Well said!!!


This guy heubner makes me sick! He goes out of his way to masser on other yidden! On him the Rambam says, that if you see him drowning, not only are you NOT allowed to save him, you are obligated to push him in further so he drowns! huebner u are a rat! And eventually it will all catch up with u. In the Talmud tractate of shabbat it brings a story of a goy that came to hillel and shmai to convert. First he went to shmai and was rejected, and when he came to hillel he was accepted, when he asked hillel teach me the Torah on one foot, hillel replied:” whatever u don’t want someone to do to you, don’t do it to someone else”. The commentators explain that hillel was actually teaching him what it says in the Torah ” to love your fellow as yourself”, and they offer explains as to why hillel didn’t say straight up love your fellow etc. And why he did say it in a negative way ” whatever you don’t want etc. The lesson is as follows we see that even a goy was able to understand to a degree, the idea of loving your fellow, and this heubner mosser can’t! Ahavas yisroel is not in his bible! The commandment that hillel said is ” the foundation of the whole Torah” well heubner doesn’t believe in it. The Gemara says in tractate yevamot, that there three signs that the Jewish nation posses: 1. They are kind 2. Mercifull 3. And they are shy, and this heubner doesn’t posses any of these qualities! He is a cruel sick messira machine! He isn’t shy at all, he blatantly walks in to police stations and conspire messira! And now I ask this question this man doesn’t posses ANY Jewish qualities, not even one! So is he a yid?


32 Responses to “Well said!!!”

  1. Person Says:

    the Talmud yerishalmi in tractate brachot chapter1 Mishnah 1 says: Rabbi shmuel the son of nachman says in the name of Rabbi yonasan: ” it is permitted to speak Loshon hora on people who make machlokes”. Well in that case there is nothing wrong with exposing heubner, for as the Talmud says its not Loshon hora!.

  2. Hello Says:

    What goes around comes around! Whatever this heubner did to harras and intimidate other Jews, its all gonna get back at him! G-d keeps a tab on everything that goes on in this world. We know that there is a concept of ” mida kneged mida” so heubner beware! What did this heubner ever do for this community? Has he contributed to any organization? Besides for his generous contribution to shmira messira. Has he ever come to the aid of a yid in trouble? Besides when he can screw you over and then charge you for legal fees, like he did to dovi best a few months ago. Has he ever patrolled the neighberhood? But he gets an A plus in the messir department. Looking for messira conspiracy? Well Paul heubner is your guy! Specializing in all sorts of messira! Especially against other Jews! Especially against shomrim members! Heubner you are a moisser and may G-d punish you for all your messira, unless you do teshuva.

  3. who is a Jew? Says:

    When the Rebbe zt’l spoke about “me Hayeudi” (who is a Jew) I think it’s safe to say that he was talking about Crown Height as well (as Israel).

    People come to our community and park them selfs here, we don’t know who they are and were they came from. No wonder a Goy can just blend in.

  4. 2bajew Says:

    All you need to be a jew (in CH) is to believe the Rebbe is Meleke Hamoshiak
    you don’t even have to believe in g-d.
    Put on a Yeki Yamuka and your good to go.

  5. yakov yehuda huebner Says:

    this is chevlay moshiach .

    hager asher bekirbecho yaale r”l

    come a goy son of vegas whore unknown father to crown heights.

    did he ever have to show who he is ?

    that is why we have to be more racists . no more bts if the bts in ch have any pride thy should of drive a nazi huebner out of ch .

    koshim gairim lyisroel kesapachas.

  6. Hello Says: Says:

    @hello and to this site.

    “What goes around comes around! Whatever this heubner did to harras and intimidate other Jews, its all gonna get back at him! G-d keeps a tab on everything that goes on in this world.”

    Please keep in mind what you are saying.

    “What goes around comes around!”
    “G-d keeps a tab on everything that goes on in this world.”

    That also consists of all the postings that are on this site…….

