Ever See A Pig On Life Support? Check Out Shmira!

Coincidence? I THINK NOT! The Shmira banner atop the Shomrim Command Post.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT! The Shmira banner atop the Shomrim Command Post.

So they show their true colors yet again. After weeks of Shomrim parking their command post on Kingston and Crown, this seems to have bothered shmira enough so they went and hung a huge banner over traffic and right over the shomrim command center.

So lets take account of what is happening here. Shmira has a patrol car they dont use, thats all. Shomrim on the other hand has a mobile command center, two patrol cars, 12 3-wheeled scooters, 3 2-wheeled mopeds, and they are out visible and patrolling at all hours of the day and night.



21 Responses to “Ever See A Pig On Life Support? Check Out Shmira!”

  1. Someone Says:

    Its called follow the leader, first shomrim introduced their fleet of scooters, then shmira got their scooter too! But they only got one scooter, I guess they didn’t want to spend so much money, but they had to get atleast one because shomrim had a few. The scooter that shmira had is dead and can be seen parked on eastern pkwy. Then shomrim got jackets and coats for their members, and guess what it didn’t take shmira long and they too came up
    with jackets for their members, coincidence? I think not. It is interesting to note that you never see shmira members wearing their jacket, while on the other hand you can see shomrim members with their shomrim shirts, jackets, coats, and vests, which speaking of vests shomrim recently introduced the vest to their units, so it might take shmira a month or two to get the drift.
    Then shomrim were gonna put out a patrol car, and guess what happened a couple of days later shmira had one too! Coincidence? I think not. Shomrim has a beautifull command post ( their second one) and shmira has yet to get one, but I guess they ain’t bringing in enough money, nebach people are exposed to the lies, and they are not willing to give as much? Or maybe prager lives off it and therefore won’t give it out. Whatever the case shomrim was and always will be the superior and original patrol in crownheights! Shmira separated from the original shomrim and have been playing catch-up ever since! So no matter how many posters or banners they put up, they will always be second class.

  2. Me Says:

    when you are down you get desperate! I think shmira should make the song ” desparado” their theme song! Its ok, u can publish as much news-letters as you want and distribute them all over 770, and then hang up banners, well it hasn’t worked till know and I”yh it won’t work from now! It says ” sheker ain raglayim” that means falsehood has no feet, which means eventually it will get exposed! It can take 5 or 10 or even 50 years, but alas It will be exposed. Shmira u feeling the heat aren’t you? Its ok because every dog has his day and you’re day will come!.

  3. leib shmok skolovzky Says:

    thats what happend when a secretery in the police commissioners office sleeps with stern chazer belly

  4. antimessira Says:

    desperate people take desperate measures.

    I thought it would take just a little longer for their TRUE AGENDA to come out in the open, I guess like the little children they are they just couldn’t wait.
    At least now we know!

  5. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    What’s the difference between Shomrim and shmira? Nothing at all, what ever Shomrim does shmira simply copies and takes the credit.

  6. john doe Says:

    coming tommorow on the opposite corners will be signs for the bloods and the crypts, any other gangs are more then welcome to post their own signs.

  7. CHER Says:

    The whole point of the sign is to reawaken the Machlokes, what is shmira to do, all the Crown Height residents call Shomrim when they need help.
    To those shmira Members (the regular guy) who might have good intentions, Chazal have this to say (and I relate it to you) “The fish stinks from the head”. Who exactly stands in the head of shmira?
    What he even have a little Yidishkit? Thats how a Jew looks? O.K., he’s not a Chossid (granted) atleast to look a little Jewish! His children don’t look like they learn in our mosdos. All day He sits in the police station Massering on fellow Jews… On him it is said “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”.

  8. Dov Says:

    this is too funny, shmira think this is color war, whoever had more propangda out wins.

    shomrim in the meantime have substance, a command post, 3 wheeled schooters zipping all over crown heights, patrol cars, everything a proper patrol should do.

    shmiras in like a pig on life support, and they just keep dieing. this time the community sees it so openly!

  9. easy as 123 Says:

    shomrim is crowheights original patrol! They do great work
    ! some people do and some people hang up signs , shomrim does and shmira hangs up signs. If shmira was doing very well why do they need advertisment on Kingston ave? Wouldn’t you think that their number would be posted on every fridge or phone in every home? Obvisiouly that is not the case, obvisiouly its shomrim who is recognized by the crownheights community! And therefore shmira needs an advertisement! But lies are limited, they are all bound to get exposed, and that’s what happening to shmira, everyone slowly slowly sees their true colors! Rock on shomrim!.

  10. joe Says:

    Under leadership of rabbi yingy bistritzky,hatzolah & shmira are striveing

  11. leib shmok skolovzky Says:

    hey dont get hatzolo involved

    only bistrizki whants to be the next mayor or the next da

    go dink yourself in the mikveh shame on the bistritzki for trying to distroy the shomrim working for chazer belly stern and homosexual skoblo.

  12. shmira pushka Says:

    I have a full shmira pushka, I don’t want to give it to shmira, I feel that they lied to me on how and were my money is going to be spent.
    Can I give my money else were? when I put the money in that charity box I thought it was going for one thing and now I see it’s not.

    What should I do???

  13. Doing the RIGHT thing! Says:

    Last night (October 11) while shmira mesira was putting up a sign (10pm) shomrim was out helping and doing (actually being active in protecting us).

    (I took the following comment From CH.info, I liked it especially the end)
    Man committing a crime.

