Andrew Charles Beaten By Members Of Shmira Bringing Crown Heights To The Brink Of Another Race Riot.


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Hello Mr. Hynes,

I am a resident in Crown Heights and its been a number of months since the incident where a hasidic crown heights civilian patrol went and assaulted a young adult named Andrew Charles. Among some of the things I’ve read in the paper was you comparing this group the violent gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, and you vowed to prosecute them for this incident.

I have been walking the streets of my neighborhood for the past few years and I’ve observed some of the things this “group” has done in terms of breaking the law and taking things into their own hands and dispersing their own version of vigilante justice.

After the Charles incident I thought it would finally come to an end, yet the moment the media let up it seems you and your office has done the same, just swept the entire incident under your rug.

Now I see this group not only out on the streets unabashedly, but I see police giving them recognition and support. If i may speak frankly, what the hell is going on here? Members of their own organization of international fugitives and here you are sitting with them and negotiating with them in terms of neighborhood security, when they alone are responsible for bringing Crown Heights to the brink of another race riot.

Where is your office holding with prosecuting them? Where are they holding with dismantling this group, offspring of the Bloods and the Crips?


A Carroll Gardenrs & Crown Heights Resident

This letter was sent to WIS, it appears that someone decided to email the DA and voice his concerns.


2 Responses to “Andrew Charles Beaten By Members Of Shmira Bringing Crown Heights To The Brink Of Another Race Riot.”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Calls for Marches in Crown Heights

    CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Just moments ago a press conference, which appeared to have been called by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, in which there were calls of “No Justice, No Peace” and “We will tear down the white wall of silence” and even “we will march through these streets, even seven times until we break down that wall” these statements coming from Mr. Taharka Robinson, who is acting as spokesperson for the family and is the representative of Sharpton’s National Action Network.

    This comes after the incident where Shmira beat up an black man on the corner of Albany and Carroll Street. A number of news stations attended the conference including CBS2, NBC4, FOX5 and NEWS12, which took place on Albany Avenue between President and Carroll where the beating took place.

    The mother of Andrew Charles told the gathered reporters that he son is “emotionally scared, depressed and scared to walk out of the house” and “I hope there will be justice for my son”, Andrew himself spoke and expressed that he hopes to see his attackers pay for what they had done.

    One other notable speaker was Marq Claxton, a retired NYPD detective who was extremely inciting saying things such as “many years ago I was a victim of such assaults” along with “we will not tolerate this, this is unacceptable” yet Mr. Claxton neglected to mention who specifically were his assailants.

    There were vague references to the racially motivated beating of Shmuel Balkeny, and that he was attributed preferential treatment because he was jewish, yet to this date police don’t have any suspects in custody.

    Jewish resident who happened to be passing, stopped and watched curiously as this was being said, most were of the opinion that this was an attempt to bring riots back to the streets of Crown Heights one called it “marches? Yeh right, that’s what they called in 1991 and that’s what they think they will get away with calling it in 2008”.

    Following the conclusion of the press conference clergymen and woman mingled and spoke with some of the Jewish residents that had gathered, and spoke about the ‘tensions’ one clergywoman mentioned and the comments that are sometimes published, she said that comments that said “it’s about time” and the likes are really bad and only incite more. Others were heard muttering, that the reason it’s like that is that “we are more so the victim of unsolved black crime on Jews, it’s no wonder”.

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    NY Daily News Op-Ed: ‘Tribal’ tension in Crown Heights keeps neighborhood from moving beyond hate

    Nearly 17 years after riots tore Crown Heights apart, the recent beating of a black college student by Jewish assailants has exposed rising tensions between blacks and Jews in my neighborhood.

    Cops and city officials have quietly gone on high alert, worried that another riot could be in the works.

    The troubles began on April 14, when Andrew Charles, a 20-year-old sophomore at Kingsborough Community College, says he and a friend encountered a pair of young Jewish men while walking down Albany Ave. about 6 p.m.

    “One was on bike, one was on foot. They were staring at us, staring us down,” Charles told me. “We stared back. They approached us and asked if we had a problem.”

    The man on the bike sprayed Charles with tear gas, and a few minutes later a contingent of Jewish men arrived by car and in scooters and began chasing them.

    One man beat Charles on the back and arm with a nightstick, inflicting injuries that sent him to the hospital. The group fled, but not before a witness on the street got the license plate number.

    In any other neighborhood, a staredown between young men, even one that turns into a beatdown, would barely count as major news.

    But this is Crown Heights, where a smoldering pile of intergroup grievances and injustices – some real, many imaginary – set the stage for the shocking outburst of mob violence in August 1991.

    According to a memo circulated by Mayor Bloomberg’s Community Assistance Unit, city officials immediately descended on Crown Heights last week to establish “contact with the [Charles] family before outside agitators could jump in and reach out to the family to create community turmoil.”

    I don’t know which “outside agitators” the mayor’s people were afraid of, but community activist Taharka Robinson, founder of the Central Brooklyn Anti-Violence Coalition, is acting as Charles’ adviser. The family also has retained Paul Wooten, a well-known Brooklyn lawyer recently nominated for a Supreme Court judgeship.

    Robinson and Wooten are reliable, levelheaded men. They will have their work cut out for them.

    At the urging of city officials, a group of leaders from both communities will meet tomorrow – “before the Sean Bell verdict,” the Community Assistance Unit memo cautions – to figure out a way to dial down the tension.

    In the neighborhood’s calculus of tribal resentments, the attack on Charles was the mirror image of a January incident in which a teenage yeshiva student named Samuel Balkany said five black kids jumped and beat him, shouting “little Jew boy, you think you own this neighborhood,” and such.

    Despite a call from authorities for help in solving the case, nobody was arrested for the Balkany beating. Let enough of these tribal skirmishes accumulate, and you end up with a neighborhood ready to explode.

    Last week, much to their credit, cops from the 71st Precinct and Patrol Borough Brooklyn South quickly began a full-court press to solve the latest beating, with an extra incentive supplied by the fact that Charles’ father, Moses Charles, is a cop in Brooklyn’s 70th Precinct.

    The NYPD swiftly found the attackers’ car in East New York, stripped of plates but still traceable. At the car owner’s home, according to the Community Assistance Unit memo, cops arrested a man – believed to be the brother of the car’s owner – for interfering with government administration, and later released him.

    All along the way, local politicians and community leaders – both black and Jewish – have been talking.

    It’s a rotten shame that people in my neighborhood haven’t figured out how to live side by side, and an embarrassment that we have to rely on cops and nervous bureaucrats to keep the peace.

    Nowhere in the city will you find more devout religious people than in Crown Heights, yet it has come to this – shortly after Easter and the Pope’s visit, and in the middle of the Jewish High Holy Days.

    Can’t we all just get along?

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