What shmira “Leaders” and Members Prayed For on Yom Kippur


No Parking-SHMIRA-COP MesiraWhile the Jewish nation reserves Yom Kippur for a time to reflect and to atone for all their sins, shmira a hate monger group operating in  Crown Height once again prayed the Shomrim would just go away. This year was no different than any other. shmira is working very closely with inspector Simonneti of the 71st pct. Simmonetti aware of their criminal past has allowed the group to join a city wide civilian observation patrol also know as C.O.P. with the keys to the precinct these criminals run around in marked NYPD cars, using these cars for personal use, abusing red lights, parking anywhere they want (even found parking in front of fire pumps for hours at a time in front of either their residents or work).

This year shmira had a plan. The plan was to stop Shomrim from attending the annual Simchas Beis Ashoava. They designed and hung up signs for ‘No Parking’ on Kingston Ave. from Empire to Crown Street. Something that was never done in the past. From the minute Yom Tov was over Yossi Stern ,Yanki Prager and Efraim Okonov were hard at work. Ordering tow trucks to move this car and that car, put it there not here shouted Okonov pointing to a green Honda belonging to a Crown Heights resident.

Now that they got rid of all the cars there was one big problem left, and that was the Shomrim command post. The Shomrim command post has been posted in that spot (Corner of Crown & Kingston) every Shabbos and Yomtov for emergency communal purposes. The command has served Crown Heights residence in hundreds of cases from missing children, fire jobs, etc.

Nervous and pacing up and down Kingston Stern and Prager try to work their magic. Holding two phones Stern is heard yelling ” I don’t care, move them now!!”.  NYPD officers converge to the command post and request it be moved. Aron Hershkop a coordinator is called over and explains to the officers that the command is here for a reason and it will not be going anywhere any time soon. The officer understand and sympathize with him, only to go on and say the guys (Stern and Prager, the shmira “leaders”) across the street are putting a lot of pressure on the boss*.

Seeing that Shomrim are not giving in the their planed (and very desperate) attack they run home and bring their patrol cars. (ye) Stern even brought his personal car. Of-course the closer they could park to the Shomrim command the better chance that they will blend in (trying to fade Shomrim away). Of course that backfires too. See, people from out of Crown Height don’t know the difference so, all night Shomrim were being congratulated for there new cars. shmira actually thought it is color war (being the children that they are). Little did they know that Shomrim doesn’t care for them (Sorry traffic agent, it’s Not “both sides jumping up and down”). Loooooooooooosers!!!

Another desperate attempt by shmira to try taking down a volunteer, Chesed organization serving the good people of Crown Heights, FAILED!!!

[*The “boss”
Peter Semmanetti, a low life of an inspector who from the get go showed no respect for his job. siding with a criminal group and issuing them police ID cards].

Exit Questions To Shmira: If shmira and Shomrim are here to do the same thing (protect the Jewish community), whats all the hating? Are you here to serve the police department or are you here to serve the Jewish community? Why is there so much time, energy and focus being directed in trying to make trouble for Shomrim (with all your Mesiras and the story above etc…), Why not focus on actually doing some good? Is your whole existence to make the non-existence of Shomrim, It’s seems that way so far?

10-6-09 Shomrim Command post being ticked by 71st pct. nypd-shmira-mesira-cop 10-6-09 Shomrim Command post being ticked by 71st pct. nypd-shmira-

Saftey First, Right??? today shomrim tomarrow....Who will be here fopr us?

safety First, Right??? today shomrim tomorrow....Who will be here for us?

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5 Responses to “What shmira “Leaders” and Members Prayed For on Yom Kippur”

  1. my protector Says:

    where is Zalman Lezell when you need him, can’t he make a few phone calls?

    Oh, I fogot, he only protects the nypd, he does nothing for the Jewish community.

  2. Seriously Says:

    Seriously man what the hell is shmiras problem, for g-ds sake they have the cop, they have their specail cars, live and let live!
    do your own thing!

    what a bunch of babies!

  3. john doe Says:

    The first half of the first day of simchas bais the shmira mossrim were (all four of them) were swarming all over near and around where the shomrim people were, funny how all of a sudden they start listning to their radios and all four run to their separate cop cars or what not, and they leave……and never come back. about a half hour later yanky the muslim rat prager comes to check on his stupid sign and pretends to play with the string. Did the above article say loooooossers? ya I suppose it did.

  4. Eli poltofrack Says:

    is this that nisim Buaron aka paul the goy hubner is behind all the anti smitic that peter the nazi simonetti doing here.
    i hear that on hoshaana raba a few mekubolim will go at rashbi and do a pulsa denura on paul der goy and his friend the fat simonetti.

    enough is enough god has to help the jews and take paul der goy hubner to hell.

  5. M.L. Says:

    is there a fund in place for someone who would like to chip in to pay off these tickets. I’m ready to dish out a few dollars.

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