Not to good with photoshop, eh?

this is too funny, shmira after putting up thier propoganda on kingston right on top of the SHOMRIM MOBILE COMMAND CENTER they went and publisized it on their shmira blog only take a close look at the SHOMRIM COMMAND POST! (click on the pictures to make them bigger)


Not to good with photoshop, eh?

Not to good with photoshop, eh?


  1. kozlopotzki Says:

    this is done by edp kozolopotzki

    the child molester kozlovpotzki

  2. kozlopotzki Says:

    wow peter simoneti or by his real name shmokanety.

    why you didnt write COP – Shmira ?

    you just as corrupt as chazer belly and child molester kozlopotzky

    and yet shmokanety you helped the kozlovsky brother run away

    from the law . justice day is coming . and your friends well tell you evry men on his own.

  3. Agneda Says:


    I really didn’t believe it Until I actually checked it out for myself [meaning I thought it was a WIS joke, I don’t go to their sites-Unbelievable].

    Please. please tell me it’s not so!

    who, who, who, and who are they trying to fool????

  4. CHER Says:

    I was drinking my coffee this morning when I saw this and I got sick to my stomach i could not drink anymore.
    When will these children just stop.
    I don’t they just take a gun to their own heads and pull the trigger?

  5. ex chsp Says:

    looks like they forgot to photoshop this one

    Webmaster: Be sure to post this one here before they edit it too

  6. stern chazer belly Says:

    why did shmais the dickless take the picture down ?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    say it ain’t so!
    really? is this for real?

    This is not an AGENDA [a plan] this is suicide!

    Now they will start propaganda on who got a command post first :)
    “Did it say shomrim first or shmira.”\
    “it used to be shmiras and shomrim stoled it and now shmira took it back”.
    “The reason this site is talking about this is because it’s afraid of the truth”

  8. hehe Says:

    we can just take it down you know!

  9. stern chazer belly Says:

    first it was shmira – mesira than it is chazer belly than is the dikless shmais.

    and small dick kozolopotzki .

    hey small dick kozlopotzki you forget to put the jihad song yeechi ?

    dickles son of suiside brother of racist runaway .

    kozlopotzki you have an old pice of shit camera ?

    how did you guys got the homosexual ceitlin from ?

  10. disgusted Says:

    plain and simply disgusting
    no other words.


    funny how they put those pictures on a web site that is just a bad clone of
    Why can’t these people (shmira and the mishichistim throw out all these years) ever come out with something ORIGINAL? everything is always stolen and copied.

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