What are the Consequences of Mesira?!


What is Mesira? One may ask when is it justified? And of course what are the consequences?

Over a year ago members of Shomrim were on a call at 749 Eastern Parkway, there, things got out of hand and police were called by both the Shomrim members and the Bochurim that were involved. From the get-go Shmira a long time rival of Shomrim came to the scene and initiated the Mesira against Shomrim. Leib Skoblo and Ezra Hecht (who only showed up after the incident) stood inside 749, Skoblo with his auxiliary badge in hand demanded that the police arrest Shomrim for the alleged crimes they committed.

The police investigated and with no injured complainers on hand, they left the scene. Skoblo not comfortable with the police decision then called for Stern, Prager and Huebner for backup. All night they shuttled Bochorim in the Shmira patrol car from 749 to Kings County Hospital. They made sure reports were filed with the hospital and then the police were called again to make reports. They made sure they doted their “I’s” and crossed all their “T’s”. In an  e-mail conversation with a Shomrim member he states…” Had Shomrim known of there plans they would have made cross complaints, as there were members of Shomrim that were injured, and everyone would either get arrested or go home. Further had shmira not have gotten involved, Shomrim would have worked it out with the Bochrim in a peaceful manner”.

For two weeks Paul Huebner, who acts as the attorney for Shmira, worked the 77th precinct , pressuring detective Brien Duffy to arrest the Shomrim members. Shuffling the Bochurim back and forth to the police station, even giving sworn statements on Shabbos (all this is documented).

When word got out about that detectives were looking for the Shomrim members, Shomrim turned to Rabbi Schwei, a prominent member of the Rabbinical Court (of Crown Heights) for help. He heard all that they had to say and simply answered ” I don’t want to take such people on” (!?)

All this came after shmira beat Andrew Charles and were extinguishing to a smoldering fire. Here was there chance to get back at Shomrim (?). What did Shomrim do to them that was so bad? Nothing, they simply existed. Getting Shomrim arrested was their ultimate thing. shmira thinking that this will bring their redemption and they will rule Crown Height.

Two weeks after the 749 call 7 Shomrim members were arrested and charged with felony assault. Charges that were trumped up by members of shmira. Every few weeks they have to return to court to answer these charges. A trial date will be set and Justice will be served.

Weeks after the arrest I (W.I.S) took the initiative  and  started this web site, in hopes that I can try and make a difference. The truth about shmira was and will forever be disclosed here (for future generations to see). Every chance that shmira had (and will have) they would and will make another Mesira on Shomrim, anything to make them look good. They Massered Shomrim members business, homes and even Massered on family members.

More than one year later, Shomrim is still working stronger to better serve the Crown Heights Jewish Community. Erev Pasach members of Shomrim seeing the need for Kimcha D’Pischa in the community. Without hesitation they organized truck loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Members of Shomrim selflessly unload and distribute to the members of the community (as we all witnessed for ourselves). To their surprise there were members of shmira and there family’s who came to collect fruits and vegetables for Yom-Tov. Being that the distribution was for everyone and being that Shomrim are the good people (I believe the proper word is mentchin), they did not say a thing.

Although one particular member of the community who came to collect really struck a nerve in the donors spine.

Yom Tov came along and all was great, members of Shomrim were being thanked for their contribution to the community, a second distribution was due to take place on Chol H’amoed, seeing the Chesed that Shomrim did the Satan could not sleep. Over Yom-Tov member of Shomrim were served with a lawsuit filed by Paul Huebner on behalf of the 749 Bochurim. Yes, this same Paul Huebner who came with his children to take fruits and vegetables that was distributed by Shomrim, could not sleep at night. He could not sleep knowing that they Shomrim are actually doing good, making a difference for the better of the community.

Stunned, Shomrim could not understand, here is the same guy who just fed his family food that they distributed trying to prosecute; cut off the hands that just fed him (?!).

