Shomrim Six Informer Flees Israel


Shalom Cohen-שלום כהן-749 Eastern parkway-Brooklyn-ny
Shalom Cohen YM”S
One of the Meshichist Mossrim (informers) who almost five years ago falsely testified against the Shomrim Six, has fled Israel and as of  August 26, 2014 been residing in 749 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY (in a room that he’s somehow been holding onto for over seven years).

Shalom Cohen was in serving out a prison sentence [in Israel] for avoiding army services.

CHLEAKS.COM Intel informs that Cohen fled the country when he was given a weekend off, (yes, they do that in Israel).

CHLEAKS will update as more information comes in.

If you see the Mosser Shalom Cohen, please email, please inform us where you saw him and what he was doing at the time you saw him.

צא טמא צבי שרף-שלום כהןRelated:
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4 Responses to “Shomrim Six Informer Flees Israel”

  1. anon Says:

    Mendel Hendel needs his Tishrei schelper

  2. antimesira Says:

    749 must be shut down. It is a home of terrorist and mossrim.

  3. zev Says:

    I would imagine he used someone else passport to leave Israel.

    When it comes to identity theft or identity fruad the meshichistim from 749 are on the top of the list.

    I had a few cousins who throughout the years have stayed in 749 (not meshichistim), they told me that mail shows up all the time with various made up names.

    They rent cars with false names, they visit doctors with false names, they open credit cards with false names, and they come in and out of the USA with fake names.

  4. 1bigcholent Says:

    Interesting, one informer Yitzchak Shuchat fought to stay in Israel.
    Another informer flees Israel.

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