What’s the difference between a rat and a squirrel?

The mosser Chanina

The Informer Chanina Sperlin

Nothing at all! the squirrel just has better PR

Whats the difference between Stern and Chanina?

Chanina a squirrel with better PR

Chanina a squirrel with better PR

Nothing at all! they are both working together to mosser other Yidden, Chanina just has better PR (for now).

COL reports: Captain Visits Vaad Hakahal

“Captain Peter Simonetti, Commanding Officer of the 71st Precinct, visited the Sukkah of Chanina Sperlin of the Vaad Hakahal.
They discussed plans for keeping peace in the neighborhood.
Sperlin thanked Captain Simonetti for his strong ties with the head of Hatzalah of Crown Heights, Avraham Bistritzky, and praised his assistance of Crown Heights community leaders.”





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Last I remember we the residents of Crown Heights had free democratic elections on to who should be representing us, we all chose (with our vote) to have Moshe Rubashkin as our Rosh Hakahal NOT chanina sperlin! Why is he sticking his nose were it does not belong [he had his chance and failed miserably] WE HAD ENOGHT! When does our opinion count?

Chanina is a Mosser who has in the past Massered on 5 families of Anash* and is now very involved with stern/shmira in locking up 7 members of Anash (6 of whom are Shomrim members).

* WIS has those police reports as well (in time WIS will post them).

32 Responses to “What’s the difference between a rat and a squirrel?”

  1. antimesira Says:

    we have to get ride of all the mosserim starting from the top!

  2. disgusted Says:

    chanina is just another pretender, It’s about time he learns his place and just let himself fade.

  3. yenkel Says:

    A picture of Yossi ‘Chazzer-Belly’ Stern


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Was there ever a report filled against Shmira, from Shomrim, or anyone close/apart of Shomrim?

    Dont respond with a story or excuse, just respond the truth, in a Yes or No format.

  5. someone Says:

    Every dog has his day, and chaninas day will come. He enclothes himself in the righteous cloak, but al he is, is a pretender! but one day it will all be exposed! b/c lies cant live forever, like it says ” sheker ain lo raglayim”. But i got to give it to chanina he puts up a good pose, he comes to 770 like 12:00 everyday, then he makes his minyan which he usually is chazan, while he is chazan he davens loud so everyone can hear him stuttering, and he puts up this pose of a ” groise oived”, but its ok, because thats all you really have! and if someone is goind to come and say well chanina does a couple of good things here and there, I would tell him on such people we say ” lo miduvshecha v’lo miuksecha” which means dont give me youre honey and dont sting me either!

  6. crown and kingston Says:

    How about the story that happened years ago, when chanina bugged the Rebbes room! what chutzpah! and yet he is a so-called self-proclaimed community leader! on this the Gemarah says ” oilam hafuch raiti” which means I have seen an upside down world! when you have people like chanina representing us! beside the fact that the way he speaks is a totall disgrace! chanina doesnt represent me, not yesterday,not today, not tomorrow!.

  7. person Says:

    They dont get it! the more they come after shomrim the more successfull shomrim becomes! despite having the so-called community leader – chanina on their side, and having put a banner proclaiming that ” hey look at me im here too” and a whole lot of propaganda, shomrim is just growing! but I guess when u hate so much, there is no logic involved, it makes you go crazy! like it says in ” ethics of our fathers” that jealousy, and desire, and honor drive a person out of this world! and shmira is guity of the three aforementioned ideas: 1. they are jealous of shomrim 2. they desire what shomrim has 3. they want honor and respect. but just like it says regrding the jews when they were enslaved in egypt, that the more the Egyptians oppressed them, the more the jews grew, so to here, the more shmira messira that takes place, and no matter how much propaganda is spewed out, shomrim will get stronger and stronger! and shmira will only be able to lick their own wounds.

  8. john doe Says:

    shmira goes fishing.

    לא תעמד על דם רעיך doesn’nt apply to the shmira/missianist. Every year at simchas bais hashaova the crown heights shomrim are asked by rabbi shemtov to provide security behind the stage, last night yanky the moisser prager ym’s armed with a video camera was caught on film along with the nazi and moisser moshe garfunkle ym’s in an attempt to have the nazi and moisser moshe garfunkle ym’s be caught on film with a shomrim member who has a restraining order to stay away from garfunkle ym’s so that the nazi and moisser moshe garfunkle ym’s would take the tape to the 77th pricint and claim that the shomrim member violated the restraining order and have him arrested.

    dazed and confused.
    the same night a shomrim member was approached by a fat mishichist who began harrassing him and screaming “shmira shmira moissrem moissrem” and then proceeded to say he will call the police and masser that this shomrim member attacked and beat him, thank g-d sergeant troise was on the scene and physicaly removed the edp telling the shomrim member that if he causes him problems again to please call him.
    the law states that in order for someone to be charged with assault the “victim” needs to have a physical injury, so go beat your head againts the wall you f’n retard.

    better then houdini.
    they left a banner and dissapeared, thank g-d for that.

  9. some dude! to October 16, 2008 at 7:02 pm Says:

    how can you ask the admin of this site as if he or she really knows

  10. preger muslim rat Says:

    i saw fbi staking the muslims house last few days i gues he is going down big time

  11. COL sucks Says:

    Whats COL deal with chanina, are they in love with him?
    every time somebody (including myself) write a comments agents chanina they either don’t put it up or put it up (maybe by mistake) and then a few minutes later they take it down (perhaps he calls them and ask them to take it down- what a loser).