  7. to Hello says:says: Says:

    you think you got me, ” what goes around comes around” and you say that it applies to the postings on this site. So first of all the Talmud yerishalmi says ( it was quoted in a comment on this thread) that you are allowed to say loshon hora on a Baal machlokes!
    2. He is a mosser, if u take a look in Rambam Hilchos Avodas Kochavim chapter 10 Halacha 1 you will see, that the 1. The Talmud yerishalmi writes that you are allowed to say loshon hora about a Baal machlokes ( this was written on an earlier comment on this thread). Rambam includes a mosser in the same category as a apikores and a min (heretic)! And he says that if you see them falling down in a pit, not only should you not save him, rather you should push him deeper in it!
    3. If you look in Halacha and response by our great rabbis Ob”m u will see that they are pretty harsh when discussing heretics and mosserim.
    4. Can you include a heretic or a mosser in a minyan? Its not simple at all, and many times you can’t! In Igros Moshe there are a few responses about the halachik status of heretics etc.
    5. Rashi brings this in Chumash, I don’t remember where off-hand, “who ever has mercy on the cruel, in the end He will be cruel to the Mercyfull”
    6. So yes its true, what comes goes around comes around! But at the same time, when it comes to mosserim who will stop at nothing at all, and try to lock up other yidden with vicious blood libels and messira, they have to be exposed! No mercy! And next time you walk into a shul and they only have ten, and heubner is one of those ten, its a big shaala if u can daven with that minyan! And exposing heubner is not Loshon hora, rather its the right thing to do!

  8. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    “That also consists of all the postings that are on this site…….”

    Can’t wait to see what hell a person who exposes a child molester gets!
    Can’t wait to see what hell a person who exposes another for stealing etc…
    Can’t wait to see what hell a person gets for exposing Mosserim.
    Can’t wait to see what hell a person who exposes a gang of hooligans who are destroying a whole community from inside out.

    Id rather have the Hell of the person doing the exposing then the hell of the person being exposed!

  9. Hello Says: Says:

    Your ignorance shows…

    Do you think that posting your bull shit on a stupid site that has never said a kind word about anyone.

    This is not they way you get things done.

    Hillel replied: “whatever u don’t want someone to do to you, don’t do it to someone else”.

    I am sure when he sad this he did not say “post it all over town for every goy and yid to see….”

    When you know some one who dos not pay there Tax bill. Do you call the irs and tell them that he just got a new car?

    Who the hell do you think you are.

    maybe you should take another look at what Hillel sad.

  10. to Hello says:says: Says:

    To hello:
    your stupidity amazes me! You mean to compare heubner,stern, prager etc. With a person that didn’t pay his taxes and instead went and bought a new car! No, you are not allowed to call the IRS, but these guys aren’t about avoiding the IRS, they are serial mosserim who systematically are trying to put certain members if our community in jail! And such people are scum of the earth, to such an extent the Rambam puts them in the same breath as heretics! If all heubner stern and prager ever did was tax evasion, I don’t think there would be this website, but no, they go ahead and instigate blood libels on other yidden, specifically shomrim members, and you wanna know who the hell I am? Well, I am a simple crownheights kid, who knows some of the people that went to jail and have to appear at court all the time, you know why? YOU guessed it! Because of shmira messira! Go look in choshen mishpat siman 26 what it says about a mosser.

  11. john doe Says:

    To Hello Says: Says:

    October 28, 2008 at 4:50 pm
    Your ignorance shows…

    The question is who the hell are you? have you been massered on? have you felt the cold metal of handcuffs on your wrist? have you felt the humiliation of sitting in a courtroom with common criminals again and again? will you have to tell your wife and kids you might be going away for awhile because of vicious lies from people who believe they can literaly see a tzadik which has passed on? it appears to me that your extreme ignorance is branded on your forehead for all to see. what i personaly think is that you should stop writing comments on this site untill you’ve fit into the shoes of someone who’s been through all the above, then when you are in a jam call huebener ym’s shmira messira, get back to us after you get the bill.

    When you know some one who dos not pay there Tax bill. Do you call the irs and tell them that he just got a new car?

    i don’t know how think you are outsmarting anyone with your comment
    Seems to me you are just a little confused person that confused himself.
    but thats an issue for you to deal with.

  12. john doe Says:

    When the rookies asked shmokenetti how to handle the public for the day he answered “watever fuckemintheass”

  13. david Says:

    What did he do wrong now?? who did he maser on now

  14. 2bajew Says:

    “What did he do wrong now?? who did he maser on now”

    are you asking because who ever he mossred on yesterday is not “new” enough and unless WIS has something “new” (that happened today a few seconds ago) only then can it be excepted.

    If you are seriously asking the question then read some of the other posed on this site with some of the comments, it’s all here.

  15. it's all relevant Says:

    “Israel (shomrim and all that do good) has decided to erect a missile shield (this web site). It’s about time and who would blame her for defending herself? Oh, I don’t know…everybody maybe. Considering that everybody (on the Left-shmira-mishichistim) has always blamed Israel (Shomrim) for self-defense, it’s a safe bet they’re going to cop it from all sides over this but let’s start with the Palestinians (shmira). Palestinian (shmira) negotiators are complaining that Israel (Shomrim) has erected this missile shield despite the fact that the Palestinians (shmira) have been relentless in their constant attacks on Israel (Shomrim):”

  16. anon Says:

    the same talmud , says not to spread lashon hora..

    only when its good for you, then you know how to say what the talmud says….

    what is wrong with you ppl.

