Chabad Yeshivas Agree to a Ceasefire R”L


Sorry we're closed- Crown Heights amd Isreali chabad yeshivas closed for summer-ceasefireThe Jerusalem Post reports that ‘Hassidim To Cancel Summer Vacation Activities, Keep Studying Because Of War‘.

The only sect of Chassidim that are going for a ceasefire by closing down Yeshivas is Chabad Lubavtich (?).

The [lame] excuses are: (1) Camps (2) Mivtzoyim.

(1) Camps? Is every yeshiva Bocher going to participate in a camp? Of-course not. Many, like in the USA will be running around like chickens without heads, doing g-d knows what. Definitely not learning.

(2) Mivtzoyim? Because until now (these past few weeks) there was nobody (youngerlite) available to go out on Mivtozyim?


We all agree that having a ceasefire before the mission is accomplished only works to the advantage of the enemy, so how is it that we in the USA agree every summer to a ceasefire of 10 plus weeks?

How is it that in Eretz HaKodesh, in middle of a physical war with a vicious and dangerous enemy, our (Chabad) Yeshivas are going on summer vacation?

We also unfortunately (now) know, that when we make a ceasefire the enemy will use that as an opportunity to strike and as a result many soldiers and civilians die.

Every year that our Yeshivas close for summer vacation, we lose many of our soldiers to the enemy.

We (Chabadniks) are constantly posting online (websites, facebook, whatsapp etc…) videos of talks or dollars of where the Rebbe zt”l is  talking about how to conduct a war (specifically) in Israel. Videos where the Rebbe is telling the Isreali government to do this or, how this or that move is a good one or a bad one etc…etc.. Yet, when the Rebbe speaks to us about what [part] we can do to win the war, we totally dismiss it.

You want the Israeli government to take the Rebbes advise on what to do or what not to do; how to win and how to lose etc…etc…?

Lead by example!!!!

The Rebbe wanted that our Yeshivas remain open 12 months a year.

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One Response to “Chabad Yeshivas Agree to a Ceasefire R”L”

  1. CH Says:

    100% right.
    Limud Hatorah is one of the Mivtzoyim.

    There are plenty of soldiers on the battle field doing mivtzoyim. There is no need to take yeshiva bochrim out of yeshiva. Everyone has his or her role to play, a yeshiva bochers role in the war is to sit and learn.

    I like that last point you made. How can we expect “others”, meaning non-chassidim or in many cases nonreligious government officials to heed the Rebbes advise, when we ourselves are not listening?

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