Why Is Convited Racist Leib Skoblo Driving The COP Car Once Again?


July 27, 2010: Leib Skoblo convicted racist driving cop nypd car for personal use. Parked on Albany Ave. next to Skoblos place of residents located at 645 Lefferts Ave.

Question: The COP and the Shmira have been dead for a while now. The COP vehicles have been parked in front of the 71st precinct for over a month collecting dust. Until today (July 27th, 2010), Leib Skoblo the convicted racist is seen driving the COP (Koppo) car once again. Why is the Mosser Skoblo driving a city owned, tax payer vehicle?

Answer: It’s the summer and Skoblo wife took their private vehicle upstate, leaving her husband with out a vehicle.

The Solution: Head over to the local precinct and pick up a NYPD/City owned vehicle which its purpose being to patrol the neighborhood and [yet instead] use it for personal needs.

Perhaps even drop by your home which is under construction for an inspection.

Maybe drop by your parents home for a visit at 362 Crown St.

Maybe stop by 1229 President by Ezagui to schmooze by your fellow COP/shmira members home for a few hours. No parking, No problem, just park it in front of a fire pump.

Stop by true value to pick up some construction material on the tax payers dime.

The COP vehicles (there are two of them) have been seen parked in front of COP/Shmira members residents for days and sometimes weeks at a time. Some WIS readers have reported seeing the COP vehicles with Shmira members operating them, getting a bite to eat in the  Flatbush area. Others have reported seeing how COP/Shmira members use the city owned vehicles to shuttle family and friends from one place to another. Note to WIS readers: If you see this taking place, please take a photograph and e-mail to: whoisshmira@gmail.com.

COP vehicles seen parked in front of the Yanky Pragers resident at 858 Eastern Pkwy for weeks at a time.

COP vehicle has been seen parked near construction jobs by Moshe Betesh (Time of photo, Betesh was doing construction in a home across the street from where he parked the COP vehicle).

COP vehicles seen parked in front of 675 Empire Blvd. residents to Menachem Kozlovsky, a shmira mesira member for days at a time.

Cop vehicle has been seen parked for months at a time in front of the Ezagui residents (On President St.)

2 Responses to “Why Is Convited Racist Leib Skoblo Driving The COP Car Once Again?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    how can i join the cop. if i join can i borrow the car to go out with friends? does this skoblo guy get to take the cop car upstate over the weekend? who pays for gas?

  2. Criminals On Patrol Says:

    Can anybody explain to me how a group of people who always worked against the law and always shunned the authority (NYPD) are part of this COP thing?

    WIS has posted a recording of Prager cursing out the police, this was all while being part of the COP.
    must of these thugs have criminal records, explain this to me!

    How did this happen?

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