  17. source Says:

    המוסרין והאפיקורוסין והמומרים לא הצריכו חכמים למנותן בכלל פסולי עדות שלא מנו אלא רשעי ישראל. אבל אלו המורדין הכופרין פחותין הן מן העכו”ם. שהעכו”ם לא מעלין ולא מורידין ויש לחסידיהן חלק לעולם הבא. ואלו מורידין ולא מעלין ואין להן חלק לעולם הבא:
    You see that the Rambam says that a mosser is lower than a goy! ( rambam hilchos aidus chapter 11 halacha 10 ).

  18. to hello sqays: Says:

    “I am sure when he said this he did not say “post it all over town for every goy and yid to see….”

    well quite the contrary , because when Rav Ashi put the Talmud together he saw it important to incorperate this story as part of the Talmud! and last I checked any yid could come and learn a shtikel’e gemara!
    we also know that the Torah comes from the word Horaa’h which means a lesson, as to the Torah is our guide in life. So there is a lesson to be learnt from everything that it says in Torah! In this weeks Parsha we read about the mabul (flood) and towards the end of the parsha, we read about the “dor haflaga“. The reason the Mabul came about was because people were robbing and stealing from each other, which means in the department of “bain adam lachavairo” between man and his friend they failed miserably. The reason the “dor haflaga” were punished is :
    because they wanted to build for themselves a city and a tower “to make a name for themselves” which means their mission and goal was all about themselves “to make a name for ourselves” and they didnt have a higher recognition in G-d, and try to build a city etc. to better serve G-d, and fix the blemish that the generation before them ( generation of the mabul) did, and because they had themselves in mind without reaching a little higher to Hashem, this gradually brought about crooked behavior etc… and that was their sin. so their failure was “bain adam lamaokom“- between man and G-d.
    Now lets look at the punishments these two generations got:
    the generation of the flood suffered in this world, because their sins were against one another, in wordly things, but they didnt deny G-d or try to fight him. so therefore they were punished in “olam hazeh” with a flood but in the world to come they were spared. on the hand, the generation of the tower, they actually got along with each other, they had a brotherhood going, so therefore in this world they didnt suffer, but they have no part in the world to come, because the sinned against G-d by ignoring first, which later brought about a denial of G-d. So we see, that the generation of the flood got such a terrible punishment in this world, why? because one man sinned against another! and this is such a terrible sin (sinning against your friend) that even Yom-Kippur doesnt attone for it! the only way it can be forgiven is for the person who sinned against his friend, to come to his friend and beg mechilla! and the Talmud says that means even if you have to travel to other side of the world to do so!.

    there is no greater sin that a person could do to another person than MASSER on him! when you masser you dont just masser on one person, rather the messira affects that persons whole family! why does a mother have to explain to her little child why daddy isnt home tonight?! what about the toll it takes on the persons family? no, it aint pretty to go to jail, not even for 24 hours! no, the feeling of cold steel on youre hands, thats not exactly a walk in the park! and all this is done by a couple of individuals, who masser on other yidden in a relentless systymatic way! this must stop! last time there was such bad behavior by man against his friend there was a … may Heaven forbid! as it says “lo sakum paa’maim tsara “no calamity should occur twice” we had a mabul already, we dont need it again! rather we need moshiach ASAP!

    (for more about the generation of the mabul, and the generation that built the towers and the differences between them, see likuti sichos vol.3 on this weeks parsha!)

  19. to anon: Says:

    anon Says:

    anon says:
    the same talmud , says not to spread lashon hora..

    only when its good for you, then you know how to say what the talmud says….

    what is wrong with you ppl.

    Thats true! the same Talmud that says you are not allowed to speak lashan hora which that can be found in tractate of airachin daf 15 and 16, also says that when someone is a”baal machlokes” you can speak loshon hora about him! so yes generally, its forbidden to speak loshon hora, and the Talmud even says that speaking loshon hora is equall to idol worship, murder etc. but when it comes to mosserim which are the scum of the earth, as the Rambam writes in Hilchos aidus ( was quoted in a comment earlier on this threrad) that they are lower than goyim! you can expose them! you have to expose them! it aint loshon hora! quite the contrary, if u dont expose them you can be guilty of ” lo saa’mod al dam rai’echa” – you are not allowed to sit idle and watch how your brother gets stepped on, massered on! blood libeled on!

