notice to the community


after receiving so many emails regarding stories of other mesira going on in the community, WIS decided that anyone with a mesira story against them that would like to publicize it on WIS is welcome to send it in.


27 Responses to “notice to the community”

  1. melady Says:

    sholom ber goldstien montgomery street is a moser! hes a rat! he called 311 on his neighbor and there looking at up to $25,000 in fines he even admits he maserd and said that he did not want his neighbor to dig out her garden who ever else has more details please send them in to w.i.s.

  2. moshe Says:

    ive seen that goldstien guy talking to shpritzer i guess all moserim atract

  3. john doe Says:



  4. 311 Says:

    “Just do it”

    The mosser way

  5. To John Doe Says:

    What about Krinsky, Shemtov, Zalman Kaplan, Sholom Wilhelm, and the list go’s on and on and on…

  6. loshon hara Says:

    loshon hara is just as bad as mesira

  7. Is a Mosser Jewish? Says:

    ב ולעולם אין אדם מעני מן הצדקה, ואין דבר רע ולא היזק נגלל בשביל הצדקה–שנאמר “והיה מעשה הצדקה, שלום” (ישעיהו לב,יז). כל המרחם–מרחמין עליו, שנאמר “ונתן לך רחמים וריחמך והרבך” (דברים יג,יח); וכל מי שהוא אכזרי ואינו מרחם, יחוש לייחוסו–שאין האכזרייות מצויה אלא בגויים, שנאמר “אכזרי המה ולא ירחמו” (ירמיהו נ,מב). כל ישראל והנלווה אליהם–כאחים הם, שנאמר “בנים אתם, לה’ אלוהיכם” (דברים יד,א); אם לא ירחם האח על אחיו, מי ירחם עליו. ולמי עניי ישראל נושאין עיניהן, הלגויים ששונאין אותן ורודפים אחריהם–הא אין עיניהן תלויות, אלא לאחיהן

  8. antimesira Says:

    “What about Krinsky, Shemtov, Zalman Kaplan, Sholom Wilhelm, and the list go’s on and on and on…”

    what about them?
    if you know something and you want to sher, by all means, don’t spear any details.

    this “just asking a question” shtik (B.S.) won’t fly here.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Your getting off track here. Why are you mixing Goldstein in to this? What dose he have to do with Shmira, this site is about WIS. Thats exactly the point, the owner of this is the master off the mosrims, he is the one sitting here mosering. Tell me yoru name, and im sure i can find something against you.

  10. moshe Says:

    what are you talking about off track. mixing in this site .is about wis who .do you think you are a moser is a moser and if this site can proof it they will put it on there is so much open rats pepole think its a normall thing alredy we have to let the pepole know you will be on wis

  11. john doe Says:

    To John Doe Says:

    October 19, 2008 at 5:09 pm
    What about Krinsky, Shemtov, Zalman Kaplan, Sholom Wilhelm, and the list go’s on and on and on…


  12. antimesira Says:

    thats right, it’s time to expose ALL mosserim.
    it is getting out of hand.
    just say Boo to someone and their calling the police.

  13. john doe Says:

    “when a Jew picks up the phone to masser another Jew his hand shakes and his mind does not let him form the words of messira, who are all these so called “Jews” who’s hands do not shake and minds do not falter that can masser and eat breakfast at the same time, are they Jewish?”

  14. what do you mean? Says:

    who cares if they are rats let WIS know

  15. Anonymous Says:

    people are just saying names, not proving anything. So yes those comments should be taken down. Hershkop also pressed charged on another jew, why not post it? You know why? cause your a liar, everyhting you say here is bull shit.

  16. bistritzki big talker small dick Says:

    could you add the yingi bistritzky to the mosrim?

    one of his friends in 71 pct told someone how he is trying to dictate to the pct who should help jews in need when thy have problems with the law .

    he is a filty mouth dictator and you have to run him out of town .

    ch is not his place

  17. hatzolodude Says:

    yingi has done more for CH then u will ever dream off. Besides his chesed we have hatzolo from well before u were born and every nite for 35+ years who gets up to take care of your family at 3am? Yingy! But if ur one of the loser hatzolo dudes that got thrown out of haztolo a few years back for being stupid I guess this comment is typical. Get a life!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    who ever posts names with out knowing 100% details of any story is motzei shem ra… which in itself is a aveira even worse then mesira.. see shulchon auruch.. so I suggest you delete any story here and stop bashmutzing people for no reason.. always hear 2 sides of a story before you make judgement….. and when you verify the story by some one with a respected opinion then post… just my two cents…

  19. antimesira Says:

    TO: Anonymous Says:
    October 20, 2008 at 12:18 am

    You self righteous son of a &*%$ you start off very nice and peace loving and then your true colors come out.
    You a Hypocrite and a lier.

    you start off saying (and I quote)
    “people are just saying names, not proving anything. So yes those comments should be taken down.”

    Which by the way you are very right.

    But then you go ahead and write (exactly what your preaching agents)
    “Hershkop also pressed charged on another jew, why not post it? You know why?”

    Your not trusted…
    “cause your a liar, everything you say here is bull shit.”