Another Rav from the Crown Heights Bais Din was contacted and questions and answered were raised, and a Hazmana L’Din Torah was issued to Paul Huebner.

Chutzpa will not be tolerated!!!

So my dear friends, what are the consequences of Mesira? Mesira has a beginning and has no end, one can pick up a phone, call 911 or 311 on anyone and accuse him of anything and he will be punished, even if it is a crime he did not do (defending one self is very costly). Shomrim has been very patient with all that shmira has done to them, having there day in court is something that they look forward to. But after Paul Huebner took time out from preparing the law suit papers to come and take from there fruits, they said enough is enough.

So, my dear neighbors and friends, here is the ultimatum that we have for all the members of shmira, all who participated; all that rejoiced at the moments you had when you locked Shomrim up. When you called 911 or 311 to Massier them and try to destroy them, remember that line you always like to repeat? What comes around goes around!!!


9 Responses to “What are the Consequences of Mesira?!”

  1. Guts Says:

    Fight Chutzpa with Chutzpa.

    Yaakov our father prepared free things when confronting his BROTHER Esav…
    Presents and

    The community at large has to start sticking up for itself and stop but a few hate mongers whos goal is to destroy destroy destroy, from having a stage to preach on. How long can we let these idiots run our life?!

  2. Meyer Lansky Says:

    in the 20’s and 30’s was lansky siegel lucania.
    in crown heights is stern preger skoblo etc.
    dont kid yourself high power people are on thier payroll .
    you do not remove lead in ny without payments.
    simonetty and the 77 pct are all paid by this mafia.
    i would not be surprice if sterns brother in law at the da’s office is part
    of this gagng or others at da’s office. remember this is oilom ha SAHEKER
    and paul hubner you have to fight him in court he is losing every case he ever came to court with even with a doctors note from rosen.

  3. skoblo Says:

    what u want from skoblo ?
    he has a very lucky wife any place she touches is a SHMOCK

  4. machnemenachem Says:

    “Weeks after the arrest I (W.I.S) took the initiative and started this web site, in hopes that I can try and make a difference.”

    Although your site (WIS) is not exactly my style, never the less it is because of your site (seeing how easy it is and all), that I decided to do something myself (taking the initiative), starting the machne menachem site. I feel for to long we let just a small group of hate mongers and jealous people rule our streets. If these sits might just help a bit, then that’s what they were created for (then mission acomplished). G-d willing when I’m done with the Machne site, I will be moving to a different project.

    I encourage anybody who has any information about this small group of Ba’al Machlokes (this small circle of destruction), to either send it to the existing web sites or start your own.
    Just remember to stay truthful and stick to the facts.

  5. jack meoff Says:

    i hope the mosrim get what they deserve. may hashem punish them

  6. Concerned Says:

    I’m reading this letter and my heart breaks.
    I’m a Father with children, I Baroch Hashem have a good job,
    Baroch Hashem I’m busy,
    What can I do, what can WE do as a community to stop all this?

    I don’t want my kids growing up in this environment?
    What can WE do?!!!

  7. antimesira Says:

    “If in the next few week all the charges including the lawsuit that was filled against Shomrim are not dropped, all of you, every single one one of you whether associated or not with the Mesira, but are associated with shmira will be the subject of Mesira .”

    This must be done!
    We are not talking about civil people who we can sit and have a peaceful conversation with (that was tried and failed).
    they are jealous and hateful animals. They have no soul and no G-d.
    It is very questionable if they are Jewish.

  8. Sara Junik Says:

    i would say that thy are not jewish but yitzi hecht has to stend trial

  9. chayale Says:

    I am a huge fan of Shomrim and I know the truth about this whole incident, yet I firmly believe that this sight is not what the Rebbe would want – it’s just the opposite of Ahavas Yisroel.
    So you see, I am divided. I love shomrim, but I don’t like this site.
    If the webmaster has an answer for me, you have my email.

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