Mosrim And Losers Are a Waist Of Time


When it comes to wasting time and delaying the inevitable truth, this gang of Mosrim are king and that’s no complement.

Time after time, case after case, situation after situation these Mossrim will always find away to kill time or put the people on edge. And for what, to delay the ultimate truth; to delay ultimate justice?.

This tactic has been used and abused in every court case that these Mosrim enunciated*, from the 770 case to the Machne Menachem case to the Shomrim Six case and the past and current elections (just to name a few).

This tactic is also being used by the Goy/Mosser and serial spitter Paul Huebner ym”s in the Shomrim Six lawsuit (more about this perhaps another day in another post).

* The Mishichist Mosrim enunciated the 770 court case. The Moser and Ganef Yankle Spritzer enunciated the RICO case in the Machne Menachem case in an attempt to steal the camp.The Ganef and Mosser Yankle Spritzer has been pushing off a Din Torah for over two years now. The Mishichistim Mossrim enunciated the great blood libel on the Shomrim Six.

Let’s take a look at this latest stunt with the elections for Rov.
They had over 6 months now (Correction: Six years – Ever since Moshe Rubashkin had his elections for new Rabonim the Mosrim have complaint that the elections were not fair do to the fact that they did not have their own candidate in the race) to find a proper candidate for Rov, how is it that they have not found anybody since?

What is this Shtick they pulled with Rabbi Mengel, he IS running, hes NOT running? Come on, what the hell is this, a kindergarten?
What is with this bogus kindergarten excuse about not being able to reach the Rabbi for confirmation due to the fact that the Rabbi was on vacation, do they really thing we are as dumb as them, why do they time and time again try to insult our intelligence. I would really like to see a real live human being repeat that excuse to my face.

Did they text the Rabbi “hay man, whats up? BTW, how cool do you think it would be for you to run as Rov in the Shchuna? lol”? Maybe he didn’t get the message because he  happened to pass under a tunnel. Maybe he got the message but could not reply because his place of vacation was located in some  distance island with no way of communication (no phone, e-mail and no mail service).

You would think that is one was a possible candidate for a a life long position for Rov, he would have daily communication with the people running him. Unless he did not know he was running to begin with.

One must conclude (putting all the facts on the table) that this whole Shtick was another attempt to continue the Machlokes and delay the process of possible peace in Crown Heights. Thank G-d Rabbi Rosenberg did not let them do this to us again*.

*the Mossrim did succeed to push of the run offs for Vaad, knowing full well that most Crown Heights residents would be up state for the summer and not be voting. Had the elections been held on schedule, the numbers show the outcome to be much different., they know this and took advantage.

For some reason the Mosrim have attempted to push the elections off to at least after Tishrei, the question is WHY?


For the last 15 years (if not more) the community has been plagued with non-stop Machlokes thanks to all those associated with the Mishichisist party. The community has been on edge/stressed out/numb as a result. Especially these last two years, two years of viscous Mesiras (make no mistake, the Mishichistim Mossrim have been caring out Mesiras for years now, but never have they pushed it this far. Truth be told, when it comes to Mesira, whats to far? once the line is crossed, its crossed).

Since the last elections for Vaad, where the Mosrim were voted out (Mesira was voted out), there has been a sense of calm; a sense of peace in the community.

This is something the Mosrim don’t like; this is something that works against everything the Mishichist Mosrim stand for. Without Machlokes the Mishichist Mosrim have no existence.

Things are changing for the good and there is nothing these rats can do about it.


5 Responses to “Mosrim And Losers Are a Waist Of Time”

  1. a resident Says:

    there are so many great candidates that could be Rov from Crown Heights, the fact that none want to run with these mossrim is enough said.

    Rabbi Bogomilsaky is a great Rov.
    1. He does not need anybody, he has his own money and nobody can buy him.
    2. hes a no nonsense Rov.
    3. He has spoken out when nobody else did.
    3. He is already an established Rov in world wide Chabad and in Crown Heights.
    4. He has experience with almost if not all issues that could arise.
    5. he gets along with both of the current Rabonim.
    6. he will rule according to Shulchan Aruch and not political view.
    7. the mossrim are afraid of him, so that a good thing.

    If Crown heights wants a proper B”D then they will go with Rabbi Bogomelisky and not someone who was found in a drive-by ‘lets make a Rov’ market.

  2. person Says:

    there ws a great fear looming in our streets, thank g-d thats no more.

    this poltorak guy made a lot of trouble.

    this is just a small group of trouble rouses that put us in this state of machlokes and fear.

  3. machne menachem Says:

    Spritzer is afraid of a din torah because this time its not only about the camp, now its going to be about all the court cases he enunciated, everything is going to be on the table.

    i would like to see him explain how “he got permission to go to court” etc…
    can’t wait for him to explain to the b”d all about the ‘injunction’ he keeps using [including all meshichist propagandist]. how it came to be, how it ended, why he kept using it after the judge vacated it [on the bases that there was no bases for it to begin with – no acts of violence etc… as Spritzer first claimed].

    Can’t wait!
    What will come first, moshiach or Spritzer showing up for a D”T?

  4. in the know Says:

    Huebner wasted two years arguing that the Shomrim Six did not answer his lawsuit on time (30 days late) and therefore he was requesting a default judgment. Instead of saying…”ok, they got a lawyer, they are ready for trial, lets gone on with it”… he wrote motion after motion wasting time and claiming Shomrim was trying to defy justice.


    SEE YOU ON THE 14th!

  5. Effy Soton Says:

    Did you see the latest about Efraim Setton?

    I guess he sold matzohs without paying for them. See

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