  20. john doe Says:

    I really got a kick out of listening to sean hannity today where he let liberals get 30 seconds of airtime to prove why they are voting barack hussein obama for president he always shoots em down in less then ten seconds being that all the “facts” they know are all brought up to be lies and propaganda which sounded exactly like the shmira moissrem, the missianist moissrem, and the shmira moissrem sympathyzers:

    ehh shomrim are moissrem they massered on shmira
    ehh a good friend in shmira told me
    ehhhhhhhh it’s all a conspiracy eehh shomrim is working with police, they created aids to kill the gay tzfatim missianist in 749
    ehhh but dovid rogatsky told me that shomrim almost killed them
    ehh ehhh ehhh no! but yossi stern told him………ETC.

    conservative talk radio host

  21. Resident Says:

    john doe is the man! A man with reason! Its always good to read your comments!.

  22. Zzzz Says:

    bottom line is this: the pretenders will continue to encloth themselves in the cloaks of the righteous. But its up to us to rid ourselves of these maligning cancers who seek to destroy when they don’t get what they want. There are numerous people outhere ( most of whom are mentioned on this site) that want to bring about shomrims demise, and they have stopped to the bottom of all bottoms in trying to make their dream a reality. But thank G-D shomrim are a dedicated group, who are hard nosed and are not giving up anytime soon! Its been about 10 years now! 10 years of messira, BS propaganda, lies etc. But shomrim only grew, and in the end shomrim will survive this current messira too! But let me say this to all u shmira mosserim: the Gemara in the end of tractate shabbat says: the the world is a ” galgal coder umistovev ba olam” which means the world is a revolving ball, and u never know when someone will do to u as u did to someone else! Beware there is a G-D up there who sees it all and it all gets recorded like we say in “ethics of our fathers”- “ayin roah veosen shomaat” and while u might be able to fool a couple of naive residents of our schunah, the truth will always find its way out-there, its just that it takes time!

  23. dude Says:

    hatzolodude Says:

    October 23, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Yochanan Cohen Gadol who served as the Cohen Gadol for eighty years going into the Kodesh Hakadashim every year. At the end of his life, though, he became a non-believer.

    if it happened to yochanan cohen gadol it can happen to yingi bistritzky.

    the difference is yingi is still alive and can do theshuva and restore his good standing in the ch community.

    with all due respect and everyone respect yingi for his good deeds.

    here he is choosing to be a friend of a goy sone isroel against his brothers

    you cant make sholem by pressing people to the wall to do what you think is right.

    what a shame he hes to be going down with the big rabbis the nicest people in crown heights . huebner the looser, prager the muslim rat with yechi on his traif head , stern chazer belly eat chazzer in public.

    who is he associating with ?

    in the first thing this yingi comes to shomrim with leverage you do this and that . when told to take off the mesirra first he wanted to keep the leverage well you go to mossrim friends and tell them that huebner never won a case in his life and his tactics are only intimidations.

    he is such a looser that he sued his neighbor and lost.

    anybody associates with the low life huebner mosser ym”s is cursed

  24. john doe Says:

    Thank you 71st Precinct for not for following the pied piper moissrem like the 77th pricint
    Once again the moisser huebener ym’s took the moisser garfucktle ym’s to the police, this time to the 71 Precinct claiming that a shomrim violated a restraining order forbidding contact IN THE PLACE OF RESIDENCE AND PLACE OF BUSINESS (garfunkle doesn’t live her and cannot officially work here) between garfunkle and the shomrim member.
    Paul huebener ym’s demanded that the shomrim member be arrested for “coming within 6 feet of garfunkle at simchat bais hashova of this year the officers at the 71 Precinct notified huebener ym’s and garfunkle ym’s that they will actually conduct an investigation unlike the 77th Precinct who decided to just take garfunkles word for it.
    In the previous messira garfucktle perpetrated he conveniently claimed that a shomrim member tried to kill him somewhere near lincoln place which falls into the 77th Precinct’s district (what he or the shomrim member happened to be doing there is anybodies guess, but of the course the 77 Precinct police officers ask no questions) however this time he claimed that a shomrim member came into contact with him by simchat bais hashaovo on kingston ave so it falls within the confines of the 71 Precinct hopefully g-d willing it will be proofing that huebener ym’s made up the story using the moisser ym’s garfucktle and they both get charged for attempting to file a false police report.
    They keep trying and trying and their beards get whiter and whiter.
    Good will always triumph over evil. Keep on trying.

  25. Zzzz Says:

    this guy huebner the mosser just doesn’t stop! He keeps on coming hes like a leech. Maybe WIS can obtain a police report which has his name on it, so everyone can see beyond shadow of a doubt that this guy is the ultimate mosser! He’s a sicko, he hates others Jews and thrives off messira! May Hashem have mercy on your soul!

  26. Michael Mineo Says:

    may hashem take this huebner to hell.

    the worst person was ever born tis nazi son of vegas whore unknown father .

    he is exposed all the way with all his messira he takes down the doctors who gave him fack sick days etc.

    any person with contact to this edp is going down.

    oy lorosho veoy lishchino.

    and remember our grnd fathers survived the yavsektzia in suviet union when this natzi huebners father killed jews in concentration camps.

    may he go to hell soon and rat there for all his nazi work against jews.

    all this “nice guys” who give him support will rat in the same hell.

  27. shmira spineless Says:

    If hearing, reading and seeing all the Mesira thats going on doesn’t send a chill up your spine, you don’t have a spine.

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