Why am I obnoxious?


“TIME Magazine, the putrid Michael Grunwald referred to me as the obnoxious and anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh.  Now, why am I obnoxious?  ‘Cause I’m right, simple as pie. I’m obnoxious because I’m right.  They just can’t stand it.  I’m obnoxious because I’m right. (interruption) Why are they acknowledging it?  That’s a good question.  They could have written a story without putting my name in there.  I guess they just wanted to call me obnoxious. It’s probably why they included me in the story.  It is a good question, though.  They could have written that story, “Guess what, the oil’s not there, baffling everybody.”  But no, they say the obnoxious Rush Limbaugh wasn’t fooled.  Now, this is a lesson.  I asked the question, “Why am I obnoxious?”  The answer:  Because I’m right.  You see how they try to intimidate people from speaking their minds.  See how the ruling class tries to intimidate you from being right.  If you’re right, you’re mean-spirited.  If you’re right, you’re obnoxious.  If you’re right, why, you’re anti-environment, you’re anti-everything if you’re right. “

(Rush Limbaugh)

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