Yossi YM”S chazzer belly pig stern goes to UMAN for R”H


yossi stern chazzer belly goes to Uman? Whats in Uman for a guy like him? Now his Kippa reads...מ מו מוס מוסר

After coming back from Uman stern family turns a leaf? Not really!

After coming back from Uman stern family turns a leaf? Not really!

w.i.s. has gotten several email notifying them that the chazer went to Uman for Rosh Hashona. Uman is a place were lots of people go to, to reflect on holiness. why would stern go? You know sometimes when you want to leave the house to hang with friends you look for an excuse? what was his excuse for going. Well Uman is also known for its fine hookers. Don’t get fooled he doesn’t Daven all year why would he on R”H? not only that he was boasting all over Uman that shomrim members were locked up.

King Yannai said to his wife: “Do not be afraid of the Perushim, or from those who are not Perushim. Rather, Fear only the pretenders, who look like Perushim but are in reality not pious; for their actions are like the wicked actions of Zimri, and the seek reward like the righteous Pinchas.”

I know, I know! Your all numb from all this bullshit, you don’t care about anything anymore, all the Machlokis in the last 15 years has taken the juice (of life) out of you. All you want to do is live your life (like they say “live and let live”). BUT when Jews are in trouble WE (all of us) have to look beyond ourselves and do all that we can to save/help that person in trouble. It’s about time we wake up and start taking action, it’s about time we stand up to those very few that are trying to take ALL OF US down, it’s time to take back our community, for us and our children. If we are in this state of numbness now, what will be with our children?

These evil thogs [mossrim] feel to comfortable in our community, thay feel safe in our shuls ITS TIME TO SAY NO MORE!!!


5 Responses to “Yossi YM”S chazzer belly pig stern goes to UMAN for R”H”

  1. total losers Says:

    so your saying, its not safe no longer for shmira members to go to shul……..


    your song and dance is getting OLD……..

  2. antimessira Says:

    what is being said is not g-d forbid that anybody take any violent action agents any individual, only someone who would do that (hit people*) would think in that term.

    A mosser (and everything the Rambam adds to a mosser) should not feel that a shul is a safe haven for him to come and brag about what he does.
    The people in the shul should be ashamed to have this person around and ask or demand that he leave Just like you would do to a known child molester.

    Nobody’s perfect, but people who do wrong and continue to do wrong (to others) day by day and do it with intention don’t belong in our community. (this is what they do in real community- if a member is not being (or trying) a member he is asked to leave, he definitely does not get an EZ-pass).

    * Like the people (mishichist) that believe (or better yet WANT to believe) that mesirase nefesh means to beat someone up if he gets in your way (of your “believes”). Those people that always think violence in the answer are plain and simple bullies who would do their acts of violence regardless all they really need is an excuse.

  3. cool Says:

    a! his girls are pretty hot

  4. מ מו מוס מוסר Says:

    After coming back from Uman Sterns Kippa reads…

    מ מו מוס מוסר

  5. מ מו מוס מוסר Says:

    before we start to pray on Yom Kipper we start off…
    על דעת המקום ועל דעת הקהל בישיבה של מעלה ובישיבה של מטה אנו מתירין להתפלל עם העברינים
    Why don’t we start this the Rosh Hashona Prayer that way?

    Answer: because all the העברינים are in Uman for Rosh Hashona.

    העברינים:delinquent, felon, offender, criminal, delinquent, perpetrator, lawbreaker, lawbreaking, malefactor, malfeasant, misfeasor, sinner

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