Tzemach Tzedek) who once said: Chassidim needed rabbonim. So they were mafkir a few chassidim for it. Reb Hillel, Reb Aisik….

    IMHO, the election needs to be postponed (until Kislev?) for the above issues to become clear. Besides, there are many under 40 candidates who didn’t bother nominating – they need a fair chance also – now that the stealth has entered these two new ones. Perhaps, also, the ballot should include a section where the current 2 rabonim appear, and only one of them can be reinstated. Two new Rabbonim and one of the old. This should put an end to the factionalism of this side-that-side, and serve as a reminder for the future that a Beis Din is not a kiddie’s sand-box where fights are part of the deal.

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