David Huebner – Drug Abusing, Dope Dealing, Mosser And Son Of A Mosser

Does he abuse his little sister? Sexually?

David Huebner, Does he abuse his little sister? Provide her too with drugs?

Sitting in Florida David huebner runs a posh business, selling drugs.

The history is all there, when this scumbag was arrested upstate and charged with running a party house which coupled minors with adults and furnished impressionable young teens with unlimited amount of drugs. That was until the Rabonnim stepped in and got the New York state troopers to raid the house, and boy did they find a party house.

The story:

Police arrested five men over the weekend after getting complaints about a house in South Fallsburg where kids were being served alcohol and people were smoking marijuana.

Fallsburg police got the calls Saturday night, and between 9 and 10 p.m. they went to the address on Laurel Avenue in South Fallsburg.

Police say they broke up a large party at the house, and arrested five men. Police said they were among the oldest people at the party, and some of them had supplied the alcohol to the younger partiers. Police said the party-goers were summer residents.

David Huebner, 18, and Chesky Schwartz, 18, both of Brooklyn, and Chaim Saxton, 21, of Monsey were charged with misdemeanors of endangering the welfare of a minor, unlawfully dealing with a child and possession of stolen property.

Klevan Mayer, 18, of Brooklyn was charged with misdemeanor obstruction of governmental administration. A 17-year-old Brooklyn boy was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation. All five are free pending appearances in Fallsburg Town Court.

Where there is smoke there is fire, in this case the poor boy was beaten and abused in all kind of ways by his father, resulting in the kind of bully he is, along with the hallmark traits of a narcissist who takes pleasure in destroying all thats nice, by continually dealing drugs.


2 Responses to “David Huebner – Drug Abusing, Dope Dealing, Mosser And Son Of A Mosser”

  1. sister Says:

    is she a MOSSER to?

  2. lol Says:

    oyy chayale shes sooo cute!!!

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