  20. Hello Says: Says:

    No, I have never had handcuffs on my wrists….

    Do you want to know why.????

    It would be that i nave never done anything to get that don to me….
    You see, the Police do not put handcuffs on people for nothing. There is ALWAYS a under line cause. It could just be that you pissed them off, but i have never don that sou i would not know………….

    To date the BIGGEST mosserim is non other then the the shmuks behind this site.

    If you see some one eating non kosher food, you have to go tell him.
    IF you see some one eating non kosher food and you did tell him and he did not care to stop and told you ware to go, you are NOT aloud to tell him again
    If you see him and you already know that he is not going to comply then you are also NOT aloud to tell him to stop.

    You have to remember the g-d is the King of the world. This one and the one to come.

    He is the one who hands out punishment, NOT you.
    He is the one who took us out Egypt and he is the one who will hand out what they deserve.

    I wonder who would get i worse punishment

    or some one who mossers????????


    Please feal free to let us know what you think what your punishment would be for all that you have done on this site alone.

  21. Hello Says: Says:

    It is funny, as i read all the comments on this site it seem like everyoe know

    “the feeling of cold steel on your hands”

    What kind of criminals are you all?
    No wonder why some one even has something to mosser you on…

  22. to Hello says:says: Says:

    “u say what kind if criminals are u” that’s exactly what I want to know! Since when if u join shomrim do u become a criminal? Why are there people like heubner and prager going after shomrim members relentlessly? Why can’t they live and let live? Why? Why? Why? Maybe its because they are sick evil jealous, mosserim! Who can’t fathom the fact that that have been attempting to hinder shomrim every step of the way, and shomrim has been getting bigger and better? So they resort to plan B, titles systematic viscious messira? Is that it? I think so.

  23. to Hello says:says: Says:

    I have news for you, you don’t have to actually commit a crime to get locked up! All you have to do is make up a lie, such as ” joe shmo said he will beat me up” etc, and u will get locked up! (u won’t get a record unless its actually proven in court, but you can get locked up). I know u guys are gonna ask me how do u know this? Ahh, it must be u did yourself! But you wanna know how I know? I know because I saw the police reports that shmira filed against shomrim! Where shomrim members got locked up! And later released, thank G-d and they don’t have records from those messiras because they weren’t proven! And they won’t be because its a pack of lies. Take for example the 749 story where shmira orchestrated a mass messiras against 6 shomrim members and 1 member from our community, they all went to jail for a couple of hours, and have been in court ever since, but for some reason none of them were convicted yet, u know why? Because its false charges! This story happened like 10 months ago, don’t u think if there was concrete evidence against shomrim it would be shown at court? What’s taking them so long? Is it because, there is no evidence, rather all BS? I think so!. Why is heubner trying to avert the court case, by trying to make up more messiras that certain shomrim members violated a restrainting order? Is it because his original claim of what occurred at 749 going stale? Is it because its BS so he wants to prolong this agony, by inserting new claims etc? I think so.

  24. to Hello says:says: Says:

    But I will say this: ” if being in shomrim is a crime, then I would love to have such “criminals” at my side all day”! Because these are the guys that when s–t hits the fan, they show up and answer the bell all the time! They are never off duty!.

  25. CHER Says:

    Of course they are raving with jealousy,
    they use every opportunity to go after Shomrim
    Whether it’s mesira or writing negative comments on various web sits.
    They can’t stop talking about shomrim.

    One person even tried to make “feeling like a million in a shomrim jacket” a crime.

    Every time they come up with some stupid story of how “shmira saved the day” instead of using the opportunity to “so called tap themselves on the back” they us it to bash Shomrim.
    one example of that (which I saw and posed comments of my own recently) is in Chabad.info (aka Jihad.info)
    One comment I did not write there and would if I felt it would make a difference (it’s already on the next page) is…
    The shmira guy claim that “shmira is discreet” yet this very guy is writing that very comment on a boggis story about shmira (were nothing really happened). if shmira is discreet and nothinf really happened, why are we reading about it and why are shmira members writing “fake” comments?

    If your claiming to be a group that helping people then why would you want to be discreet (what? are you FBI-CIA-COP)?
    If someone needs help I would want them to know who I am, I would want them to know that I stand ready to help whenever, whoever!

    I must say he speaks the truth, they are so discreet nobody knows who they are and I hope it stays that way.

