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  • john doe Says:

    Today 6 Shomrim members were in court yet again, one Shomrim member was arrested in the courthouse by 4 detectives from the 77 precinct and four court officers (that’s 8 guns not including backup guns) on another vicious messira by the moisser and pussy moshe garfunkle may g-d pass judgement on him even before yom kippur.
    moshe garfunkle the moisser claims that a Shomrim member violated the restraining order he was served that states he cannot approach garfunkle and tried to kill him, this is the second time that garfunkle is claiming that this same Shomrim member violated the restraining order and this arrest makes it the third arrest for this young Shomrim member in 2008 from vicious and false messira from the moisser garfunkle who knows that the corrupt 77 precinct will lock up the Shomrim member on a whim.
    the 77 pricint-shmira connection:
    yossi stern – auxiliary 77 precinct
    leib skoblo – auxiliary 77 precinct
    mendy kahan- auxiliary 77 precinct
    yitchak shochat- auxiliary 77 precinct (some are still auxiliary and some are former with connections)
    police officer- detective wannabe brian duffy stated in front of 6 witnesses that this was a political arrest (whatever that means)
    In court the prosecutor (who’s a Jewish and religious woman that wore pants probably not to be seen as a Jewish and religious female prosecuting 7 fellow Jew’s) claimed to the judge that posting information on the Internet will somehow threaten prospective jurors (she showed copies of various religious websites that posted articles on this case) ya! as if the jurors are going to be fellow religious Jews from crown heights.
    it’s has become a fact that the court and the police monitor this site and many other religious websites looking for incriminating material and are now looking to infringe on the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of press, it seems like our corrupt justice system can do whatever it wants whenever it pleases and there’s not a damn thing anybody can do about it.

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    13 Responses to “please leave more comment like this one.”

    1. leib shmok skoblo Says:

      history repete

      back in the 1990’s

      officers from 77 pct were arested for selling drugs on eastern parkway and nostrand ave.

      but now this detective in 77 we should open a site to collect all stories about the corrupt 77pct

      the co of detectives in 77 should be all expose all the way .

      maybe we should start a site

      and dedicte the site for all citizens of crown heights north

      i am sure that not only jews suffer from him.

      i know a few community activist to run the site in the african american community. with joint forces the co will find himself in the hot seat.

    2. True Heroes indeed Says:

      I am very amazed and but not so surprised of the positive energy that Shomrim members have despite all thats happening to them.

      Speaking to a Shomrim member who is one of the individual who is being falsely charged, I hear only positive things.
      He says that what Sterns shmira is trying to do is take away Shomrim good spirit (“slay our hearts”). He says that will never happen. he says shomrim is just getting stronger and better. he says since the Mesira started no member has left the organization, in fact more have joined. One shomrim member was arrested 3 times on false charges (blood libels) by Gurfinkal (as late as of Yeasterday, October 6) and is still in shomrim and plans to stay. He also added that when this is done the evil people won’t give up and will come back to try to take them down another day. The best way to fight evil is by doing more good “a little light pushes away a lot of darkness”.
      It’s the story of life, if you want to do the RIGHT thing you have to be ready to fight the evil forces that WILL try to stop you.

      I can’t really add to what they themselves have to say, but I will say this…

      Shomrim, you all are doing a great job, do the right thing and push forward, let not your heart be troubled, good always comes out on top (you need a lot a patients to get to victory but it comes).
      Were there is good you will always find evil,
      Hashem created Bad to make the good look good.

      “He found himself standing in the dark
      Facing an enemy who sought to slay his heart
      All alone, in the Bark of night
      Without his family to aid him in his fight
      And as the dust rose up from the ground
      They battled endlessly to bring each other down
      The hours passed, had the time come to retreat?
      Perhaps surrender, and admit defeat

      A voice inside him said “Carry On”
      You must face your fear and persevere
      Until the light of dawn
      you’ll find a strength you never knew
      Buried deep inside of you
      Yes you will rise up, you must carry on

      We We all have moments, struggles day to day
      And it just seems easier, to throw it all away
      We must remember we can make the climb
      A gift of courage from the dawn of time”

    3. CHER Says:

      Why is the DA and our community members listening to stern,
      Is there a scam that they are involved in together.

      The whole case does not make any scents.

      on one side you have a bounce of punks and on the other people with familys and jobs.
      Doesn’t the DA have half a brain to see through this?

