Pulsa Denoura Placed On The Huebner Family


In response to the unforgivable act of defiance against Halacha and all decency a minyan of men was assembled and a “Pulsa Denoura” was placed on Paul Levi Huebner and his entire family.

Mesira is one of the most horrific ways one can violate Halacha, such a person is not allowed to be part of a minyan, so much so that it is a mitzvah to help the mosser have a speedy abridge to the next world.

Pulsa diNura or Pulsa Denoura. (Aramaic: פולסא דנורא “lashes of fire”) is a purportedly kabbalistic ceremony in which the angels of destruction are invoked to block heavenly forgiveness of the subject’s sins, causing all the curses named in the Bible to befall him resulting in his death.

This ritual was performed as Yom Kippur ended after Paul Huebner refused to sit down and resolve the matter amicably. Since the family suffered three tragedies, where the children have been involved in car crashes and have been injured.

To the Huebner family: is this not a strong enough message to you? Will you not stop until a life is taken? Spear your children and stop the madness!


5 Responses to “Pulsa Denoura Placed On The Huebner Family”

  1. Should they Spear them or Spare them? Says:

    Do you mean “spare your children and stop the madness?” Or do you want them to “spear” their children with spear weapons.

    Honestly, I just read this blog for the idiocy of the writer. He can’t even get his point across, being so uneducated. He can’t write or spell or express himself in any way.

    Thanks for my laugh-a-day.

  2. bilinitzky Says:

    i was today in kfar chabad and by hashgocha protis met a person who was very upset about this story .
    and than he heard that the mashichist who took the video and went to testify in the gand jury is from kfar chabad. and we found out the name. he remember why the father of that mashchist was trown away from cheder yidish . and now a few good poeple from kfar chabad got heiter from a rov to give his case to the police .
    if the son belive in the police in new york the people in kfar chabad can trust the police in israel to deliver the good verdict and boys in the mikveh will be safe.
    there is a weel that turns in this wourld

  3. to: the first comment Says:

    No one cares why you come back. As long as your reading, the point was gotten across.
    Welcome aboard.

  4. awacs Says:

    even if you’re right (and I’m not doubting it), is this approach right? ISTR that the Alter Rebbe declined to curse Avigdor, and he had some REALLY good reasons to be angry at him …

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