Paul Levi ‘der goy’ Huebner Arrested By His Dear Friends In The 71st Precinct For Soliciting A Prostitute!!!

Sucking on a fat cigar, a hint of things to come?

Sucking on a fat cigar, a hint of things to come?

First I would like to thank the Shmira/COP member who emailed us about this and brought it to our attention. Apparently the noble and notable Paul Huebner Esq. [cheating, massering lying GOY] was arrested on the outskirts of Crown Heights while trying to solicit the services of a prostitute.

The following is the arrest and indictment information:

Huebners case information in the eCourts system

Huebners case information in the eCourts system

Notice how it his name is Levi P. Huebner, never happend, he lied. This hooker fucking scumbags name is Paul, like his goyishe roots, he never bothered changing his name.

But the most peculiar part of this whole arrest is that it was officers of the honorable and deeply religious Peter Simonetti, who has been involved in this love affair with Huebner, yet his own officers made this stunning arrest!

Arrest details

Arrest details

Well maybe Simonetti’s cops covered for Paul Der Goy Huebner after all, because the crimes they listed was unspecified misdemeanor driving violations and he was released on a desk appearance ticket.

Internal affairs is already investigating the police department for all this COP bullshit, and WIS is being told that this is going to be investigated as well.



11 Responses to “Paul Levi ‘der goy’ Huebner Arrested By His Dear Friends In The 71st Precinct For Soliciting A Prostitute!!!”

  1. john doe Says:

    I would say that paul the mosser goy has sunk to a new low
    but he is already at the lowest as one can get

  2. Eli poltoDREK Says:

    paul is a goy ym”s and a son of nazim
    he is now working with the brooklyn da to mosser more jews.
    please god take him away from crown heights .
    let him have prostituts but take him from here .

  3. wake up paul Says:

    don’t you get it? you are mesing with good people. in the past month you have been hit with tragety after tragety. your kids were in 2 motor vehicle accidents. you have been arrested. what are you waitig for? more tragety to befall you? don’t mess with the best, cause you will die with the rest!!

  4. john doe Says:

    Cover Up!

    Who gets arrested for reckless driving? In Crown Heights no less!
    DWI or DUI, Arrested for soliciting a prostitute I’ve heard of, but reckless driving? Was he drag racing? Cut off a cop? what could it be? and his reckless driving being so serious a crime that he was in fact arrested and then he’s issued a Desk Appearance Ticket? What is the cover up? Does the NYPD have recording devices on their vehicles that we can actually know the full story? Can we get the arrest report? Does nobody else in the world care about the corruption going on at the 71st Pricinct?

  5. Son Like mother Says:

    I hear that the hooker Huebener attempted to cpick was the mother of Yossi Stern.. lol

  6. john doe Says:

    Reckless driving has several known causes:

    Borderline personality disorder
    The influence of alcohol while driving (drunk driving),
    The influence of drugs while driving, and
    Encouragement of the driver to behave in such a manner by other passengers (peer pressure).
    Road rage

  7. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    i really like how hes practicing and perfecting his sucking on a cigar… you know with jail and all in his being near future….

  8. Phil Says:

    You guys dont get it? The prostitute he solicited was Leah Kleim! Now the real scandal….how is it that she was cheating on her baal habayis, Chazzer Belly Stern?? She already has his name tattooed all over her body so we know she is his pilegesh. Was he putting her out on the street to make extra money to feed his gruba tuchus wife or was he just sharing his hooker with his friends, like a good low life does? Come on do some real reporting….we want the truth!

  9. Shorrma Says:

    I can fill you in….Trust me! Just ask me. lol Guess where she is now!

    Sorry! but life is a bitch then you —- with one.
    I am not even close to finished.
    Want reporting? lol WAIT…..It’s on the way.

  10. Phil Says:

    I cant wait….I love the work you do because you are the only one who is not afraid to tell the truth and you stand by what you say. I’m just waiting for the happy day when you can report that the wicked bitch, Leah Kleim is dead. The next target should be the bisexual brother of hers, Avraham Yisroel Oren. I have proof positive that she has sex with him. I just wish I was at liberty to share it with you but there are legal issues that I cant get in to. Just ask his father Reuvain if you want details

  11. LEAH KLEIM Says:

    Go for it tough guy, start photoshopping, there are no legal issues from my standpoint. Just get your shit straight, and grow up. If you want scandal there is plenty of it out there, I have hard drives full of it ! Dont post it if you cant prove it, and drag me into the mud if you want, I dish it, I can take it… but an innocent yeshiva kid, c’mon, thats low ! And coming from me… ITS REAL F*^$G LOW !

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