  26. To: CHER Says:

    Because of you that posed (of jihad info) had the most comments ever (16 for a shmira story?). I’m very surprised that they approved them, the shmira guys must have had a fit. someone was acutely challenging them on their territory that must be a first for them. It’s time we brought the fight to them, let them be on the defense.

    The only question is if they will have fair game? (don’t answer that question)
    They don’t really like being asked anything for that matter.
    If you ask a question you are the enemy!

  27. hypocrisy Says:

    This is for Hello,

    Some have taken the liberty to actually give you a proper response to your stupidity, I will now take this opportunity to say it as it is…

    your just a stupid, ignorant, selfish, did I mention Stupid and Ignorant Liberal mishichist Mosser just like your friends.

  28. john doe Says:

    TO Hello Says: Says:

    October 29, 2008 at 4:54 pm
    No, I have never had handcuffs on my wrists….

    Do you want to know why.????

    It would be that i nave never done anything to get that don to me….
    You see, the Police do not put handcuffs on people for nothing. There is ALWAYS a under line cause. It could just be that you pissed them off, but i have never don that sou i would not know………….

    You obviously really have nothing to worry being that you are a shmira moisser or sympathizer and nobody from shomrim is losing sleep to put you away.
    like all liberals you fail to understand and absorb all the information above because it suites your purpose, facts are nothing to you, you read the other comments and only the words that you want to open your eyes to jump out into your brain (for example “the feeling of cold steel”) you pretend not understand (hopefully thats the reason and not because you are slow in the head) and block the truth out of your head. everyone reads what they want to read, and hears that which they want to hear, I will not explain to what is behind my comment because you missed the point entirely to begin with, and explaining it would only confuse you more and i wouldn’t want to do that to you.
    The rest of your comment is gibberish and you should have stopped there, perhaps at least one person out here would have thought you were semi-intelligent.

  29. john doe Says:

    NEWS UPDATE: Rubashkin is arrested in iowa

    POSTVILLE, IA — Federal prosecutors have arrested Sholom Rubashkin, former chief executive officer and vice president at Agriprocessors and son of company founder Aaron Rubashkin, on a criminal complaint that alleges the man conspired in immigration-related offenses.

    ahh he’s busted he must be guilty i can’t believe a jew with a big beard would do such a thing, he has felt the cold steel handcuffs on his wrist, no sympathy for him if they locked him up it must mean pissed off the feds, who do the rubashkin family think they are opening a massive meat plant to provide kosher meat to tens of thousands of Jews around the world? who are they to be baa’lei tzedoka? we must all go to iowa and protest this plant of goodness we must shut it down lets all go to the authorities and demand that every single yid at the plant should be arrested along with their family join me in this holy endeavor.
    crown heights shmira sympathyzer
    (written while eating a rubashkin shnitzel sandwich)

  30. Chabadnik Says:

    Chabad is an acronym for the Hebrew words for conception, understanding and realization, some are just not meant to be brought in to the fold…

    People like “hello” and company have no conception, understanding and realization of anything. Why think to much? It’s better just living in your own would, like they say ignorance is bliss.

  31. Me Says:

    Great point by john doe, because according to Hello (which if you would put his brain in a bird, the bird would fly 100 mph in reverse, or if you put his brain in a tea-spoon, you would still have enough room for sugar), Sholom Rubashkin is guilty, b/c if they locked him up he must be a criminal etc. He happens to be a person that has a golden heart, who supports many worthy charitable organizations, yeshivas, poor people, shluchim and more. Yes Mr.Hello he too is a victim of Peta, the union, a few frum Yidden who helped stir this whole mess! And just because the Feds slapped some cuffs on him, that won’t change my opinion of him, because he’s a good man!. But according to Mr.hello he’s guilty b/c he got locked up! And the same applies between Shomrim and shmira.
    shmira Massers on Shomrim, PETA unions, Jews, Massered on Rubashkin, Shomrim members got cuffed, Rubashkin also got cuffed, Shomrim is still running and I”yh will continue to grow, so to may it be Hashems will that Rubashkin keep running and rebound from all their set backs!.
    The comparison is not exactly on the same scale, because the Rubashkin issue is blown up on a national level, where’s the Shomrim issue is only a crownheights issue, but the Messiras on both Shomrim and Rubashkin, stem from the same type of people, haters, jealous, etc. I wish well to Shomrim and to the Rubashkin family!

  32. shmira spineless Says:

    If hearing, reading and seeing all the Mesira thats going on doesn’t send a chill up your spine, you don’t have a spine.

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