    I don’t get COL:

    This is a guy which bugged the Rebbes room.
    This is a guy who has mossered on other yiddin.
    This is a guy who has funded the Tzavtim thugs.
    This is a guy who has fought the Rebbes mosdos for years (in court and out).
    This is a guy who associated himself with the shmira mesira and stern.

    Ha Mha? Whats up with that?

    I think WIS should put those police reports and court documents so we can all finally see chanina for what he really is, just another ba’al mochlokes ans mosser!

  12. chanina loves hate Says:

    chanina was the one that in sided alot of the “racial tension” and then went and called the media and preached that there is no “racial tension”. Anything to get some attention.

    Chanina is only around when it comes to lock up another Jew, hes never around to get a Jew out. what a shame.
    Besides he not out elected official he should stop pretending to be.

  13. Rats and Squirrels Says:

    Rats and Squirrels are both part of the rodent family and a pheromone from one rodent is still a rodent pheromone.

    A mosser is a mosser no matter how he dresses himself.

  14. DH Says:

    chanina runs that hate mongering site DH.

  15. CHSP Says:

    Chanina Sperlin Is the best, he helped Shmira so much we should all thank Chanina Sperlin for Al his good work.

  16. being chanina Says:

    all chanina did to get to were he is today is take pictures with politicians.
    to get pictures with politicians all you need to do is take pictures with politicians.
    You win they win. You don’t have to say anything to them and they to you.
    All you do is show up to these events and say you represent, take a few snap shots, the next event the politicians will want to take some pics with you (after all your that guy that was seen with that other guy, you must be important).
    It’s politics! everybody uses each other, all you do is get in to the game.

    By the way to do this, you have to have a lot of time on your hand, which means you have to be jobless (like chanina). and wear a gray hat.

    That picture of chanina wearing the gray hat (above) is the best he ever looked.

  17. some dude! October 16, 2008 at 10:00 pm Says:

    He knows everything else. Why dose he not know about what Shomrim is doing?

    He just likes to bash people for no reason.

    And if he really dise not know, why cant he respond No? Which he dose know to which he should reply withe a Yes.

  18. TRUTH EMES Says:

    I used to look up to Yingi Bistritzky
    now i see hes just another rat or squirrel
    It doesn’t really matter which one they both eat garbage.
    you want to know who a person is look at his friends
    for yingi to Pall around with these mosserim just shows who he really is.
    Another poor soul that smelled some [superficial] power and could not contain himself.
    A friend of a mosser is a mosser to me.

  19. preger muslim rat Says:

    heikhnd the rat is agahn with hubener ym”s

  20. watcher Says:

    did any one see the little fight that shmira had on montgomery and kingston i saw that edp hertzl attacking some one does any have have any info on what happen

  21. preger muslim rat Says:

    i seen the fbi looking for the gurfunkel today ……

    guys fun is just starting.

  22. john doe Says:

    chanina is a walking drug, the edp pops so many pills he keeps the drug companies in buissness.


    the sperlin family is all from the money of thier beloved father who set buildings on fire and colected insurance.

    just in the proces he mosserd 5 jews who went to jail and with all his grid

    he ended up in jail as well.

    so chanina is a mosser ben mosser.

    i can belive how that legaly not normal person can run anithing.

    but for sure he is a mosser the son of a mosser.

    please put online the copy of chaninas mesira.

    and start a full campain to expose this rat


    if chanina is surviving on all this medication

    and you push him enough he will brake down and no more problems in ch

    please get rid of him and later deal with the nazi huebner that his mother was a las vegas whore and his father is unknown

  25. preger muslim rat Says:

    chanina mosserd on hershkop with the 770 box .

    plese find it and put it on line.

    i think that somehow chaninas medical records have to be exposed.

    he is no a stable person and we need to et rid of him

    he was elected as a member of vaad halohol becouse of 3 voided ballets.

    now is time to get him out .

    and maybe elect bistritzki he seem like he has too much time ,

    he goes to the dikless shmais to wash his stolen money in shmaiss mikveh.

    but chanina has to be voted out.

    election now

    election now

    election now

  26. court officer Says:

    chanina mosser rat

    how many piills you poped today ?

    you are so medicated stupid edp rat

    medical record now

    show your medical record and let all officials see what a crazy person you all party with .

    simonety are you as medicated as chanina or is your father as crooked as chanina ?

    what a police officer doing with this stupid crazy person?

  27. court officer Says:

    new item in the filings of CLARKE FOR CONGRESS – 2008

    chanina put his accupation as rwal estate broker

    now he has no license nor dose he have the brain to get a license

    it is a crime in nys to impersanate a real estate broker onlicense .

    this will be reported .

    its on a federal document.

  28. NYPD Says:

    since the jenius simonety is here crime is up and murder is up 50% FROM LAST YEAR

    i think after all vega waqs smarter.

  29. Quote Of the day: Says:

    There is no victory as sweet as that achieved against an enemy who was certain he would win.
    – Manly Rash

  30. Michael Mineo Says:

    71 pct f****g people in the ass ?

    the story checks out now in the latest news .

    The man who said cops sodomized him with a walkie-talkie antenna had injuries consistent with that type of assault, according to his hospital discharge papers.

    And law-enforcement sources said Michael Mineo suffered a torn rectum among other severe injuries.

    so mr chanina and freind simonetti who is shtuping who ?

    good friends go down together.

    mr simonetti ask the shmira mesira to help you shtup.

  31. snowtird Says:

    u guys all suck

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