Why Are The Politicians Coming To Crown Heights…


Under federal law kickbacks involving government officials or funds provided by the government are illegal.

…And Specifically To Chanina Sperlin and Co.?

There are no votes*  from the Crown Heights Jewish Community which can help make it or brake it for any politician, so why are they coming to Crown Heights and why are they pumping millions of dollars in Crown Heights, more specifically, the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. ?

* In 2010, when the Crown Heights Jewish Community held their own internal elections (for CHJCC), barely 2,000 Crown Heights residents came out to vote and that was “a record smashing turnout!”. Take out the illegal-aliens and those who are not registered to vote and your left with barely 600  eligible voters. Count in all men and woman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community over 18 who are registered to vote and you might have another 300. Even if every eligible voter was registered, the Crown Heights Jewish Community would be outvoted (big time) by the other communities in our voting districts. Bottom-line,  politicians are not coming to Crown Heights (Jewish Community) to win the vote, so why are they coming?.  

Chanina Sperlin was voted (big time) out of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. by the Crown Heights Community in 2010 (despite his so called reputation for “political connections”), so why are politicians still showing up at his private home, Mr. Sperlin does not represent the people of Crown Heights?

Answer: Corruption and Fraud, more specifically, something called Kickbacks.

Definition  Kickback:
a percentage of income given to a person in a position of power or influence as payment for having made the income possible: usually considered improper or unethical and sometimes illegal.

A kickback is an official’s share of misappropriated funds allocated from his or her organization to an organization involved in corrupt bidding. For example, suppose that a politician is in charge of choosing how to spend some public funds. He can give a contract to a company that is not the best bidder, or allocate more than they deserve. In this case, the company benefits, and in exchange for betraying the public, the official receives a kickback payment, which is a portion of the sum the company received. This sum itself may be all or a portion of the difference between the actual (inflated) payment to the company and the (lower) market-based price that would have been paid had the bidding been competitive. Kickbacks are not limited to government officials; any situation in which people are entrusted to spend funds that do not belong to them are susceptible to this kind of corruption. Kickbacks are also common in the pharmaceutical industry, as many doctors and physicians receive pay in return for added promotion and prescription of the drug these pharmaceutical companies are marketing.

Why are these politician sitting with Chanina Sperlin and Co.?

More about this subject to come.


4 Responses to “Why Are The Politicians Coming To Crown Heights…”

  1. zalman Says:

    there is also the fact that Chanina Sperlin is a retard who is highly medicated, so why are the politicians hanging out with him, it can’t be because of his good looks, great personalty and charm, thats for-sure.

  2. So they say Says:

    I always wondered about this….why do they come?

  3. Does Crown Heights have a Political Action Committee? Says:

    It came as no surprise when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was announced as mayor re-elect for his third term in office, but what was surprising was the much narrower win with which Bloomberg took the victory.

    Highlighting the narrow victory was the New York Times article about the anxiety which followed amongst Bloomberg campaign staffers, who the mayor showered with bonuses last election when he won by a whopping 19.4 percent, which translated into $1.55 million in bonuses.

    So how much influence does Crown Heights really have? Polls showed that even with all the Crown Heights Jewish endorsements Bloomberg did not fare well at all. Chanina Sperlin, who heads up the CH PAC, own block didn’t vote for Bloomberg. The blocks that did vote Bloomberg only did so in margins under 9 percent.

    This can be blamed on the last minute endorsements, and the little campaigning and advertising by the PAC, or the simple fact that the PAC has little to no following.

    How does this translate in government programs and benefits for our Jewish community?

  4. CHEXPOSED Says:




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