    “Shomrim gives a hand and lawfully holds him. the police arrive, make an arrest.
    No shomrim member has to leave the country and were not on the brink of another riot.

    Thank you shomrim for doing a great job, as always.

    I don’t have to write your number here because who ever has to know it already does”.

  14. john doe Says:

    the dilusional stern

    narcissist (plural narcissists)

    Person full of egoism and pride.
    The tyrant was known to his subjectives as a proud narcissist.
    One who shows extreme love and admiration for oneself.

    stern happily directing the placing of this shameful sign was asked by curious onlooker what it was abou,t more specifically what is the diffrence between the shomrims mobile command center and the shmira’s sign? yossi stern so infatuated with himself answered “it’s all mine”.
    indeed in this sick mans (yossi sterns) mind it is all his.
    all his hundred radios (er sorry i mean members)
    the “hundreds” of calls and arrests he handles every year.
    the firefighting squad he leads with valor etc.
    yossi stern lives in a world of his own exclusive only to his small pathetic group of mossrim who cling to him as if he’s the chosen one, the rest of us? we read the sign from the back, a plain empty white banner.

  15. john doe Says:


    growing up i was taught that jews are different from gentiles in that jews 1. feel shame 2. have a guilty concience 3. are paranoid (#3 has nothing to do with this)
    by putting up this disgraceful sign above the shomrim mobile command center does yossi stern and his cronies feel no shame? have they no guilty concience for all their messira? their bs “cop” program which will obviously have gentiles amongst it’s ranks should not be called a “joint” patrol as being that stern and the shmira moisrem can’t be jewish it iwill just be an observation patrol not a joint patrol.

  16. antimesira Says:

    shmira has “HUNDREDS” of members each a leader of his own.
    Shomrim has but a few members (30-40) with only one leader.

    …said Rabbi Joshua. “Now, why did you bless the men of the beautiful synagogue who did not open their homes to us?”

    “That was no blessing, my friend,” replied Elijah. “A community where everybody is a leader is not a happy place to live in. This is also the explanation of my wish to the kind and hospitable citizens of the last place we visited. Let them have one respected and able leader who is dedicated to the good of all. There will be peace, harmony and co-operation in that blessed community, and it will prosper.”

    Let shmira have it’s Hundreds, keep them enjoy!
    Can you imagine a hundred people all doing what they want?
    I could, I just look at the way shmira turned out.

  17. For the good Says:

    On this you can Truly see how GAM ZU L’TOVA.

    I encourage shmira to do more things like this, this is the way to go, DON’T STOP!

  18. jack Says:

    I’ll take/trust shomrims few members over shmira 100s.
    imagine a 100 cowboys and vigilantes each one thinking hes smarter then the next, each one a “leader” in his own right!
    imagine the disorder and mayhem.

  19. going out of business Says:

    I heard that b/c of shmiras 100 members Empire Grill went out of business and had to sell. imagine 30-40 guys pigging out every night for free!

    shmira (and it’s individual “leaders” and members) are bad for Crown Heights.

    Let’s get ride of them once and for all!

  20. lover Says:


  21. observer Says:

    I know I shouldn’t even be looking at their sites (and giving them hits) but once in a while I get a Hatzer Hora and go check it out.

    This is a comments someone wrote regarding some B.S. story of shmira saving the day on Jihad.info. You can feel the jealousy and hate coming out of the computer screen.

    esti fourer
    “wow thank you shmira one thing i like about shmira is that they keep discreet and know one knows who they are and there is no ego here not like other people runing around with jackets all day so everyone knows that they were there for the picture mean while SHMIRA does everything leshame shmayim. thank you smira for everything you do for our community”

    [there are some nice responses, surprised that they actually approved them]

    3. positive-negative
    “wow wow wow there is a positive article about shmira lets use this opportunity to talk negative about shomrim.
    That will defiantly work for us.”

    4. To:#2
    “why is everything you do biased or depends on what others do,
    What is this need to always compeer?
    Look in your own plate!
    Look in your own sidder!
    Look how much you have done and how much more you can do!
    Why does it matter what the others are doing or not doing!

    I’m sorry to say this but you sound like a kid saying…
    “My Tatty is bigger then your Tatty”.

    For g-ds sake GROW UP!”

    5. facts
    why the hate
    “shmira is that they keep discreet and know one knows who they are and there is no ego here not like other people runing around with jackets all day so everyone knows that they were there for the picture mean while SHMIRA does everything leshame shmayim”

    “Is that a fact?
    This very story proofs other wise.
    Shall we go check all the web sits for all the back stories of shmira and it’s pictures.
    Check out Chabad.info
    Stop making a fool of yourself! These tricks are old.

    6. Shmira discreet
    “and what was that big shmira sign they hung up on kingston and crown?
    Ye, very discreet.
    Ye, shmira doesn’t have any jackets, keep telling yourself that.
    They must be so secret nobody even knows about them.”

    “mean while SHMIRA does everything leshame shmayim”
    How hypercritical! “leshame shmayim” my @$$, his very comment is proofing other wish.
    סוף מעשה במחשבה תחלה- “the end deed (the result) is in the first thought”
    the whole purpose of his comment was not to praise shmira put to bash Shomrim.

    12. shmira replies
    you guys all need help
    or maybe you need just leave the community

    Wow, what a reply, what intellect. what was anybody thinking by trying to debate shmira?
    did they really think they can beat them? I mean the Chochma and Bina coming out of those great minds of theirs, it’s even worth trying. I conceded I have no choice, you they put me to shame I must leave the community.

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