Mossrim Have No Feet


שקר אין לו רגליים

Lies have no legs

Talk about lies have have no legs, the Mosser Elie C. Poltorak  has been seen [hardly] walking around with a cane and recently being pushed while sitting on a wheelchair.

(Originally posted July 4, 2011)

UPDATE Oct 27, 2011:

Reviewing recently filed court documents  by Elie Poltorak has convinced WIS without a reasonable doubt that it was in fact Elie Poltorak who orchestrated the Shomrim Six Mesira/Blood libel from beginning to end.

Poltoraks good friend and fellow Mosser Paul Levi Huebner * was only the front; the face of the Mesira/Blood libel; the guy who would sign all the documents (lawsuits etc…) that Elie Polorak put together. Poltorak was in fact the puppet master behind Huebner.

* this  fact does not make Huebner any less responsible/accountable for his actions.

Poltorak is currently in a wheelchair (full-time) and is being schlepped around  by Huebner and Setton.

May all the Mossrim meet a similar faith. For after all…


11 Responses to “Mossrim Have No Feet”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Every Mosser will pay the price!

    Jewish blood is not cheap!

  2. Toshav Says:

    Should we feel bad….ummmm…no!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    yechi hamelech hamoshiach leolam voed
    G-d bless poltorack huebner shmira
    enough is enough we need moshiach now

  4. zaidy Says:

    when is paulies court appearance for assault.hope he has soap on a rope

  5. Messiranism Disease Says:

    Poltorak is suffering from Messiranism.

    It’s a disease that comes as a result of to many Messiras and lot’s of baseless hate.

    It starts at the knees and makes it’s way up the body.

  6. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Does The Loser and Mosser Eli Poltorak Feel Any Shame?

    Two Years after Elie Poltorak lost his bid for re-elections in the CHJCC on account of being a Mosser, do you think he is ashamed of the Messiras he did, does Elie Poltorak have any regrets for attempting (and thank g-d failing) to lock up 6 innocent Jews for over 15 years in prison?

    No, Elie Poltorak has no regrets and in fact is very proud of his Messiras.

  7. Pinky and the Brain Says:

    Paul Huebner and Elie Poltorak remind me of Pinky and the Brain.

    Except both Huebner and and Poltorak are insane.

  8. Poltorak the Bigest loser Says:

    Of all the Mossrim and Ganovim, Poltorak is the biggest losers.

    Why, you ask?

    After everything he did for the cabal (the mesiras etc…), they never showed him the CHJCC books.

    After WIS started to post the numbers (millions the chjcc received from grants), Poltorak ran to Mrs. Chaya Uminer to ask what does numbers were.

    Poltorak had no idea how much money was coming or going from the CHJCC. Poltorak was out of the loop. His fellow Mossrim and Ganovim did not make him a partner in their corruption and fraud.

    As we see that the cabal did not take Poltorak back in to the CHJCC for a second round, they used him and spit him out.

    Side question: why isn’t anybody from the Poltorak “Achduse Team”, pushing him around in his wheelchair?

  9. Toshav Says:

    “Reviewing recently filed court documents by Elie Poltorak has convinced WIS without a reasonable doubt”…

    Could WIS elaborate? What documents and why did it convince you?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      I’m not going to post the actual documents. WIS will not give Mr. Poltorak a stage for his propaganda, hearsay and straight out bullshit*.

      If one is really interested in reading those documents, its public record, you can go downtown to court and retrieve it.

      What I will say is… that matching what Poltorak writes in those documents about Shomrim/Hershkop with what the prosecuting Assistant DA in the Shomrim Six trial said in his opening statements, you will find an exact match. There is no doubt in my mind that what one reads on Poltoraks papers, is an exact copy of what he gave to the DA, almost four years ago.

      *For rumors, you can visit
      Also, all the propaganda that Shmira Member Yitzchok Shuchat wrote on his blogs against Shomrim/Hershkop will be found in Poltoraks documents. WIS believes that Poltorak was in communication with Shuchat, guiding him as to what to write next.

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