    4. bizaritisky Says:

      shomrim should be stronger and stronger.

      thank god i see you guys and we are proud of you.

      look at the other side stern chazer belly went to UMAN to find Ukrainian prostitutes .(maybe gurfunkel is one of the offsprings stern left in uman by the ukrainian prostitutes back in the day)

      his friends chanina who cares ? the money came from mossering jews and burning buildings anyway.(and now his brothe in law junik colect money for the shmira guys on the run)

      what a disgrace for politicians to party and eat from this money.

      bistritzky the “good men” yes bacouse of him gurfunkel is a free man and hurt so many jews .

      first he made machloikis in hatzoloh than all his money he took from his brother but now he sokes the money in the mikveh so its kosher .

      he is blessed with all the kids chasidishe look like the chazer belly stern.

      stern dont worry he will hang himself you dont need to do nothing to him.

      skoblo wow his wife is so lucky any place she touches is a potz.

      the list go on and on.

      none of the shmira mafia mosrim will get away with this .

      and as for the 77 pct dont worry justice is on the way change is comming

      thy are not the untouchebles the end of the day justice day is here and GOD will show all this thugs in 77 who is boss.

      maybe the days of shutting down the entire station will have to play again.

      we still remember the corner of eastern parkway and nostrand ave where 77 pct oficers were selling drugs.

      remember every dog has its day.


    5. Cops are people too Says:

      cops are also people and need to feed their family a little bit extra cash never hurts. it may hurt some one else but who cares.

      as g-d fearing people we know that nobody gets to keep whats not his or hers, so justice (in time) will do it’s thing and all the pigs that swim with stern and his blood money that he collects from the community will pay the heavy price.

      Today on top
      tomorrow dooooooooooooooown below.

    6. garfunkle the moisser Says:

      garfunkle the moisser is a goy who has no mercy
      He beats people up all day every day and laughs it off because he knows that (as long as they need him) stern, chanina and mendle hendle got his back and the 77 has their back (pigs rubbing asses together).

      “those who are kind to the cruel will end up being cruel to the kind”

    7. CHER Says:

      the real presser has to go on the real instigators of this mesira

      yossi stern
      chanina sperling
      mendle hendle

      gorfinkal is just ANOTHER pawn in there evil war that they have been fighting the last 15 years. I call these pawns “ghost” because when they screw up there is no one to take responsibility. Each ghost thinks he is the first one (not knowing history) and thinks he will be the mishichist; anti chabad hero.
      The ghost always losses b/c if he is successful (yet to be seen) then the big bosses take the credit. if he fails they disown him.

      The real mosserim
      yossi stern
      chanina sperling
      mendle hendle

      Gurfingal is just another sucker like they say “a sucker is born every minute”.

    8. din vecheshbon Says:

      every person involved in this case will have to talk one way or the other, popo or smow they will all have to swell like the pigs they are.

      G-d is the judge of true justice.

    9. WhoIsShmira? Says:


      No, I don’t think so.

    10. Desperate Agenda Says:

      desperate Agenda
      Getting a shomrim member arrested 3 time for “disobeying a court corder”.
      Complaining about the media on this case.

      This is not the behavior of people who think they’ve got it in the bag.

      It seem to me that they have nothing to go after shomrim for 749 so they are trying to distract the court with other matters unrelated.
      The more these idiots pound their scrawny chests, the more convinced I am that they’re nervous. If they’re so confident that they have a case , so sure they’re going to crush shomrim with 749 why are they veering off?

      Anybody out there thinks that stern cares about justice is a fool, all this is, is jealousy and revenge.
      we still didn’t get an explanation on why shmira is actively fighting shomrim… wait a minute, i’m wrong, we did…. [yossi stern] “how and why the fight started is irrelevant”.
      “irrelevant” is an intellectual and proper responds when your put on the spot, isn’t it?

    11. leib shmok skoblo Says:

      this is in europe ?

      gurfunkel is not jewish and this is for sure.

      but bistrutzki is a jew hater that gut the natzi gurfunkel out of jail

    12. History repeated Says:

      sterns shmira are getting desperate thats why they are taking cheap shots.

      History repeats it self.

      I read this headline (it’s simpler to this story).

      Jacob Wrestles with Esau’s Angel (1556 BCE)

      “And Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until the break of dawn. When he saw that he could not prevail against him, he touched the socket of his hip, and the socket of Jacob’s hip became dislocated as he wrestled with him.”

      The article goes on to tell that Esav extended his hand in “peace” to Yaacov, but yaacov know better (very much like whats happened here)…
      “The next morning, Jacob confronted Esau in the flesh. Esau, who had come with a band of armed men with the intention to kill his brother, “ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him; and they wept”. Esau invited Jacob to join him in his mountain kingdom of Se’ir, but Jacob replied, “Please, let my lord go on ahead before his servant; and I will lead on slowly, according to the pace of the cattle that goes before me and the children, until I come to my lord to Se’ir” — a promise yet to be fulfilled (ibid., 33:4-14).”

    13. Mike from BRKLYN Says:

      gurfunkel??? whats his real name ???

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