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Resurrection of the Corrupt Cabal?

August 13, 2019

What does the Mosser and Ganev Yaakov Spritzer  have to do with the Crown Heights Kashrus/CHK/Beis Din? What part did Spritzer have in the fake peace between two hate mongering entities? What peace can come via a group of bad evil people?


And Around We Go…

July 21, 2019

He [Hillel] also saw a skull floating upon the water. Said he to it: Because you drowned others, you were drowned; and those who drowned you, will themselves be drowned. (Ethics of the Fathers 2:6)

אף הוא ראה גולגלת אחת שצפה על פני המים. אמר לה: על דאטפת, אטפוך. וסוף מטיפיך יטופון


Mock Elections Coming Back To Play In Crown Heights

February 21, 2019

Regarding: Crown Heights Jewish Community Council to Hold Elections

The Crown Heights Community Council Inc. is so irreverent to our day to day lives that it took me a week to make time (wasted time) to address this issue.

Besides, after reading and hearing what the people have to say about this, there isn’t much to add.

I will however say a few things.



August 19, 2018

Time and time again we see see articles with the following statement, “Local leaders met with so and so to discuss so and so” etc… Who are these leaders? What exactly are they leading? Where exactly are they leading whomever they pretend to be leading? What have they actually done to demonstrate leadership?

Why are self appointed “leaders”, who lead nothing, making decisions that effect our neighborhood?

Zusha and Esther Sperlin-Wilhelm

June 24, 2018

For years I’ve been hearing whispers about Zusha and Esther Sperlin-Wilhelm this, glad to see someone standing up for themselves.

And this is a “Rosh Yeshiva”.

If anyone has details about what the Sperlin/Wilhelms have been up to, please contact CHLEAKS.

Revealed: Why Do Chabad Chaderim And Yeshivas Close For Three Mouths A Year?

August 24, 2015

warning-brain-explosion-zone-yeshiva close-summer-vacationThree mouths is needed to pick up the scattered pieces.

For those students starting Yeshiva this week. Have no fear, camp is near. Chanukah is around the corner and the end of Yeshiva is in sight, it will be time to find a camp for next summer.

To the Yeshiva Administration, principles and teaches.


Dov Hikind Stay Out Of Crown Heights!!!

May 3, 2015

Dov Hikind-chanina sperlin-hypcocrite-yitzchak shuchat-crown heights shmira-mesirah-corruption-fraud
Dov Hikind Backs Geoffrey Davis

Who elected [red in the face] Dov Hikind to represent Crown Heights? Who keeps bringing him to Crown Heights and why?

Dov Hikind represents the people from Assembly District 48, not the people of Crown Heights.

Dov Hikind is a lair and hypocrite and a friend to the corrupt cabal of Mossrim from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.


Review of The Recent Tragedy That Took Place In 770 Eastern Parkway

December 11, 2014

BREAKING- -Bochur Stabbed Inside 770 by Deranged ManRegarding: BREAKING: Bochur Stabbed Inside 770 by Deranged Man

First of all, I would like to commend the New York City Police Department for a job well done.

That said.

The Bochurim, the “Heroes”

These Bochurim (bystanders) that tried to intervene by attempting to to talk the attacker down, all the while standing near feet away, are no “heroes”. What they did was dangerous and plain and simply stupid!


Following Tragedy, The Vultures Descend On Crown Heights

December 9, 2014

Crown heights vultures  Politicians Hold Press Conference in Wake of 770 Stabbing-chanina sperlin-dov hikind-corruption-fraud-chjcc


Meshichist Mossrim Failed Caliphate

December 8, 2014

crown heights-community-council-chjcc- meshichistim  failed Caliphate-menachem mendel hendel-chanina sperlin-yaakov spritzer-yosef braun-corruption-fraud -beth din-beis-shmira - mesira
What was the agenda of the corrupt cabal of Crown Heights behind the Shomrim Six blood libel, followed shortly after by the Zablo Din Torah?


Flashback: Zaki Tamir 1st Post Election Interview

November 4, 2014

Crown Heights- flashback- zaki tamir

Could you believe it’s been five whole years since those “historic elections” *. When was the last time we heard anything from Zaki Tamir regarding the CHJCC? What has Zaki Tamir been doing these past five years?



Hasidic men arrested ‘trying to buy’ 50 pounds of weed

September 13, 2014

Source: NY Post – By Selim Algar


UPDATE: Documents attached bellow 

High holy days, indeed!

A crew of Hasidic Jews from Crown Heights who dreamed of fancy Hawaiian getaways tried to score 50 pounds of potent pot from an FBI agent posing as a Texas drug dealer, according to court papers.

Wearing traditional yarmulkes and tzitzits, Boruch “Barry” Rapoport, 47, Moshe “Mony” Horenshtein, 27, and Menachem Jacobson, 30, were all arraigned in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday and will have their cases transferred to Texas to face drug raps there.


Dov Hikind Stay Out Of Crown Heights!!!

August 17, 2014

Dov Hikind-chanina sperlin-hypcocrite-yitzchak shuchat-crown heights shmira-mesirah-corruption-fraud
Officials to Protest Recent Violence

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind and other elected officials and clergy request your participation at a news conference in connection with the increasing threat to the safety of Jews.

The conference will take place tomorrow, Monday August 18

Who elected [red in the face] Dov Hikind to represent Crown Heights? Who keeps bringing him to Crown Heights and why?


מכירת בתים לאינם-יהודים

April 29, 2014

crown-heights (more…)