Paul Huebners Pride and Glory


A gloriously shameful dynasty born from abuse and molestation

The portrait of such well adapted children, the pride and glory of every parent, the aspirations of greatness drawn from the deepest depths of a childhood full of depravity, abuse and violence.

From the left we have “JJ Huebner” a misfit who bounced from special needs school to special needs school, this poor boy is so confused as to his sexual identity it even expresses itself in the photos he likes to take of himself.

Then there is “Esti Huebner” the girl who was thrown out of Bnos Menachem after it was discovered she got impregnated¬† at the ripe bold age of 15, then bouncing from school to school in Boro Park and Flatbush, all of whom did not accept her… wondering why is it that a Crown Heights girl does not go to a Crown Heights school!

But “David Huebner” is the prize in this collection, from his drug dealings in upstate New York down to his new base of operations in sunny Florida, this cat feels himself a modern day gangster, and by modern day we mean homo-modern day GAYster.

And the saddest of the bunch “Aaron Huebner” the picture, need I say more? (for reference see JJ Huebner)

Neighbors all knew the abuse that went and still goes on in the Huebner house, the nightly beatings poor Suri got, but what they didn’t believe was that the kids suffered them too. Evident in the way these children’s sexual priorities all got messed up.


11 Responses to “Paul Huebners Pride and Glory”

  1. Paul the nazi Says:

    paul only buy expensive cloths for himself
    the kids never gut new cloths.
    paul eats in restaurants his kids wait for simchas shabos

  2. Paul the nazi Says:

    this girl in picture ?
    she works the streets every meshichist had a turn

  3. News Says:

    the paul huebners girl is pregnent with pauls basterd

  4. jhon Says:

    this site will be reported to the news i swear! and unless you remove this bullshit site ill have it deleted . the huebners are just a family in crown heights and i hope who ever you are , next time you suck some black cock, CHOKE ON IT! rat fucks

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      this site will be reported to the news i swear!

      Is that a threat or a promise?

      By all means, please, if they don’t already know about WIS then report it.

      BTW, what are you going to report exactly?

      One idea would be to rather have Huebner the Moser try to sue WIS, why not, what another lawsuit?

  5. Embarrassing Terrible Website Says:

    I am not involved in the whole fight. I just stumbled on this website. I just want to say reading this just makes you look REAL BAD! No one feels for someone that writes this garbage! You should be embarrassed.

  6. Slut! Says:

    Esti Hubener Has more than just worked the streets of Crown Heights, She fooled around with out-of-state guys too! you are nothing but a sick whore!!!

  7. dovi Says:

    ahhhhhhh wow this is all not true i swear to goddd

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